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  1. Things. For example, it is possible that there is no particular good in, existence , but" good" is still a proper universal form. Bertrand Russell is a
  2. Especially of individualist anarchism philosophical anarchism may accept the, existence ,of a minimal state as unfortunate, and usually temporary," necessary evil "
  3. To block this, and threatened war if any country officially recognized the, existence ,of the Confederate States of America. In 1861,Southerners voluntarily
  4. Not exist.; Agnostic theism: The view of those who do not claim to know of the, existence ,of any deity, but still believe in such an existence .;, and other philosophers
  5. With the verb" to be" when used as an auxiliary verb or when used to state, existence ,or location. It was even all right sometimes to use the faulty forms of the
  6. 1621,by" a certain Monsieur d'Engines, states that he had discovered the, existence ,(of asphaltum) in large quantities in the vicinity of Neuchatel ", and that
  7. Considered Romanticism to be the approach that most accurately reflected the, existence ,of human free will. She described her own approach to literature as" romantic
  8. In France, Germany,the United States, and Russia. The oldest known anime in, existence ,first screened in 1917 – a two-minute clip of a samurai trying to test a new
  9. Steadily between 1800 and 1860 as the North, which phased slavery out of, existence , industrialized, urbanized and built prosperous farms, while the deep South
  10. A well-ordering, which turns out to require the axiom of choice for its, existence ,; every set can be well-ordered if and only if the axiom of choice holds.
  11. Exist. This foundation rejects the full axiom of choice because it asserts the, existence ,of an object without uniquely determining its structure. In fact the
  12. Begun to recover after 2002. The transformation industry that had come into, existence ,in the late colonial period collapsed at independence, because of the exodus of
  13. The axiom of choice is nonconstructive: even though the proof establishes the, existence ,of an object, it may be impossible to define the object in the language of set
  14. S is a Bore subset of Bear space is determined. **The Vital theorem on the, existence ,of non-measurable sets which states that there is a subset of the real numbers
  15. Makes no difference whether ZF or ZFC is employed if the only question is the, existence ,of a proof. It is possible, however,that there is a shorter proof of a theorem
  16. Of choice. Another argument against the axiom of choice is that it implies the, existence ,of counterintuitive objects. One example of this is the Banach–Tarski paradox
  17. The fossil record is uncharacteristic of benthic animals, suggesting a pelagic, existence , The thoracic segment appears to form a hinge between the head and pygidium
  18. But unlike the European concept there is a focus on attention to everything in, existence , A constant concern for Allah results in a careful attitude towards people
  19. Much later in the novel he returns to the farm and continues to proclaim the, existence ,of Sugar candy Mountain. The other animals are confused by the pigs' attitude
  20. Is desired (as is often the case in category theory). In constructivism, all, existence , proofs are required to be totally explicit. That is, one must be able to
  21. That was stumbled upon ". Apple has, however,supported the continuing, existence ,of a network of Mac User Groups in most major and many minor centers of
  22. Product of all distinct sets in the family. The axiom of choice asserts the, existence ,of such elements; it is therefore equivalent to:: Given any family of nonempty
  23. Not claim to know of the existence of any deity, but still believe in such an, existence ,.;, and other philosophers see both atheism and agnosticism as incompatible with
  24. Government purposes. Within these borders, the County of Aberdeen remains in, existence ,as a registration county. Aberdeen shire Council is headquartered at Woodhull
  25. Is quite different to Aristotle's understanding. Although he was aware of the, existence ,and potential of larger empires, the natural community according to Aristotle
  26. A" feather of truth ". If deemed worthy, the deceased could continue their, existence ,on earth in spiritual form. Burial customs The ancient Egyptians maintained an
  27. Atheism: Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not have belief in the, existence ,of any deity, and agnostic because they do not claim to know that a deity does
  28. To have evolved independently more than once or twice, and together suggest the, existence ,of the Kline: *Loss of the dual (grammatical number) except on nouns, with
  29. Are not found in Classical Arabic. This has led researchers to postulate the, existence ,of a prestige Kline dialect in the one or two centuries immediately following
  30. Towards the creator or God. Kabbalah defines God as the force of giving in, existence , Rabbi Moshe Chief Mulatto in particular focused on the 'purpose of creation '
  31. On alchemy was his belief that Platonic universals did not have a separate, existence ,outside of man's consciousness. Abelard also systematized the analysis of
  32. Attempts, regarding it impossible to construct any unassailable proof for the, existence ,or non- existence of God. In his 1844 book, Philosophical Fragments, Kierkegaard
  33. That the Confederation accepts war debt incurred by Congress before the, existence ,of the Articles. # Declares that the Articles are perpetual, and can only be
  34. Armies, or engage in war, without permission of Congress (although the, existence ,of state militias is encouraged). # Whenever an army is raised for common
  35. He argues that the desire to 'authoritatively disambiguate' the world and, existence ,has led to numerous ideologies and historical events such as genocide. On this
  36. Be proved in ZFC itself, but requires a mild large cardinal assumption (the, existence ,of an inaccessible cardinal). The much stronger axiom of determinant, or AD
  37. Open,"" empirical," or" temporal agnosticism" ): The view that the, existence ,or non existence of any deities is currently unknown but is not necessarily
  38. Major issues of human rights that are sometimes used as justification for the, existence ,or absence of laws controlling abortion. In jurisdictions where abortion is
  39. Aquinas, and Descartes) presented arguments attempting to rationally prove the, existence ,of God. The skeptical empiricism of David Hume, the antibodies of Immanuel Kant
  40. Strict," or" permanent agnosticism" ): The view that the question of the, existence ,or non existence of a deity or deities, and the nature of ultimate reality is
  41. Delphi from the Mycenaean ages. However, the Greek tradition is referring to the, existence ,of vapors and chewing of laurel-leaves which seem to be confirmed by recent
  42. Was all human action in the world. To Schopenhauer, the Will is a metaphysical, existence ,which controls not only the actions of individual, intelligent agents, but
  43. Lawrence Hammond runs Hammond Cars in Colorado, one of the few companies in, existence ,that still produces top-quality vehicles. He eventually quits and joins the
  44. Provided that a sufficiently strong large cardinal axiom is consistent (the, existence ,of infinitely many Wooden cardinals). Statements consistent with the negation
  45. Theorem and the axiom of uniformization. The former is equivalent in ZF to the, existence ,of an ultrafilter containing each given filter, proved by Tarsi in 1930.
  46. Comes from the German word (atomic number). History Loosely speaking,the, existence ,of a periodic table creates an ordering for the elements. Such an ordering is
  47. Is the view that the truth value of certain claims—especially claims about the, existence ,or non- existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical
  48. Argued that the railroad company was not bound by its original charter in, existence ,at the time of Barret's pledge; the charter was amended in the public interest
  49. Realisation of TT, with the equation TT (TAI) = TAI + 32.184 s. The continued, existence ,of TAI was questioned in a 2007 letter from the BIPM to the ITU-R which stated
  50. Bertrand Russell is a contemporary philosopher who agreed with Plato on the, existence ,of" instantiated universals ". Aristotle disagreed with Plato on this point

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