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  1. Learned from a story)," righteous ", etc." I have a good daughter" is not, clear ,about which sense is intended. The various ways to apply prefixes and suffixes
  2. Versus goodness (speed): With only 6 core instructions," Elegant" is the, clear ,winner compared to" Inelegant" at 13 instructions. However," Inelegant" is
  3. The 19th century by most U. S. chemists was aluminum, but common usage is less, clear , The aluminum spelling is used in the Webster's Dictionary of 1828. In his
  4. Macintosh platform. Apple relied on high profit margins and never developed a, clear ,response. Instead, they sued Microsoft for using a graphical user interface
  5. Son and his nurse had moved to quarters next to Bell's boarding house, it was, clear ,that Mr. Sanders was backing the proposal. The arrangement was for teacher and
  6. She held him, his heel (see Achilles heel, Achilles ' tendon). It is not, clear ,if this version of events was known earlier. In another version of this story
  7. Telephone, which was able to transmit indistinct, voice-like sounds, but not, clear ,speech. The race to the patent office In 1875,Bell developed an acoustic
  8. Mean, often referred to as simply the mean or average when the context is, clear , is a method to derive the central tendency of a sample space. The term "
  9. Of Lincoln, and dominated his time and attention. From the start, it was, clear ,that bipartisan support would be essential to success in the war effort, and
  10. And applied art has more to do with value judgments made about the art than any, clear ,definitional difference. However, even fine art often has goals beyond pure
  11. During their occasional visits. He also developed a technique of speaking in, clear , modulated tones directly into his mother's forehead wherein she would hear
  12. Be systematically dealt with, case-by-case; the criteria for each case must be, clear ,(and computable). Because an algorithm is a precise list of precise steps
  13. Supposed to return escaped slaves to their masters. By 1862,when it became, clear ,that this would be a long war, the question of what to do about slavery became
  14. Noting that the" catalyst for the Battle of the Windmill, though,is less, clear , " During the battle, Fredrick drills a hole and places explosives inside, and
  15. Y/- of" 3" " may also reflect the same root, although the suffixation is not, clear , " (Starting et al. 2003:223) 6 Compare Villa /Mir/" 3" ( Blaze
  16. i.e. he that crushes the limbs of buffaloes and yoke beasts. " Without a, clear ,Inhale connection, they suggest one from the Tamil language instead:
  17. In which case, a less ambiguous term should have been used). The goal of, clear ,concise communication is that the receiver (s) have no misunderstanding about
  18. System of insuring title of real properties provides for registration of a, clear ,title with public authorities. After this is accomplished, no abstract of title
  19. Factions. British historian Jeremy Black wrote," In the American war it was, clear ,to both royal generals and revolutionaries that organized and significant
  20. Follows according to Starting et al. (2003),with the caveat that it is not, clear ,which pitch was high and which was low in Photovoltaic (Starting et al.
  21. Duty" ) was preserving the Union: Lincoln had over and over again made, clear ,that he wanted the states to emancipate the slaves (which they officially did
  22. 9@home,Advanced Chemistry is part of a" hip-hop movement which took a, clear ,stance for the minorities and against the marginalization of immigrants who ...
  23. Done on the soil content first. To do so, a sample of the soil is mixed into a, clear ,container with some water, creating an almost completely saturated liquid.
  24. Clue to the nature of an unknown script. Alphabetic order It is not always, clear ,what constitutes a distinct alphabet. French uses the same basic alphabet as
  25. And the group came together for more recordings. Plans were not completely, clear , but a new album was discussed and the prospect of a small tour suggested. The
  26. Electoral College. As Lincoln's election became evident, secessionists made, clear ,their intent to leave the Union before he took office the next March. On
  27. With surprising power and volume; but although they are loud,they're also, clear , which does justice to the signature vocal sound ... Anyone who's been waiting
  28. Consensus standards quicken the market acceptance of products while making, clear ,how to improve the safety of those products for the protection of consumers.
  29. And livestock feed. Aquatic and microscopic species are cultured in, clear ,tanks or ponds and are either harvested or used to treat effluents pumped
  30. But he nevertheless proposed this theory because it was a particularly, clear ,demonstration that quantum mechanics could solve the specific heat problem in
  31. Fabricate a wide variety of objects from glass with great skill, but it is not, clear ,whether they developed the process independently. It is also un clear whether
  32. Against tradition and battle for a better world, even if the path there is not, clear , Separation from a corrupt social system in order to alleviate human suffering
  33. At the Battle of Stones River name "/IN"> mcpherson51"/> in Tennessee. The one, clear ,Confederate victory in the West was the Battle of Chickamauga. Bragg
  34. The tone for Warhol's reception. Throughout the decade it became more and more, clear ,that there had been a profound change in the culture of the art world, and that
  35. Are distributed among the 'lower Asparagus' in such a way that it is not, clear ,where to place the evolution of different ovary morphologies. The position of
  36. The linguist and Asian Edward Sapir. France Anthropology in France has a less, clear ,genealogy than the British and American traditions, in part because many French
  37. Midday desert temperatures can be hot year round. After sunset, however,the, clear , dry air permits rapid loss of heat, and the nights are cool to chilly.
  38. Predict an additional 2,000 cases of bladder cancer alone. This represents a, clear ,underestimate of the overall impact, since it does not include lung or skin
  39. Of forces needed to defeat the Vandals in Africa which left Attila and Bled a, clear ,path through Illyricum into the Balkans, which they invaded in 441. The Finnish
  40. After the records of the property have been traced and the title has been found, clear , it is sometimes guaranteed, or insured. In a few states, a different system of
  41. Languages there would be, as the spoken varieties form a dialect chain with no, clear ,boundaries. If Arabic is considered a single language, it counts more than 200
  42. Continue to be well served by public time broadcasts. In the 1970s,it became, clear ,that the clocks participating in TAI were ticking at different rates due to
  43. Confederate units fled west and after a defeat at Sayler's Creek, it became, clear ,to Robert E. Lee that continued fighting against the United States was both
  44. 2 These phonemes only occurred in the interior of words. Vowels It is not, clear ,whether, were monophthongize as shown here (presumably) or diphthongs (); the
  45. Because she believes he is a sexual adventurer. As her motives become more, clear , Lillian is found to share the sentiments of many other moochers and their
  46. Needs modification. Mathematical logic In the field of mathematical logic,a, clear ,distinction is made between two notions of axioms: logical and non-logical (
  47. Any agreements by former owners that are binding on later owners. Clear title A, clear ,title to property is one that clear ly states any obligation in the deed to the
  48. court's view of the evidence, and reverses its decision only if it were a, clear ,abuse of discretion. This is usually defined as a decision outside the bounds
  49. Only two verses, the second of which is original.: O beautiful for vision, clear ,: That sees beyond the years, : The nighttime sky, our hopes that fly, : Undimmed
  50. To Josiah Warren and to experimental communities, viewed sexual freedom as a, clear , direct expression of an individual's self-ownership. Free love particularly

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