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  1. Residents and communities clean up, rebuild,and/or serve each other. Faculty, staff , alumni, members of the community and their families and guests are also
  2. In New York. He catches Deign Taggart's eye as one of the few competent men on, staff , After seeing the sorry state of the Ohio Division, she decides to make him its
  3. Hotel Rival, titled " 2nd Best to None ", accompanied by a video showing the, staff ,at work. In 2008,the two wrote a song for Swedish singer Gisela Kyle titled "
  4. In New York and Missouri and served in the Black Hawk War in 1832 as chief of, staff ,to BVT. Brig. Gen. Henry Atkinson. In 1829, he married Henrietta Preston, sister
  5. Athens and Piraeus Region, or IL PAP (), consists of 22 lines with an operating, staff ,of 1,137. All the 366 trolleybuses are equipped to enable them to run on
  6. Of children's poems When We Were Very Young, which were illustrated by Punch, staff ,cartoonist E. H. Shepard. A collection of short stories for children Gallery of
  7. Firms. Salaries also vary, depending on experience, position within the firm (, staff ,architect, partner or shareholder, etc.) and the size and location of the firm
  8. A. Milne contributed humorous verse and whimsical essays to Punch, joining the, staff ,in 1906 and becoming an assistant editor. During this period he published 18
  9. Departments, consolidating colleges and schools, and reducing university, staff ,and administrators. Campuses and Locations ASU's academic programs are spread
  10. Found during construction of the system. The Athens Metro supports an operating, staff ,of 387 and runs two of the three metro lines; its two lines (red and blue
  11. Rule which was soon entirely disregarded, and that the crook of their pastoral, staff ,should turn inwards instead of outwards, indicating that their jurisdiction was
  12. Network operates a fleet of 42 trains consisting of 252 cars, an operating, staff ,of 730 and a fleet of 44 trains and 243 cars. Connecting the port of Piraeus
  13. Had Salvarsan for treating syphilitic ulcers and framboesia. Additional medical, staff , nurse (Miss) Ottoman and Dr. Victor Newsman, joined him in 1924,and Dr.
  14. Improving, which is due to the vaccination of children, training of medical, staff ,and establishment of new hospitals. Many hospitals and clinics have been built
  15. Concentrated in the hands of the President who, supported by an ever-increasing, staff , largely controlled parliament, government,and the judiciary. The 26-year long
  16. Were to initiate after winning office in 1996. It is also said by a former, staff ,member of Tony Blair that New Labor and Blair learned from the Hawks government
  17. In Sisolak Ashoka, some. North of Bukhara, a training college for medical, staff ,has been named for him. On the grounds is a museum dedicated to his life, times
  18. Replied with his last words:" Yes, and I fear seriously. " Harris and other, staff ,officers removed Johnston from his horse and moved him to a small ravine near
  19. Board of Regents to re-evaluate the salary and benefit policy for athletic, staff , Arizona State Sun Devils football was founded in 1897 under coach Fred Irish.
  20. 1 (2) (b) makes provision for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, on UN, staff , Abolished offense:; Assault on customs and excise officers, etc.: Section 16 (
  21. Sculpture that dates around 460 BC and portrays a weary Athena resting on a, staff , In earlier, archaic portraits of Athena in Black-figure pottery, the goddess
  22. Native American societies as ethnographic subjects. The field was pioneered by, staff ,of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of
  23. Of the Chief Office for Construction, which placed him nominally on Hess's, staff , One of Speer's first commissions after Troost's death was the Zeppelinfeld
  24. Activity with a minor, under the Antarctic Treaty, scientists and support, staff ,stationed there may be subject to the laws of the country of which they are
  25. Of about 300 bus lines which span the entire Attica Basin, with an operating, staff ,of 5,327,and a fleet of 1,839 buses. Of those 1,839 buses 416 run on
  26. I belonged to a circle which consisted of other artists and his personal, staff , If Hitler had had any friends at all, I certainly would have been one of his
  27. American painter (b. 1909) *2010 – Ra sim Relic, Bosnian military chief of, staff ,and war criminal (b. 1949) Holidays and observances External links *
  28. Armenian Armed Forces are Headquartered in Yerevan, where most of the general, staff ,is based. Currently headed by Chief of Staff General Saran Ghanian, the
  29. On the last segment of the Earth return. Repair was not possible until a, staff ,member had his ten-year-old son, Greg Force, do repairs made possible by his
  30. Fourth shift of Armenian peacekeepers departed for Iraq. The shift included 3, staff , commanders,2 medical officers,10 combat engineers and 31 drivers. Throughout
  31. Was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his horse. Among his, staff ,was Islam G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, who had ceased to make any real
  32. In the spring of 2009,Andersson also released a single recorded by the, staff ,at his privately owned Stockholm hotel Rival, titled " 2nd Best to None "
  33. According to Paul G. Agnew, the first permanent secretary and head of, staff ,in 1919,AEC started as an ambitious program and little else. Staff for the
  34. And Turkey on the participation an Azerbaijani peacekeeping platoon in the, staff ,of Turkish battalion in Kosovo. Since 1992 Azerbaijan and Turkey have signed
  35. And reformed in 1593. The abbot of Locum, who still carries a pastoral, staff , takes precedence over all the clergy of Hanover, and was ex officio a member
  36. Found significant flaws in the practices and attitudes of Schweitzer and his, staff , The hospital suffered from squalor and was without modern amenities, and
  37. Prevent human abuse of robots and vice versa. United States Walt Disney and a, staff ,of Imagines created Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln that debuted at the 1964
  38. His revolt against the Germans. He moved to Bordeaux with the rest of the, staff ,of Pissoir. In the same year he finished his first books, The Stranger and
  39. And loom, striking it with her shuttle. Athena then struck Arachne with her, staff , which changed her into a spider. In some versions, the destruction of her loom
  40. Qatari citizens have never been questioned by the FBI. Eleanor Hill, the former, staff ,director for the congressional joint inquiry on the September 11 attacks, said
  41. Training movements with weapons, such as those for the spear (), short, staff , ( ), and perhaps the. However, aikido derives much of its technical structure
  42. Was filling up with blood. Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his, staff ,to be nearly fainting off his horse. Among his staff was Islam G. Harris, the
  43. ASU's several campuses into a single institution, sharing students, faculty, staff , and accreditation. Under Crow's leadership, and aided by hundreds of millions
  44. JPG|1937 Cord automobile model 812,designed in 1935 by Gordon M. Gehrig and, staff ,Image: Delano National Miami Beach. JPG|Delano Hotel,1947 (Robert Wartburg)
  45. Multiple rivers with the name * ASA, alternate term for about; a, staff ,used in Egyptian stick fencing * ASA physical status classification system, a
  46. An Apple II—compatibility with the office. By the end of the 1970s,Apple had a, staff ,of computer designers and a production line. The company introduced the
  47. The kiss of peace on the hand, and rising, on the mouth, the abbot holding his, staff ,of office. He then put on his shoes in the vestry, and a chapter was held, and
  48. Inventory and to determine a" right size" for its Network Operations Center, staff ,after consolidating the three sites into two. *In 2007,AOL announced that it
  49. Technique. Weapons training in aikido traditionally includes the short, staff ,(Jo),wooden sword (broken),and knife (tango). Today, some schools
  50. The Vivian Beaumont Theatre Broadway; *1962-2006: various plays by students and, staff , King's College London, in the original Greek: Frogs 1962,1971,1988;

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