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  1. Song alludes to Absalom's feelings of solemnity and abandonment of love and, hope , * In" Every Kind Word" by Lack thereof, Danny Seim's project parallel to
  2. That the irregular caucus ignored the" voice of the people" and was a" vain, hope ,that the American people might be thus deceived into a belief that he Crawford
  3. As it appears to us is governed by morally blind causes. These causes give no, hope ,whatsoever that pursuit of moral virtue will lead to happiness. They do not
  4. On the farm. The pigs do this to keep any doubting animals in line with the, hope ,of a happy afterlife, keeping their minds on Sugar candy Mountain and not on
  5. Died in December 1510. Albert was chosen as his successor early in 1511 in the, hope ,that his relationship to his maternal uncle, Sigismund I the Old, Grand Duke of
  6. Will not other kings assume control, and eat the fruits of the tree of thy, hope , " In the estimation of the wise, the world is a false gem that passes each
  7. That pursuit of moral virtue will lead to happiness. They do not even give, hope ,that we can become morally virtuous. Agency is beset by weaknesses that make
  8. The Trail of Lights was canceled due to budget problems, but the city says they, hope ,to have finances for the trail next year. Music As Austin's official slogan is
  9. Who was sent against them by Io bates, the king of that country, in the, hope ,that he might meet his death at their hands. The tomb of Marine is mentioned in
  10. Was happening in Auschwitz as possible. They buried notes in the ground in the, hope ,a liberator would find them and smuggled out photos of the crematoria and gas
  11. The sideand the few centuries that have come my way have been achieved in the, hope ,of winning matches. My one idea when going into bat was to make runs for
  12. Nothing bad in one's life. Now if every evil deed has to be requited, who can, hope ,to go unscathed from among us? He said," O Abu Bakr, you and you're believing
  13. 6,2001. The Co-Chairs are continuing to work with the two Presidents in the, hope ,of finding a lasting peace. The two countries are still technically at war.
  14. S dealings with their ancestors provided a historical foundation on which, hope ,for the future could be built. Abraham's association with Mare and Hebron, in
  15. Against him. But Panel also claims that God is present to offer succor and, hope , Later, Paneloux attends at the bedside of Othon's stricken son and prays that
  16. In killing many of them. Pick decided to break out of the camp, with the, hope ,of personally convincing Home Army leaders that a rescue attempt was a valid
  17. Years,Lincoln's image shifted to emphasize the symbol of freedom who brought, hope ,to those oppressed by communist regimes. As a Whig activist, Lincoln was a
  18. Einstein's brain for preservation without the permission of his family, in the, hope ,that the neuroscience of the future would be able to discover what made
  19. To play one home game per season at the Adelaide Oval for three years with the, hope ,of establishing a strong supporter base in Adelaide. Adelaide has two
  20. With funerals and memorial services. It has become a song that inspires, hope ,in the wake of tragedy, becoming a sort of" spiritual national anthem "
  21. Franks were respectful towards those sanctuaries. Agatha expresses his, hope ,that the Alemannic would assume better manners through prolonged contact with
  22. It was a joke," he said," to think of keeping Pennsylvania. " There was no, hope ,of recovering New England. But the King was still determined" never to
  23. The states and declared his son Malik Shah I his heir and successor. With the, hope ,of capturing Caesar Maraca, the capital of Cappadocia, he placed himself at
  24. Landing. We couldn't care less about the reentry. But it's your neck, and I, hope ,you don't break it. SHIRR: Thanks, babe. CAP COM: Over and out.
  25. Bela III and his first wife, Agnes of Antioch. As younger son, Andrew had no, hope ,to inherited the Kingdom of Hungary from his father who wanted to ensure the
  26. Light can still be seen even in the most catastrophic events, and a Christian, hope ,is granted to all. Paneloux's argument is based on the theology of St.
  27. Russians and Russian Jews. The author writes that the book was conceived in the, hope ,of promoting" mutually agreeable and fruitful pathways for the future
  28. In February 2006,he suffered a stroke in Scarborough, and stated:" I, hope ,to be back on my feet, or should I say my left leg, as soon as possible, but I
  29. Failure of the SPS to ignite would strand the crew in Lunar orbit, with little, hope ,of escape. As with the previous burn, the crew had to perform the maneuver
  30. Political and economic reforms were introduced by the Japanese government, in, hope , of modernizing the country in the Western style, and included the annexation of
  31. Many may have opposed Alboin's aggressive policy and could have cultivated the, hope ,of reaching an entente with the Empire. The Byzantines were almost certainly
  32. Core element. Its principles restored the health of those who were ill beyond, hope ,and gave back youth to fading old age. " One thing is sure though, Indian
  33. إن شاء الله). This word literally means" God willing" ( in the sense of" I, hope ,so" ). Some Muslims leave the name" Allah" untranslated in English.
  34. Placed more emphasis on the classics. His headmaster wrote to his parents:" I, hope ,he will not fall between two stools. If he is to stay at Public School, he must
  35. To place punctuation outside the parenthesis:: *" I am going to the store (I, hope ,it is still open). " Titles and headlines Use of capitalization varies.
  36. That my genuine death ... will be the end of me, though I continue to, hope ,that it will be. " However, a few days later he revised this, saying " what I
  37. Yahweh's dealings with the ancestors provided a historical foundation on which, hope ,for the future could be built. Thus confirming the“ outcry against Sodom and
  38. Occasionally use the terms" afterlife" and" hereafter" to refer to any, hope ,for the dead, but they understand Ecclesiastes
  39. ECC. 3:19-21 NK JV) " But for him who is joined to all the living there is, hope , for a living dog is better than a dead lion. For the living know that they
  40. 6,2001. The Co-Chairs are continuing to work with the two Presidents in the, hope ,of finding a lasting peace. The two countries are still technically at war.
  41. After Atlanta fell and Lincoln defeated McClellan in the election of 1864,all, hope ,for a political victory for the South ended. At that point, Lincoln had
  42. Proclamation name "/IN"> mcpherson69"/> greatly reduced the Confederacy's, hope ,of getting aid from Britain or France. Lincoln's moderate approach succeeded
  43. Might be German on paper, but not in real life," which speaks to the group's, hope ,of actually being recognized as German citizens and not foreigners, despite
  44. At the end of 1780. Punish the Americans In London King George III gave up all, hope ,of subduing America by more armies, while Britain had a European war to fight.
  45. Called, and sometimes (ironically) abbés de saint temperance, ( abbés of holy, hope ,; or the pun, of St. Hope)—came to hold a recognized position. The connection
  46. In the mines and had moved on to other ventures. But Agassiz refused to give up, hope ,for the mines, and he returned to the mines in March 1867 with his wife and
  47. Be deduced from other axioms need not be regarded as an axiom. It was the early, hope ,of modern logicians that various branches of mathematics, perhaps all of
  48. Esther Dyson defended the move in a New York Times editorial saying" I, hope ,Good mail succeeds, and that it has lots of competition. I also think it and its
  49. By God to be wicked, such as in the Great Flood or at Armageddon, are given no, hope ,of an afterlife. After Armageddon there will be a resurrection in the flesh of
  50. Plan is to recover the corpse himself in hope s that it contains ambergris. His, hope ,proves well-founded, and the Pequod's crew recovers a valuable quantity of the

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