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  1. On May 5,2001,after Shimon Peres visited Egypt, the Egyptian Allahyar, internet ,paper said that" lies and deceit are not foreign to Jews .... For this reason
  2. Scott, American murder victim (d. 1999) * 1981 – Cory Williams, American, internet , celebrity *1982 – Jamie Houston, English/German rugby player * 1982 – Solo
  3. Independent Business Owners" ( IBO) could order directly from Amway on the, internet , rather than from their spline" direct distributor ", and have products
  4. Channels (pay channels) and high newspaper and CD sales as well as popular, internet ,sites. A resurgence in Afrikaans popular music (from the late 1990s) has
  5. Reducing usage of AOL-owned access points and shifting members with high-speed, internet ,access from client-based usage to the more lucrative advertising provider, AOL.
  6. Fixed telephone lines, about 12 million mobile phone subscribers and 1 million, internet ,users. Demographics As of July 2010,the population of Afghanistan is around
  7. Willing to see or hear them. In the last three quarters of 2009 mobile and, internet ,advertising grew by 18.1 % and 9.2 % respectively. Older media advertising saw
  8. sync, and Learning Center online tutorials. Mobile Me is a subscription-based, internet ,suite that capitalizes on the ability to store personal data on an online
  9. Is planned that every home in the country will have fibrotic to the home for, internet ,access at a minimum speed of 100 Bit/s. There is only one Andorran television
  10. And Africa and will have transmission for TV, radio broadcasting and the, internet , The launch of its own satellite on orbit will be Azerbaijan's first action in
  11. Older (cheap) local radio broadcasting with the increased range of the, internet , Depending on the location a mobile phone network may be available which can
  12. S later in 2011. In August 2007 the airline announced it would offer Wi-Fi, internet ,services on Boeing 767-200ER American Flagship Service (AFS) routes across
  13. Al-Awlaki, and sources said Shaheed had made contact with al-Awlaki over the, internet , Representative Jane Herman called him" terrorist number one ", and Investor
  14. Terminal markup or color codes (such as those found in HTML, IRC,and many, internet ,message boards) to add a bit more tone variation. In this way, it is possible
  15. Of a teller that the bank must employ, or trace our own postal packages on the, internet ,instead of relying on a paid clerk. Since the 1960s,people have been trying to
  16. Use of phages from 1966 to 1996 and few latest ongoing phage therapy projects via, internet ,showed: phages were used topically, orally or systemically in Polish and Soviet
  17. Manuscript Revolves et females (1986) is now available on the, internet ,in the French original, and an English translation is underway (these parts of
  18. And shareware software which was distributed by, in the days long before public, internet ,access, public domain software libraries that advertised in magazines and on
  19. Culture, affinity groups and the use of decentralized technologies such as the, internet , Other active syndicalist movements include in Sweden the Central Organization
  20. Duration. As of 2009,there were 1,397,000 main telephone lines and 1,485,000, internet , users. There are five GSM providers: Fiercely, Bakcell, Azerfon (Near Mobile)
  21. Is also the oldest and most powerful alliance in the first text based game on, internet ,called Utopia - World of Legends and holds Kingdoms as Equilibrium, Mercy
  22. Lounge space. Additionally, complimentary Lenovo computer terminals with free, internet ,access, complimentary T-Mobile hotspot access, and complimentary printing is
  23. Affairs. ABC Radio Australia is an international shortwave, satellite and, internet ,radio service with transmissions aimed at East Asia and the Pacific Islands
  24. Favourite SF plot McMuffin. " Fans of alternate history have made use of the, internet ,to showcase their own works and provide useful tools for those fans searching
  25. Profile, help private enterprise and make it easier to access Aarhus on the, internet , The Aarhus spelling has, however,always had some use in non-Scandinavian
  26. Media and telecommunications In Andorra, mobile and fixed telephone and, internet ,services are operated exclusively by the Andorran national telecommunications
  27. Much of the fandom of anime grew through the Internet. The combination of, internet ,communities and increasing amounts of anime material, from video to images
  28. Of several political and medical controversies, congressional hearings and, internet ,hoaxes While known aspects of synthesis are covered by patents, many details
  29. And markets Native art from all regions and cultures in the State, both on the, internet ,; at its gallery in Anchorage,500 West Sixth Avenue, and at the
  30. Pronounced oh in both language varieties for the sake of convenience. In the, internet ,age the use of the term oh can cause certain inconveniences when one is
  31. In the same country as the outsourcing company. ) *Sports arbitrage – numerous, internet ,bookmakers offer odds on the outcome of the same event. Any given bookmaker
  32. Those in any other U. S. metropolitan area. Austin's residents have the highest, internet ,usage in all of Texas. According to Travel & Leisure magazine, Austin ranks No.
  33. Transcribed from an Italian magazine of the 1920s,is available on the, internet ,: http://www.malavasi.biz/ac_opere/script/kenita.pdf La Mollie del Benita). *
  34. Virus Shield software was free and did not require an AOL account, only an, internet ,e-mail address. * On July 18, 2007,AOL released" McAfee Virus Scan Plus:
  35. Nuisance to users of these services, as well as being a financial burden on, internet ,service providers. Advertising is increasingly invading public spaces, such as
  36. Discovered that an archive of Pail Protest site was still available on the, internet ,via Archive. Org) Gagging orders are common in such cases and can extend to
  37. 6,000 members citing the largest class action lawsuit ever filed against an, internet ,based company. Currently, it is the third-largest class ever involved in any
  38. Between Blacks and Jews published by the Nation of Islam, and on the, internet , Derek Hensley writes that there are two components to the financial canards::
  39. Rent movies and TV shows (purchasing has been discontinued),streaming from, internet ,video sources, including YouTube and Netflix, and media streaming from an
  40. American singer and guitarist (Throwing Muses) * 1966 – Jimmy Wales, American, internet , entrepreneur *1967 – Jason Grisly, American baseball player *1968 – Lynn
  41. A DSL termination point in a telephone central office to connect to many, internet ,service providers across a wide-area ATM network. In the United States, at
  42. Longer available. It is understood that the action to remove the site from the, internet ,was undertaken as part of a confidentiality agreement or 'gagging order' which
  43. 1984 – Andes Lifeguard, Danish footballer * 1987 – Brandon Hardest, American, internet , entertainer * 1987 – Maximiliano Present, Italian footballer Deaths * 799 –
  44. Celebrities in the world; she is also the third most mentioned musician on the, internet , according to Forbes. Biography 1981–97: Early life and career beginnings
  45. 1987 – Rouen Steelmaker, German footballer *1988 – Melody Oliveira, American, internet , blogger * 1988 – Beanie Wells, American football player *1989 – Dear German
  46. This has allowed DSL providers to provide DSL access to the customers of many, internet ,service providers. Since one DSL termination point can support multiple ISPs
  47. On August 20, 2008,American Airlines became the first to offer full in flight, internet ,service. In October 2008,American announced plans to order the Boeing 787–9
  48. Sonja Duty, American professional wrestler *1986 – Brooke Brock, American, internet , celebrity * 1988 – Edward Spellers, British model and actor * 1989 – Franco Di
  49. Each transaction requires the use of at least two accounts. Accounting in the, internet ,era In the IETF RFCs the act of accounting is usually defined as the act of
  50. Of Palestine (assassinated) (b. 1938) * 2001 – Michael Detours, Greek, internet , pioneer,Director of the M. I. T. Laboratory for Computer Science (b. 1936)

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