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  1. That international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not, threaten ,the survival of the species in the wild, and it accords varying degrees of
  2. Rule of the Communist Party and not allowing interparty factional politics, threaten ,party unity. It has been noted that party and government positions have been
  3. Korea. Fearing that communist Korea under a Kim IL Sung dictatorship could, threaten ,Japan and foster other communist movements in Asia, Truman committed U. S.
  4. Such as Hume a distaste for enthusiasm and factionalism that appeared to, threaten ,the fragile and nascent political and social stability of a country that was
  5. In the wild, the introduction of feral cats during human settlement can, threaten ,native species with extinction. In many cases controlling or eliminating the
  6. Best not to marry, and in choosing male company she selected men who would not, threaten ,to sidetrack her career. She resumed life with her family, and they supported
  7. Or place where it occurred. The French moved first to Tremont, ( as if to, threaten ,Zoutleeuw, abandoned by the French in October 1705),before turning southwards
  8. Resistance to development projects perceived to degrade the environment, or to, threaten ,the natural and cultural landscapes. According to the Nielsen Company, adults
  9. In November. The Alemannic were routed, forced back into Germany, and did not, threaten ,Roman territory for many years afterwards. Their most famous battle against
  10. The United States was more fearing that Soviet reach to the Persian Gulf would, threaten ,or suspend Arab oil supply, so it began Operation Cyclone to provide billions of
  11. Country we know today—although Edward III, the Black Prince and Henry V would, threaten ,later to shake these foundations. Massacre The crusader army came under the
  12. Commonly stand on their hind legs, in order to reach food, to keep watch, to, threaten , a competitor or predator, or to pose in courtship, but do not move bipedally.
  13. Of particular importance because many fights are stopped because of cuts that, threaten ,the boxer's eyes. In addition, the corner is responsible for stopping the
  14. The scene to fear for his personal safety. # Where two or more persons use or, threaten ,the unlawful violence, it is the conduct of them taken together that must be
  15. Decided not to push for anti-lynching legislation that could not pass and might, threaten ,his ability to pass his highest priority programs—though he did denounce
  16. Of Sciences and Arts and Serbian president Slogan Milosevic started to, threaten ,Croatia and prepare for a war, the first multi-party elections took place in
  17. Of Darius's empire, and the states of mainland Greece would continue to, threaten ,that stability unless dealt with. Darius thus began to contemplate the complete
  18. Bombarding town after town with heavy cannon fire, even pushing up north to, threaten ,the Imperial Palace in Beijing itself. The Imperial Government, forced to
  19. Been one of our great civilizing forces. Today, pickled sheep and soiled beds, threaten ,to make barbarians of us all" they are not advancing a definition or theory
  20. Of the Church as truth, and to remove as heresy any false teachings that would, threaten ,the Church. The Pope of Rome, at that time, held the position of“ first among
  21. And Slovenia; politicians from both republics feared that his motives would, threaten ,their republics' autonomy. With the climate of change throughout Eastern
  22. His mouth, who,when he was reviled, did not revile, when he suffered did not, threaten ,”. This line by Cyril shows his belief in the selflessness of Jesus especially
  23. Farmlands for the summer and all predicted that Meade would be too timid to, threaten ,them for the rest of the year. Lee himself had a positive view of the campaign
  24. From smaller rivals who might some day want to expand in other territories and, threaten ,his league's dominance. After 1902 both leagues and the NAB PL signed a new
  25. Treated as" threaten ing the life of the nation" in that particular region, *, threaten , the continuance of the organized life of the community, * exceptional such that
  26. By man-made structures, have reversed the decades-long drying trend and now, threaten ,coastal areas; the average level rose 1.5 meters between 1978 and 1993. Because
  27. 1989 – 1,645 Australian domestic airline pilots resign after the airlines, threaten ,to fire them and sue them over a dispute. *1990 – Saddam Hussein appears on
  28. Warned that" the next Died Scott decision" could, threaten ,Northern states with slavery. Lincoln said," This question of Slavery was more
  29. Obstacle to marriage. Concubinage was“ tolerated to the degree that it did not, threaten ,the religious and legal integrity of the family ”. It was not considered
  30. The conquest of Libya was essential for airfields to support Malta and to, threaten ,the rear of Axis forces opposing Operation Torch. Montgomery prepared
  31. Movement. They marched through Yamato, Iga and Minor provinces to, threaten ,Mike in the adjacent province. The army of Team and the army of the young
  32. Provided they did not engage in illicit sexual activity in ways that could, threaten ,public morals. In some cases, religious practices that Muslims found repugnant
  33. Seen as hopelessly corrupt and hostile to American interests. Britain seemed to, threaten ,the established liberties that Americans enjoyed. The greatest threat to
  34. Where Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) continued to, threaten ,the Rwandan border and the Banyamulenge, and where Rwanda supported CD-ROM
  35. For their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to, threaten ,any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty Allah,'and fight
  36. On the other hand, can form combinations and trade groups and are thus able to, threaten ,or cajole the government with shutting down a single industry, with reductions
  37. Allowed the military's condition to deteriorate so that it did not, threaten ,his hold on power. Protesting low wages and lack of pay, paratroopers began
  38. The Microwatts,Xavier's dark desires manifest themselves as the Entity and, threaten ,to destroy the Microwatts' universe. In other instances, Xavier is shown to be
  39. Whom he blames for what are, in fact, her brother's policies which directly, threaten ,his business. When the government passes laws and decrees which make it
  40. Foil/Christmas tree tinsel, or even coal. This condition is called pica and can, threaten ,their health, depending on the amount and toxicity of the items eaten. Since
  41. And high-level political appointees—they could not start a dynasty which would, threaten ,the ruler from a powerful position). Castrate in the European classical
  42. Napoleon expected would draw in Wellington's reserves, since its loss would, threaten ,his communications with the sea. A Grande batteries of the reserve artillery of
  43. That vary from those they bring to the classroom. Also, new information might, threaten ,the student’s concept of him- or herself; therefore, the less vulnerable the
  44. Lou vain) at the head of 60,000 men and marched towards Tremont, as if to, threaten ,Zoutleeuw (Lead). Also determined to fight a major engagement the Duke of
  45. Of secret witnesses, alleging this would expose classified information and, threaten ,national security. When Judge Pro rejected the government's argument
  46. Of closely interrelated states, discern those aspects of culture that do not, threaten ,union, stability,or prosperity (such as food, holidays,rituals, and music)
  47. French and Irish infantry back into Oberglauheim so that they could not again, threaten ,Churchill's flank as he moved against Ballard. The French commander in the
  48. Failures, which became a step toward the United Nations. American policy was to, threaten ,Japan, to force it out of China, and to prevent its attacking the Soviet Union.
  49. Force and Violence: The FBI conspired with local police departments to, threaten ,dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes;
  50. Use *Pay due regard to cases of present or imminent emergencies that, threaten ,human, animal or plant health *Consider the importance of genetic resources for

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