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  1. Was rejected by management, who felt that Shepard needed more time to, properly ,train for a lunar flight, since he had only recently benefited from
  2. Given the same names as others. Men wore loincloths and had their hair dressed, properly ,for the first time at age 15–16. Women were also considered adults at the age
  3. Flawlessly ... We have always had confidence that this equipment will work, properly , All this is possible only through the blood, sweat,and tears of a number of a
  4. The age of 15–16. They wore underclothes called four and had their hair dressed, properly ,and wound waist cloths called Ranku, ponkut, etc. around their bodies. When
  5. For self-gain or as an exercise of power. * Second, just war must be waged by a, properly ,instituted authority such as the state. * Third, peace must be a central motive
  6. A public school. Government-funded schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland are, properly ,referred to as state schools—but are sometimes confusingly referred to as
  7. Then $2 billion to rehabilitate its irrigation systems so that the water is, properly ,managed. At, Afghanistan is the world's 41st largest country (before France
  8. A result that was unjust, and which would not have resulted had the court acted, properly , Some examples of reversible error would be erroneously instructing the jury on
  9. Mind is limited in its comprehension and scope. Only a sovereign God could, properly ,detect infringements of the moral law and apply sanctions. In his Letter
  10. Types and degrees of regulation. This can make it difficult for consumers to, properly ,evaluate the risks and qualities of given products. Denmark: Herbal and dietary
  11. Rights Act of 1965,cases were filed in Federal courts to force Alabama to, properly ,redistrict by population both the House and Senate of the state legislature. In
  12. Church's name that leads some in the church to believe that a deacon cannot, properly ,solemnize matrimony. In most cases, deacons minister alongside other clergy.
  13. Murray N. Rothbard notes that the capitalist system of today is, indeed,not, properly ,anarchistic because it is so often in collusion with the state. According to
  14. Has been worked into ornaments under the name of" Derbyshire spar"—a term more, properly ,applied to fluorspar. In Europe, the center of the alabaster trade today is
  15. Doctrine. Indeed, until the 1940s no one knew how to prove, even to state, properly , the kernel of truth in this proposition about perfectly competitive market. "
  16. The prohibitions against eating meat containing blood, or meat of animals not, properly ,slain, and against" fornication" and idol worship. Beginning with Augustine
  17. Recirculating aquaculture systems, facilities using poly culture techniques, and, properly , sited facilities (for example, offshore areas with strong currents) are
  18. In the 17th century, were restored, with many wrongly assembled columns now, properly ,placed. The roof and floor of the Propylaea were partly restored, with sections
  19. People to despise you. They say – a foreigner – he can't even speak English, properly , … Also, I boast! An Englishman he says often," A fellow who thinks as much of
  20. That doesn't work. " He says that if a technique is demonstrated effective in, properly ,performed trials, it ceases to be alternative and simply becomes medicine. A
  21. As the language of the dark; at one point, he says," What is argot;, properly ,speaking? Argot is the language of misery. " The earliest known record of argot
  22. Halyard, when writing on exoteric aspects, states that they can not be, properly ,appreciated if the esoteric is not always kept in mind. The prototype for this
  23. Mummified was the only way to have an afterlife. Only if the corpse had been, properly ,embalmed and entombed in a Masada, could the dead live again in the Fields of
  24. But exceptional cases must be identified and tested. Will" Inelegant" perform, properly ,when R > S’S > R, R S? Ditto for" Elegant ": B > A, A > B, A B? (Yes to all
  25. Disorder whereby an alteration of the ATP7B gene results in an inability to, properly ,excrete copper from the body. Copper accumulates in the nervous system and
  26. Of modern writers to this effect rest on no authority. Isaac de Beausobre, properly ,calls attention to the significant silence of Clement in the two passages in
  27. There is a debate among medical researchers over whether any therapy may be, properly ,classified as 'alternative medicine '. Some claim that there is only medicine
  28. Around the world. He cautioned not to use penicillin unless there was a, properly ,diagnosed reason for it to be used, and that if it were used, never to use too
  29. Sequence, usually in the form of a so-called" ANSI escape code" ( or, more, properly , a" Control Sequence Introducer" ) beginning with ESC followed by a" " (
  30. Chicken. Yellow-hair chicken is valued for its flavor, but needs to be cooked, properly ,to be tender due to its lower fat and higher muscle content. This dish usually
  31. Near the impact site. The firemen ordered them to leave as they were not, properly ,equipped or trained to deal with the hazards. It took about an hour for the ICS
  32. On products and industrial scale. Agrarian theorists The name" agrarian" is, properly ,applied to figures from Horace and Virgil in ancient Rome. European theorists
  33. Surface Gravimeter, a similar experiment, which ultimately failed to function, properly , Surface Electrical Properties Experiment Apollo 17 was the first and only
  34. A judge or magistrate were to refuse to hear such a plea, or obviously fail to, properly ,consider it, then the sentence would, without doubt, be overturned on appeal.
  35. Symbol to suppress the inherent vowel so that the consonant alone can be, properly ,represented. In a syllabify, a grapheme denotes a complete syllable, that is
  36. Influences) preserves some aspects of the Indo-European dawn goddess *Houses (, properly ,Greek EOS, Latin Aurora, Sanskrit Us has). Wanda (2010) etymologizes her name
  37. Divergent Ginsberg, was affected by a rare psychological illness that was never, properly ,diagnosed. She was also an active member of the Communist Party and took
  38. Of the bow, ( on the right-hand side of the bow for a right-handed shooter) to, properly ,use a thumbing, to allow the" archers's paradox" to work, since the thumb
  39. Necessarily withdraw any implied permission to enter or remain. Further, when, properly , required to leave, the officer must be allowed a reasonable opportunity to
  40. Augustine took the view that the Biblical text should not be interpreted as, properly ,literal, but rather as metaphorical, if it contradicts what we know from
  41. And lacked the training and discipline of soldiers with more experience. If, properly ,used, however,their numbers could help the Continental armies overwhelm
  42. Is valid, that is, we must be able to give a" proof" of this fact, or more, properly ,speaking, a metaproof. Actually, these examples are metatheorems of our theory
  43. Then create the prop from scratch with this old wood, so the gate would look, properly ,ravaged by time. For the same film, for teacups that appeared in the movie, he
  44. S atmosphere. Although one of the three parachutes on the CM failed to deploy, properly , only two were required for a safe landing (one extra for redundancy). Upon
  45. See ASCII and ANSI art viewers),one can see block ASCII and ANSI files, properly , An example that illustrates the difference in appearance is part of this
  46. Western carrot is known in some areas of China as" foreign Diego" ( or more, properly ,hung lo BAC in Cantonese, hung meaning" red" ). When the word for onion
  47. Yahnahpin the type species of a new genus, Eobrontosaurus in 1998,so it is now, properly ,Brontosaurus yahnahpin. One partial skeleton has been found in Wyoming. It
  48. The effect of heating appears to be a partial dehydration of the gypsum. If, properly ,treated, it very closely resembles true marble and is known as Mario DI
  49. To modern Christianity Most Christians deny that entry into Heaven can be, properly ,earned, rather it is a gift that is solely God's to give through his unmerited
  50. Of the display by 90,180 or 270 degrees. Handwriting recognition still works, properly ,with the display rotated, although display calibration is needed when rotation

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