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  1. Though Ships maintain Abu Tali and other adult members of Muhammad's, immediate ,blood family were,i.e. the Semites). Scholars, as well as other Sunnis
  2. However, the A2 was discontinued in 2005 and Audi decided not to develop an, immediate ,replacement. However, there is a new concept version on the way. It's suppose
  3. Sense is oriented to the future in a way that compels the reader to make an, immediate ,choice. It offered a solution for Americans disgusted and alarmed at the threat
  4. That additional protective measures were necessary to protect structures in the, immediate ,vicinity. Future launches used a damping mechanism directly at the launchpad
  5. Attention to details of psychologically revealing physiognomy in a sober but, immediate ,naturalism, and minute attention to costume and draperies, such as in the busts
  6. And information related to National Security if it would result in" direct, immediate , and irreparable" harm to the nation. *Reproductive rights, including access
  7. As it did in most other countries where it was adopted, the program found, immediate ,success. Canada Bank withdrew its lawsuit against Bachchan in November 2000.
  8. Egyptians were farmers tied to the land. Their dwellings were restricted to, immediate ,family members, and were constructed of mud-brick designed to remain cool in
  9. Between countries, but can refer to an act that causes another to apprehend, immediate ,and personal violence, or in the more limited sense of a threat of violence
  10. To satisfy this curiosity, by referring all those wonderful appearances to the, immediate ,agency of the gods. " In the work, Smith critically examines the moral thinking
  11. Of them to Portugal and many travelling overland to South Africa. There was an, immediate ,crisis because the indigenous African population lacked the skills and
  12. To fix with certainty. Since the Nazis destroyed a number of records, immediate ,efforts to count the dead depended on the testimony of witnesses and the
  13. Message and had begun to work through him. Newton's conversion was not, immediate , but he contacted Polly's family and announced his intentions to marry her.
  14. Was not ready for an offensive operation because public opinion demanded an, immediate ,attack. Name "/IN"> Winfield"/> In April 1861,Lincoln announced the Union
  15. S Bureau bill that set up a temporary federal agency designed to meet the, immediate ,material needs of former slaves. The law assigned land for a lease of three
  16. Treaty with the United States, on October 8,1782. The Revolution had a strong, immediate ,impact in Great Britain, Ireland,the Netherlands, and France. Many British and
  17. Are professionals, There are a number of beaches in the Acapulco Bay and the, immediate ,coastline. In the bay proper there are the La Angola (in the Queered)
  18. The will-to-live. Schweitzer wrote:" True philosophy must start from the most, immediate ,and comprehensive fact of consciousness, and this may be formulated as follows:
  19. Technique. Good semi involves attention to the technique, the partner and the, immediate ,environment—it is an active rather than a passive receiving of Aikido. The fall
  20. Follows: Theology itself may be demonstrated by reason. Alain even ventures an, immediate ,application of this principle, and tries to prove geometrically the dogmas
  21. Closed by the time the ambush is sprung. The published military doctrine is ", immediate , positive, and offensive action" ( ref: FM 55-30 ARMY, also PFN-T8M20024)
  22. Northwest English as well as the well-known California English, although in the, immediate ,San Francisco area some older speakers do not possess the cot–caught merger and
  23. The Royal Palace of El Pardon. He had been suffering from tuberculosis, but the, immediate ,cause of his death was a recurrence of dysentery. Coming to the throne at such
  24. Violence, or in the more limited sense of a threat of violence caused by an, immediate ,show of force. Assault in some US jurisdictions is defined more broadly still
  25. In 1777:" Permit us, then,earnestly to recommend these articles to the, immediate ,and dispassionate attention of the legislatures of the respective states. Let
  26. The gravimeter was used to obtain readings at the landing site in the, immediate ,vicinity of the Lunar Module, as well as various locations on the mission's
  27. Take, for example, the instruction that tells an x86/IA-32 processor to move an, immediate ,8-bit value into a register. The binary code for this instruction is 10110
  28. People know of necessity through rigorous custom or habit, and not from any, immediate ,knowledge of the powers of the will. (Hume 1974:361) He then produces three
  29. Housing, and government officials have publicly stated that the country has an, immediate ,shortfall of 1.5 million housing units. Women make up 70 percent of the country
  30. Related opcodes to do with loading, copying and moving data, whether these are, immediate ,values, values in registers, or memory locations pointed to by values in
  31. Committed if one intentionally or recklessly causes another person to apprehend, immediate ,and unlawful personal violence. Violence in this context means any unlawful
  32. Following countries and international organizations: War on Terrorism In the, immediate ,aftermath of the attacks, the U. S. government decided to respond militarily
  33. Beneath an ash tree, Yggdrasil,debating the fates of men and gods. The more, immediate ,destinies of men are assigned by the Horns (Section 15). Long descriptions of
  34. They composed and performed personally for friends and associates on topics of, immediate ,interest to them; * they wrote in their native dialects (Antaeus and Sappho
  35. Risk of comorbidity with other anxiety disorders and depression” which is why, immediate ,treatment is so important. Generalized anxiety disorder can be treated through
  36. Detective, a consulting detective or a retired detective as the needs of the, immediate ,case required. One thing that is consistent about Poirot's retirement is that
  37. True money supply ',i.e. how many new units of money that are available for, immediate ,use in exchange, that have been created over time. This interpretation of
  38. Consists mainly of sandy beaches, but stony areas are not uncommon. The, immediate ,coastal regions are not heavily populated due to a national policy of keeping
  39. Security Council Resolutions (822,853,874,and 884) demands for" the, immediate ,withdrawal of all Armenian forces from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan.
  40. With samples by adding vinegar or brandy and found that this resulted in the, immediate ,immobilization or killing of the organisms suspended in water. Next he tried
  41. Popularized in the 1950s in many Western countries. The gel's effect is nearly, immediate ,; it also applies a layer over wounds that is said to reduce the chance of any
  42. Has a population of approximately 58,000,and is the largest settlement in the, immediate ,vicinity of the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle passes through the Arctic
  43. And was floating between the switch and the contact, closing the circuit. The, immediate ,solution—tapping on the panel next to the switch—did work briefly, but the
  44. From Tyre, Judah,Odom, and Moab. The Assyrian king claimed a victory, but his, immediate ,return and subsequent expeditions in 849 BC and 846 BC against a similar but
  45. Belief that his life was somehow in danger. Though not known for certain,the, immediate ,baptism was most likely due either to his poor health or to an earthquake that
  46. As casuistry. Casuistry does not begin with theory, rather it starts with the, immediate ,facts of a real and concrete case. While casuistry makes use of ethical theory
  47. Prince has identified the emergence of the unique Kurosawa protagonist with the, immediate ,post-World War II period. The goal of the American Occupation to replace
  48. After the fall of Fort Sumter, Lincoln soon realized the importance of taking, immediate ,executive control of the war and making an overall strategy to put down the
  49. Being typical, in order to provide a very high gas temperature which insures, immediate ,ignition of injected fuel. Adiabatic Free Expansion of a Gas For an adiabatic
  50. Deployed the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, or ALSOP, west of the, immediate ,landing site. After completing this, Cernan and Schmitt departed on the first

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