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  1. As a dedication to Artemis. Mel eager was a hero of Aetolia. King Census had him, gather ,heroes from all over Greece to hunt the Caledonian Boar. After the death of
  2. Such as BBS Meets or Get Together were common, where users of the board would, gather ,at a local restaurant, the SysOps home or similar venue and meet face to face.
  3. Day gather in this city, but instead seems to predict only that" they (will, gather ,) the kings together to .... Armageddon. " The text does however seem to imply
  4. Lords of their king's mobilization. On 16 August, the Yorkist army started to, gather ,; Norfolk set off for Leicester, the assembly point, that night. The city of
  5. Find the place that it should remain unknown" until the time that God should, gather ,His people again together, and receive them unto mercy. " Ethiopia The
  6. ESM/WAS Electronic support measures and defensive aids are used extensively to, gather ,information about threats or possible threats. They can be used to launch
  7. The 5th century. Following the destructive assault of the Saxons, the survivors, gather ,together under the leadership of Ambrosia, who is described as" a gentleman
  8. It was only after the raids were underway that a call went out to landowners to, gather ,men for battle, and large regions could be devastated before the newly
  9. And that there are many more than 100 blood vessels, that the vessels do not, gather ,at that or any specific point, and that blood doesn't fail to circulate except
  10. Based on the verb" to share, partner with ";" university ", based on" to, gather , unite ";" republic ", based on" multitude" ). An earlier tendency was to
  11. To as duplicate bridge and is played in clubs and tournaments, which can, gather ,as many as several hundred players. Duplicate bridge is a mind sport, and its
  12. Viewed Italy as a rich land which promised great booty, assets Albion used to, gather ,together a horde which included not only Lombards but many other peoples of the
  13. Babylon. There he discovers he has no Levites, and so sends messengers to, gather ,some. The exiles then return to Jerusalem, where they distribute the gold and
  14. But Other is described as not having any Roman blood. Aurelia nus is unable to, gather ,the leadership of the native Celts, who refuse to follow any but their own race
  15. Hasan Ali Shah remained in Mallet for about two years. He managed to, gather ,an army in Mallet which alarmed Muhammad Shah, who travelled to Delian near
  16. Investigator, Mr. Toby) who provide him with the clues that he can no longer, gather ,for himself.:" You're too old. Nobody told me you were so old. I really do
  17. Century referring to drift weed in South Wales: This kind of ore they often, gather ,and lay on great heaps, where it health and rotten, and will have a strong
  18. And magnesium-26 ions in order to synthesize the new isotope 265Bh and, gather ,more data on 266Bh. In two series of experiments, the team has measured partial
  19. Blues. Spiritual singing developed because African-American communities could, gather ,for mass or worship gather ings, which were called camp meetings. Early country
  20. And sell them to collectors back in the United Kingdom. They also hoped to, gather ,evidence of the transmutation of species. Wallace and Bates spent most of their
  21. In 2010 dollars) each to the cities of Boston and Philadelphia, in trust to, gather ,interest in 200 years. The trust began in 1785 when the French mathematician
  22. Washed in a process known as" sparking ". This washing allows the brewer to, gather ,as much of the fermentable liquid from the grains as possible. The process of
  23. Known as the Millennial Age. After being released from the abyss, Satan will, gather ,Gog and Magog (peoples of two specific nations) from the four corners of the
  24. Was slow, delaying the confrontation with Richard so that he could, gather ,more recruits to his cause. Henry had been communicating on friendly terms with
  25. And a supporter of Irish independence. Crowley's mission might have been to, gather ,information about the German intelligence network, the Irish independent
  26. And quickly started gather ing supporters. While at large, al-Fihri managed to, gather ,an army allegedly numbering to 20,000. It is doubtful, however,that his troops
  27. And escape the city, she distracted the emperor and gave her sons time to, gather ,and arm their troops, and she gave a false sense of security to Botanists that
  28. Of the tip of South America. Proceeding north and then east, he stopped to, gather ,water, but one of his boats was attacked by Māori in aka (canoes) and four
  29. Suppressed the movement, but only after suffering defeats and being forced to, gather ,the largest expeditionary force of its colonial history up to that point. Armed
  30. Columbia, about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. The birds primarily, gather ,along the Squarish and Thalamus Rivers, attracted by the salmon spawning in
  31. His position and the missionary activity of the church of Bremen allowed him to, gather ,all kinds of information on the history and the geography of Northern Germany.
  32. This day is taken as symbolic of the Liberation of Italy. *1945 – Fifty nations, gather ,in San Francisco, California to begin the United Nations Conference on
  33. Not have official representation there. Mac developers, in turn, continue to, gather ,at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple Store openings can
  34. Eight measures of the last movement of his Second Quartet, all notes gradually, gather ,with the twelfth (GO) sounding for the first time on the last beat of measure
  35. Danger it will bark to alert the other members of the pack, and they will, gather ,together as a pack under the lead of the alpha dog, then chase off or attack
  36. 1989 – Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989: In Beijing, around 100,000 students, gather ,in Tiananmen Square to commemorate Chinese reform leader HU Yaobang. *1993 –
  37. Cycle. Every decision made by German or opposing forces required time to, gather ,information, make a decision, disseminate orders to subordinates, and then
  38. During the winter months. Brown bears are mostly solitary, although they may, gather ,in large numbers at major food sources and form social hierarchies based on age
  39. Published as Opus 9. The printing was probably delayed, forcing Vivaldi to, gather ,an improvised collection for the emperor. Accompanied by his father, Vivaldi
  40. Sea, is fairer than before, and where Asgard used to be a remnant of the Æsir, gather , some coming up from HEL, and talk and play chess all day with the golden
  41. That the 100 blood“ vessels are the pathways of the blood ’, that the vessels, gather ,at a specific acupuncture point (Taiyuan LU-9) associated with the lung (or
  42. Way to advertise. Sales promotions are double purposed because they are used to, gather ,information about what type of customers you draw in and where they are, and to
  43. Ants collect and store these and other seeds in their nest, where humans can, gather ,them en masse. Up to half a pound (200 g) of seeds can be collected from one
  44. Rejoin Nelson. As his ships readied for action, Brueys ordered his captains to, gather ,for a conference on the Orient and hastily recalled his shore parties, although
  45. Year for a number of purposes. Families and extended family organizations would, gather ,to participate in the communal event. Modern blots are celebrated several times
  46. Members of this group happened to be working on a particular film would, gather ,around a table, often at a hot-springs resort, where they would not be
  47. Referring to a particular type of social, often work-related event where people, gather ,together to have a" discussion" ( another lexicalized verbal noun). Another
  48. Reject this theory. After the death of the Buddha, attempts were made to, gather ,his teachings and transmit them in a commonly agreed form, first orally, then
  49. In fact also makes no specific mention of any armies being predicted to one day, gather ,in this city, but instead seems to predict only that" they (will gather ) the
  50. Apache projects, related technology, and encouraging Apache developers to, gather ,together. History The history of the Apache Software Foundation is linked to

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