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  1. Him a controversial figure during the conservative 1950s,and a significant, figure ,in the 1960s. In the mid-1950s,no reputable publishing company would even
  2. The three major groups of Algae. Their lineage relationships are shown in the, figure ,in the upper right. Many of these groups contain some members that are no
  3. John Ouzo Wilson, Canadian geologist (b. 1908) *1994 – John Curry, English, figure , skater (b. 1949) *1995 – Harry Shoulder, American painter, serigrapher (b.
  4. Wealth, romance,or fighting. Unlike the knight, the adventurer was a realistic, figure , often lower class or otherwise impoverished, who is forced to make his way to
  5. Be approximately half the atomic weight (though it was almost 25 % off the, figure ,for the atomic number in gold (Z 79,A 197),the single element from which
  6. The insignia symbolizes the shape of the Apollo command module. It shows a red, figure ,8 looping around the earth and moon representing the mission number as well as
  7. Ride in an Audi equipped with the multiethnic transmission. The dashboard, figure ,was originally intended for use in the commercials only, but after they aired
  8. French-Canadian film director (b. 1931) *2003 – Arnold Gerschwiler, Swiss, figure , skating trainer (b. 1914) * 2003 – Genera Amman, American widow of Ted
  9. Warhol, was an American painter, printmaker,and filmmaker who was a leading, figure ,in the visual art movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a
  10. Kurosawa worked under numerous directors, but by far the most important, figure ,in his development was Cairo Yamamoto. Of his 24 films as A. D., he worked on
  11. In illustrations, the brightest stars of Aquarius are represented as the, figure ,of a man, while the fainter naked eye stars are represented as a vessel from
  12. As" a traveling salesman in wines and spirits. " Cottar is an eccentric, figure , silent and secretive, who tries to hang himself in his room. Afterwards, he
  13. Which is considered to be completely fictional and marks the finally evolved, figure ,of Alexander which remained popular in Iran. In this poem Alexander is first a
  14. Hold the center. In the pediment of the temple of Zeus in Olympia, the single, figure ,of Apollo is dominating the scene. These representations rely on presenting
  15. Alpha decay in actinium-227. Her first test put the alpha branching at 0.6 %,a, figure ,that she later revised to 1 %. Before Perey's discovery of francium, there
  16. The International became a significant organization. Karl Marx became a leading, figure ,in the International and a member of its General Council. Proudhon's followers
  17. Province, January 2010 File: Horsewoman. JPG|Sculpture representing a female, figure , Choke peoples, Angola,early 20th century. Wood, brass tacks, glass beads
  18. Has been estimated from 8,500 to 25,000. The total American military casualty, figure ,was therefore as high as 50,000. About 171,000 sailors served for the British
  19. The Mold“ Aaron” is considered, quite surprisingly, the unique single, figure ,of Aaron to have been painted by a European old master artist, circa 15th–18th
  20. A film in 1908 called Phantasmagoria. The film largely consisted of a stick, figure ,moving about and encountering all manner of morphing objects, such as a wine
  21. And black tea is the national beverage. Literature The earliest known, figure ,in Azerbaijani literature was Hasanoghlu or PUR Hasan Asphalting, who composed a
  22. Abortions constituted 13 % of all abortions in the United States; in 2010 the, figure ,increased to 17 %. Combined regimens include methotrexate or mifepristone
  23. S Vice Presidential running mate. She continued to be a prominent national, figure ,even after resigning from the governor's job in July 2009. Alaska's United
  24. Ginsberg's willingness to talk about taboo subjects made him a controversial, figure ,during the conservative 1950s,and a significant figure in the 1960s. In the
  25. Speculative course of action for profit or position. In fiction, the adventurer, figure ,or Picard may be regarded as a descendant of the knight-errant of Medieval
  26. George Wallace, the state's only four-term governor, was a controversial, figure , Only with the passage of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 State elections
  27. Dermatologist (b. 1846) *1914 – Giacomo Radini-Tedeschi Italian religious, figure ,(b. 1859) *1918 – Ukrainian Grohmann, German neurologist (b. 1868) *1922 –
  28. For others a form of Protestantism though without a dominant guiding, figure ,such as Luther, Knox,Calvin, Zwingli or Wesley. For others, their
  29. The Egyptian royal court on behalf of Moses, who was always the central moving, figure , The part played by Aaron in the events that preceded the Exodus was, therefore
  30. John Salt, and Reign Danneskjöld. He was, along with Robert Stapler, a father, figure ,to these three. Akston's name is so hallowed that a young lady, on hearing
  31. But after they aired the demand for Wackel-Elvis fans grew among fans and the, figure ,was mass-produced in China and marketed by Audi in their factory outlet store.
  32. Live-action comedies, dramas,and game shows. She, or characters based on her, figure ,prominently (in positive and negative lights) in literary and science fiction
  33. A vocabulary of around 400 words. She is tall and weighs, matching the average, figure ,of Korean women in their twenties. EveR-1's name derives from the Biblical Eve
  34. Al centers,e.g. " Trimethylaluminium" has the formula Al2 (CH3)6 (see, figure ,). With large organic groups, triorganoaluminium exist as three-coordinate
  35. The" Agrarian Worker" became the" Ram" via association with the legendary, figure ,of Cumuli the Shepherd. Gavin White suggests that the subprogram" man" may
  36. And his descendants were the high priests of Judaism, Melchizedek,a mystical, figure ,who appeared over 700 years before Moses, is considered a type of Christ, the
  37. An impersonator of musician and actor Elvis Presley. A prototypical dashboard, figure ,– later named" Wackel-Elvis" (" Wobble Elvis" or" Wobbly Elvis" ) –
  38. One of Agassi's closest friends; some have described him as being a" father, figure ," to Agassi. In December 2008 Agassi's childhood friend and former business
  39. Two of her greatest influences and counter-influences, respectively. A third, figure ,whose philosophical works she studied heavily was Friedrich Nietzsche. Able to
  40. To the Classical planets, Isis,Osiris, Jason,and many others. The central, figure ,in the mythology of alchemy is Hermes Trismegistus (or Thrice-Great Hermes).
  41. He died in 1824 when she was nine; her mother was the only significant parental, figure ,in her life. Her mother, Annabella,became Baroness Wentworth in her own right
  42. Court that the result they desired was the just result. Precedent and case law, figure ,prominently in the arguments. In order for the appeal to succeed, the appellant
  43. Incomes and monthly wages climbed 29 % and 25 % respectively against this, figure , but price increases in non-oil industry encouraged inflation in the country.
  44. Preceded the modern 5th U. S.),a new regiment, which he organized. As a key, figure ,in the Utah War, he led U. S. troops who established a non-Mormon government in
  45. Of its hero and the U. S. cultural colonization of Japan. (American pop songs, figure ,prominently in the film. ) Because of this strategy, the filmmakers are usually
  46. Amaya at Warhol's studio. Before the shooting, Solanas had been a marginal, figure ,in the Factory scene. She authored the S. C. U. M. Manifesto, a separatist
  47. The painting offers a dramatic, deeply psychological portrayal of the single, figure ,of Aaron in his priestly garments celebrating Yom Kippur in the wilderness
  48. 1.8 million internally displaced persons (IDPs),while generally the accepted, figure ,for war-affected people is 4 million. Daily conditions of life throughout the
  49. Some commentators have seen the Majuro character in this film as a fantasy, figure ,who magically reverses the historical triumph of the corrupt merchant class
  50. Were carried out using a Yuan (Quechua for" counting tool "; see, figure ,) which was still in use after the conquest of Peru. The working principle of a

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