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  1. Etymology The country's name is derived from the city of Algiers. The most, common ,etymology links the city name to Al-Jazair'IR (الجزائر," The Islands" ), a
  2. Music and poetry. Hermes created the lyre for him, and the instrument became a, common ,attribute of Apollo. Hymns sung to Apollo were called paeans. In Hellenistic
  3. Remove the character before the cursor" and this interpretation also became, common ,in Unix systems. Most other systems used" Backspace" for that meaning and
  4. Should seek the common good more than the private good, but this is because the, common ,good is a more desirable good for the individual. 'You should love your
  5. Intense and frequent loneliness compared to non-autistic peers, despite the, common ,belief that children with autism prefer to be alone. Making and maintaining
  6. Dyspepsia, Pythia and Thalia. Attributes and symbols Apollo's most, common ,attributes were the bow and arrow. Other attributes of his included the Ithaca
  7. Arrow. All of these versions deny Paris any sort of valor, owing to the, common ,conception that Paris was a coward and not the man his brother Hector was, and
  8. The AFC South and the NFC North. In this way division competition consists of, common ,opponents,except the 2 games assigned on the strength of each
  9. Alchemy for its consistency with Christian teachings. Both the transmutation of, common ,metals into gold and the universal panacea symbolized evolution from an
  10. The extent that it was formerly a diagnostic indicator. Selectivity is the most, common ,problem, although eating rituals and food refusal also occur; this does not
  11. With the universal panacea; therefore, the two traditions may have had more in, common ,than initially appears. Black powder may have been an important invention of
  12. Philosophical system, poorly connected to the material world, it suffered the, common ,fate of other esoteric disciplines such as astrology and movement of the
  13. The association with mental retardation is much weaker. *Anxiety disorders are, common ,among children with ASD; there are no firm data, but studies have reported
  14. Often mislabeled as ISO-8859-1),and the original 7-bit ASCII remain the most, common ,character encoding in use today. Unicode and the ISO/IEC 10646
  15. Because the light is added over time. Before CDs, photographic plates were a, common ,method of observation. Modern astronomers spend relatively little time at
  16. Homesickness in a faster twelve-bar blues. In the B section, Gershwin uses, common ,time, syncopated rhythms, and bluesy melodies with the sounds of trumpet
  17. The term," Ideas on Liberty," May 1955. Its use as a synonym is still, common ,outside the United States. Accordingly," libertarian socialism" is sometimes
  18. Other attributes of his included the Ithaca (an advanced version of the, common ,lyre),the plectrum and the sword. Another common emblem was the sacrificial
  19. They pray and with a song they call their own god, the beautiful Paean. Some, common ,epithets of Apollo as a healer are" pain" ( παιών: touching)," epikourios
  20. Of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in several ways. The most, common ,method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program
  21. Also secretly in love with Deign. Willers is generally assumed to represent the, common ,man: someone who does not possess the Promethean creative ability of The
  22. Published as ISO/IEC 646 (1972),which would share most characters in, common ,but assign other locally-useful characters to several code points reserved for
  23. some strikers have strong reservations about his way of" conducting the, common ,struggle. " According to Barbara Branden, who was closely associated with Rand
  24. Moderation and a virtue that opposes gluttony. Apollo in the arts Apollo is a, common ,theme in Greek and Roman art and also in the art of Renaissance. The evolution
  25. Computers began to replace 18- and 36-bit computers as the norm, it became, common ,to use an 8-bit byte to store each character in memory, providing an
  26. Device had been invented in 180 AD. The phenakistoscope, praxinoscope, and the, common ,flip book were early popular animation devices invented during the 19th century
  27. Or chemistry, notwithstanding all its surreptitious claims, has anything in, common ,with Alchemy. " Atwood's work influenced subsequent authors of the occult
  28. It sought to emphasize the anti-authoritarian beliefs, common ,to all anarchist schools of thought. Mutualism began in 18th century
  29. Of people versus objects. Causes It has long been presumed that there is a, common ,cause at the genetic, cognitive,and neural levels for autism's characteristic
  30. Of the most prominent fashion designers of the day. Black tie dress is the most, common ,outfit for men, although fashion may dictate not wearing a bow-tie, and musical
  31. As such, disagreement over questions of values, ideology and tactics is, common , The compatibility of capitalism, nationalism and religion with anarchism is
  32. As the self-made man or the great war president, but as the advocate of the, common ,man who doubtless would have supported the welfare state. In the Cold War years
  33. Genetic liability and show some signs of autism. Several other conditions are, common ,in children with autism. And ASD is associated with several genetic disorders.
  34. The misdirection of anger on the part of leadership. The name Achilles was a, common ,and attested name among the Greeks soon after the 7th century BC. It was also
  35. Remove the character at the cursor ". That latter interpretation is the most, common ,now. Many more of the control codes have been given meanings quite different
  36. Unique among post-1970 codes in being based on ASCII-1963,instead of the more, common ,ASCII-1967,such as found on the ZX Spectrum computer. Atari and Malaysia
  37. The goal was to demonstrate the superior power of" free labor ", whereby a, common ,farm boy could work his way to the top by his own efforts. The Republican Party
  38. He is considered one of the first to conceive of the city in this manner. The, common ,modern understanding of a political community as a modern state is quite
  39. With ASD are prescribed psychoactive drugs or anticonvulsant, with the most, common ,drug classes being antidepressants, stimulants,and antipsychotics. Aside from
  40. Neighbour. His interpretation of the Pauline phrase is that we should seek the, common ,good more than the private good, but this is because the common good is a more
  41. Use chemical tricks and sleight of hand to" demonstrate" the transmutation of, common ,metals into gold, or claim to possess secret knowledge that—with a" small "
  42. A bigger frame, or to compare it with established protolanguages. Origins and, common ,features Common (but not universal) features of the Afroasiatic languages
  43. Spelling Ἀπόλλων had almost superseded all other forms by the beginning of the, common ,era, but the Doric form Απέλλων is more archaic, derived from an earlier
  44. Religions. It is still an open question whether these three strands share a, common ,origin, or to what extent they influenced each other. Alchemy in Greco-Roman
  45. An advanced version of the common lyre),the plectrum and the sword. Another, common ,emblem was the sacrificial tripod, representing his prophetic powers. The
  46. Research showed that schizophrenia and autism are significantly more, common ,in combination with 1q21.1 deletion syndrome. Research on autism/schizophrenia
  47. Astronomer to use an eyepiece on a larger telescope. It is far more, common ,to use a charge-coupled device camera to record a long, deep exposure, allowing
  48. Depend on vision, and partly because autistic symptoms overlap with those of, common ,blindness syndromes or blind isms. Management The main goals when treating
  49. To flight by the obscurity when they encounter sentences like these. ” Another, common ,assumption is that none of the exoteric works is extant – that all of Aristotle
  50. And from purely historical or literary fields such as Classics, on the other. A, common ,criticism has been that many social science scholars (such as economists

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