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  1. And ambushes. Some Afghan groups (including the former intelligence, chief ,Mullah Sale and opposition leader Dr. Abdullah) believe that
  2. Derived from the Greek arkhitekton (ark hi-, chief + Teuton, builder ), i. e., chief ,builder. Professionally, an architect's decisions affect public safety, and
  3. The principal of a body of parochial clergy; and under the Carolingian's to the, chief ,chaplain of the king, or military chaplain of the emperor, It even came to be
  4. Crimes against humanity. U. S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson,the, chief ,U. S. prosecutor at Nuremberg, alleged," Speer joined in planning and
  5. Roost died on January 21, 1934,Speer effectively replaced him as the Party's, chief ,architect. Hitler appointed Speer as head of the Chief Office for Construction
  6. 21, 2008,Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE),as given by, chief ,Helen Meredith, identified nature's most endangered) include: the Chinese
  7. Oceania has never been Asia, whatever it may have been defined to be. The, chief ,factor in determining what islands of the Malay Archipelago are Asian has been
  8. Reason she is called" Cyprian ", especially in the poetic works of Sappho. Her, chief ,center of worship was at Pathos, where the goddess of desire had been
  9. Period),are located. The valleys of the Debut and Astana rivers form the, chief ,routes into Armenia from the north as they pass through the mountains. Lake
  10. Automobiles. The first race ever organized was on April 28, 1887 by the, chief ,editor of Paris publication Le Velocipede, Monsieur Dossier. The first regular
  11. Of islands. The word archipelago is derived from the Greek ἄρχι- – ark hi- (", chief ,") and πέλαγος – Lagos (" sea" ) through the Italian archipelago. In
  12. To guarantee observation of the constitution and all laws, act as commander in, chief ,of the armed forces, exercise the duties of the Assembly of the Republic of
  13. An executive in the way the successor President of the United States is a, chief ,executive, since all the functions he executed were under the direct control
  14. Rugby player (b. 1982) *2010 – Wilma Man killer, Native-American activist, chief ,of the Cherokee Nation (b. 1945) * 2010 – Coin Redgrave, British actor and
  15. Of Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich. Speer was Adolf Hitler's, chief ,architect before assuming ministerial office. As" the Nazi who said sorry "
  16. Later Roman poets often referred to him as 5050,translated by Festivals The, chief ,Apollonian festivals were the Boeotia, Carneia, Carpiae, Daphnephoria, Delia
  17. Kurosawa's talent, promoting him directly from third assistant director to, chief ,assistant director after a year. Kurosawa's responsibilities increased, and he
  18. Natively. Instead, it is found combined in over 270 different minerals. The, chief ,ore of aluminum is bauxite. Aluminum is remarkable for the metal's low
  19. With the chief male god (Di-) represented by the sky and thunder, and the, chief ,female god (feminine form of Di-) represented as the earth or fertile soil.
  20. Part of the history of the Twentieth Century Motor Company. *Bill Brent is the, chief ,dispatcher for the Colorado Division of Haggard Transcontinental, who tries to
  21. To posts in New York and Missouri and served in the Black Hawk War in 1832 as, chief ,of staff to BVT. Brig. Gen. Henry Atkinson. In 1829, he married Henrietta
  22. North-northeast and the DRC to the east and south. The town of Cabinet is the, chief ,population center. According to a 1995 census, Cabinda had an estimated
  23. Report. According to Bahrām Nercissiantz, President Sarkisian's, chief ,economic adviser," Businessmen holding state positions have turned into
  24. Jeffrey Amherst,1st Baron Amherst turned down an appointment as commander in, chief ,due to an unwillingness to take sides in the conflict. Similarly, Admiral
  25. Sea was traditionally known as Archipelago (in Greek, Αρχιπέλαγος,meaning ", chief ,sea" ), but in English this word's meaning has changed to refer to the Aegean
  26. Form, abbatis),Old English abbey, ; German ABT; French abbé) is the head and, chief ,governor of a community of monks, called also in the East regimen or
  27. The emperor, It even came to be adopted by purely secular officials. Thus, the, chief ,magistrate of the republic at Genoa was called. Lay abbots (M. Lat., or
  28. Between alcohol-containing mouth rinses and oral cancer. Andrew Penman, chief ,executive of The Cancer Council New South Wales, called for further research on
  29. An imperium in imperil, and depriving the bishop of all authority over the, chief ,centers of influence in his diocese. Later Middle Ages In the 12th century the
  30. Merely a means of driving the story; and the plot, not the characters, is the, chief ,focus of tragedy. Tragedy is the imitation of action arousing pity and fear
  31. From the Latin architects, itself derived from the Greek arkhitekton (ark hi-, chief ,+ Teuton, builder ),i.e. chief builder. Professionally, an architect's
  32. Flora A natural vegetation limit with altitude is given by the presence of the, chief ,deciduous trees—oak, beech,ash and sycamore maple. These do not reach exactly
  33. Aristobulus, a junior officer on the campaigns; and Onesicritus,Alexander's, chief ,helmsman. These works have been lost, but later works based on these original
  34. The grades (from lowest to highest) of deacon, teacher,and priest. The, chief ,office of the Chronic priesthood is the presiding bishopric; the head of the
  35. From its competitors. As the company has grown and been led by a series of, chief ,executives, each with his own idea of what Apple should be, some of its
  36. Wöhler's method in 1846,and described his improvements in a book in 1859, chief , among these being the substitution of sodium for the considerably more
  37. Have some of his powers permanently transferred to them. According to Speer, SS, chief , Heinrich Himmler tried to have him physically isolated by having Himmler's
  38. Where groups of young Muslim immigrants reside. On January 1,2006,Britain's, chief ,rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, warned that what he called a" tsunami of
  39. Died in Europa of natural causes within the year (in 322 BC). Aristotle named, chief ,executor his student Antimatter and left a will in which he asked to be buried
  40. Sweden. Etymology The ancient words for antimony mostly have, as their, chief ,meaning, kohl,the sulfide of antimony. Pliny the Elder, however,distinguishes
  41. Disputes. As tribal warfare and internecine feuding has been one of their, chief ,occupations since time immemorial, this individualistic trait has made it
  42. Shareholder of the firm; may be the founder; titles may include president, chief ,executive officer, or managing principal/partner. *Mid-level Principal /
  43. Number of appellations in Greek myth, only a few occur in Latin literature, chief ,among them Phoebes (; Φοίβος, Phoibos, literally " radiant" ), which was very
  44. Declined him. Unfazed, he went directly to Mather's, who still held the post of, chief ,and who agreed to initiate him into the Second Order. Now loyal to Mather's
  45. Scholars have hypothesized an original Proto-Indo-European pantheon, with the, chief ,male god (Di-) represented by the sky and thunder, and the chief female god (
  46. To his music, and disappeared. *Mrs. William Hastings is the widow of the, chief ,engineer at the Twentieth Century Motor Company. Her husband quit shortly after
  47. Is diametrically opposed to everything Sweden stands for. " Per Edmundson, chief ,editorial writer for Sven ska Dagbladet, has sharply criticized politicians who
  48. Much agricultural produce is exported, while coal and iron are among the, chief ,imports. The harbor itself is maintained by Århus Stevedore Company A/S
  49. Science fiction novels by prominent American authors. Nick Gillespie, editor in, chief ,of Reason, has remarked that" Rand's is a tortured immortality, one in which
  50. Boston. Lieutenant General Thomas Gage, the British North American commander-in, chief , commanded four regiments of British regulars (about 4,000 men) from his

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