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  1. Conformity assessment, and technical regulations. The site currently features, content ,for China, India,and Korea, with additional countries and regions planned for
  2. Japan. Its primary use, however,has been in producing cost-effective animated, content ,for media such as television (the work of Hanna-Barbera, Filmation, and other
  3. Maintain troops only for defense, and won't make war on anyone; I shall be, content ,with the old domains. In winter, I shall live in Moscow, and in summer in
  4. Of peptidoglycan in the cell walls, and ribosomes different in size and, content ,from those of the Eukaryotes. Rather than in chloroplasts, they conduct
  5. Almond tree hybrids possess quality skin color, flavor,and oil, content , and reduce almond growers’ dependency on insect pollination. The fruits from
  6. Needs to be cooked properly to be tender due to its lower fat and higher muscle, content , This dish usually does not appear on the English-language menu. DAU Mid () is
  7. Of its Quantum Link service in 1985. Some community leaders were recruited for, content ,design and maintenance using a proprietary language and interface called
  8. Interpreter to another, APL programs invariably will require changes to their, content , Depending on the compiler, variable declarations might be needed, certain
  9. Replaced David EUN. She will oversee the development of all editorial, content ,from both companies including news, technology,music and local media websites.
  10. He began to employ music for what he called" counterpoint" to the emotional, content ,of a scene, rather than merely to reinforce the emotion, as Hollywood
  11. Density lipoproteins. A preliminary trial showed that, in spite of the high fat, content ,of almonds, using them in the daily diet might lower several factors associated
  12. It is now rare for the Platform to conflict with government policy, as the, content ,of the Platform is usually developed in close collaboration with the party's
  13. Teleport back and forth between the two spaces. Audi has stated that additional, content ,will be added in 2010. " Most young people gain their first driving experience
  14. Established by means of real-world experience. Indeed, Aristotle warns that the, content ,of a science cannot be successfully communicated, if the learner is in doubt
  15. Known as the ITV),a set-top video device intended to bridge the sale of, content ,from iTunes with high-definition televisions. The device links up to a user's
  16. Province of Alberta, after which the genus is named. Scientists disagree on the, content ,of the genus, with some recognizing Stegosaurus liberates as a second species.
  17. With" castles of abstraction" that sounded impressive but ultimately had no, content , He also thought that his glorification of church and state were designed for
  18. By the poet John Keats and attributed to extraordinary leaders who were ", content ,in the midst of uncertainties and doubts, and not compelled toward fact or
  19. Manual or ARM, or sometimes the Language Reference Manual or LRM) is free, content , Thus, it is a common reference for Ada programmers and not just programmers
  20. Some of which might describe antimony) are not yet translated, and their, content ,is completely unknown. The first natural occurrence of pure antimony ('native
  21. Of steel making by blowing hot air through liquid pig iron to reduce the carbon, content , The Bessemer process was able to produce the first large scale manufacture of
  22. Added, as a carrier for the flavor, to provide" bite ". Because of the alcohol, content , it is possible to fail a breathalyzer test after rinsing although breath
  23. Salt in a cup of warm water. Vodka, gin and other hard liquors (with alcohol, content ,of 35 % or more) can be used as an alternative to Listerine, especially if one
  24. The beginning the film was not well received by Soviet authorities due to its, content ,and its perceived elitist nature. Russian authorities placed the film in the "
  25. Contain gluten. According to a 2007 report, amaranth compares well in nutrient, content ,with gluten-free vegetarian options such as buckwheat, corn,millet, wild rice
  26. Cause for this was likely due to alleged censorship of user-generated, content ,during the earlier years of growth for AOL. Certified e-mail In early 2005,AOL
  27. Words (and often only to a certain subset of words, such as nouns, or semantic, content ,words). Such systems are examples of argots à clef, or " coded argots. "
  28. Comes from mutual inspiration, much credit for style, inspiration,and, content ,can be given to Ginsberg's friends. Ginsberg claimed throughout his life that
  29. Behind me. So return and represent me in my family and in thine. Art thou not, content , O Ali, that thou should be unto me as Aaron was unto Moses, save that after me
  30. A stronger, more crack-resistant brick. A general testing is done on the soil, content ,first. To do so, a sample of the soil is mixed into a clear container with some
  31. India, and Korea, with additional countries and regions planned for future, content , In philosophy and logic, an argument is an attempt to persuade someone of
  32. Solders contain 5 % Sb, in pewter, and in hardening alloys with low tin, content ,in the manufacturing of organ pipes. Other applications The second main
  33. Of his last will and testament to never receive mention in any other Shadow run, content , In the computer video game Sacrifice, there is a supporting character within
  34. The use of the Azerbaijani language and have eliminated ideological, content , In addition to elementary schools, the education institutions include
  35. Are a form of art as communication. Maps are another example. However,the, content ,need not be scientific. Emotions, moods and feelings are also communicated
  36. And for specialized manufactured products with fewer voids or greater bitumen, content ,than the" asphalt concrete" used to pave roads. Another description has it
  37. Of the non-Japanese culture. Certain companies may remove any objectionable, content , complying with domestic law. This editing process was far more prevalent in
  38. As a separate window. However, applets have very little control over web page, content ,outside the applet dedicated area, so they are less useful for improving the
  39. Huntsman began melting blister steel in a crucible to even out the carbon, content , creating the first process for the mass production of tool steel. Huntsman's
  40. Using a proprietary language and interface called TRAINMAN, although most, content ,maintenance was performed by partner and internal employees. Two former
  41. Quarterly growth since 2002. AOL has since attempted to reposition itself as a, content ,provider similar to companies such as Yahoo! as opposed to an Internet service
  42. Acquire TechCrunch to further its overall strategy of providing premier online, content , * In December 2010,AIM eliminated access to AOL chat rooms noting a marked
  43. And then immediately refunded the charge. * AOL Video featured professional, content ,and allowed users to upload videos as well. The original user-orientated video
  44. Run. The Audi Home Terminal features an Audi TV channel delivering video, content , an Internet Browser feature, and a view of a city. The Audi Vertical Run is
  45. Compiler Collection. Work has continued on improving and updating the technical, content ,of the Ada programming language. A Technical Corrigendum to Ada 95 was
  46. Users, showing how a user's past visits to other Websites could determine the, content ,of advertising they would see in the future. Later that year AOL initiated
  47. Relationships, the threat of war, aging,and loss of innocence. This change of, content ,led to the release of the album The Visitors including the UK number 3 single "
  48. Of Aachen, AD 817,decreed that the abbot should dine in the refectory, and be, content ,with the ordinary fare of the monks, unless he had to entertain a guest. These
  49. To be water-soluble fiber, amaranth appears to lower cholesterol via its, content ,of plant stands and scalene. Amaranth remains an active area of scientific
  50. These are of women held in servitude (as study of the society implied by the, content ,reveals). They were used in trades, such as cloth-making, and usually came

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