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  1. Symbols. There are 95 printable characters in total. Code 0x20,the, space ,character, denotes the space between words, as produced by the space -bar of a
  2. As a crew member of a space craft. While generally reserved for professional, space ,travelers, the terms are sometimes applied to anyone who travels into space
  3. Horizontal line and the single vertical line. Below these lines is a wide, space ,with a horizontal crack dividing it. Below this crack is another group of
  4. 62 miles). Space travelers have spent over 30,400 man-days (83 man-years) in, space , including over 100 astronaut-days of space walks. As of 2008,the man with the
  5. 16 mm film footage related to the mission including all TV transmissions from, space , training and launch footage, and motion pictures taken in flight. Portions of
  6. Space. The average is 2.5,as is the median. However, when we consider a sample, space ,that cannot be arranged into an arithmetic progression, such as, the median and
  7. To 9 and 0,however, because the place corresponding to 0 was taken by the, space ,character. Since many European typewriters placed the parentheses with 8 and 9
  8. Which empirical anthropology has arisen: interest in comparisons of people over, space ,and interest in long term human processes or humans as viewed through time.
  9. Be a better description of central tendency. Definition Suppose we have sample, space ,\. Then the arithmetic mean A is defined via the equation: A: =\franc\sum_^ a_i.
  10. First two columns (32 positions) were reserved for control characters. The ", space ," character had to come before graphics to make sorting easier, so it became
  11. Roughly equal, which is thought to imply that its ices formed in interstellar, space , away from the Sun, which would have evaporated these volatile molecules.
  12. The study of" other cultures ", both in terms of time (past societies) and, space ,(non-European/non-Western societies). For example, the classic of urban
  13. X-15,Mercury space craft Friendship 7,and Gemini 4. Armstrong's and Aldrin's, space ,suits are displayed in the museum's Apollo to the Moon exhibit. The quarantine
  14. And trained exclusively by governments, either by the military, or by civilian, space ,agencies. With the sub-orbital flight of the privately-funded Spaceship in
  15. Syndrome, which affects about a third of astronauts during their first day in, space ,as their vestibular system adapts to weightlessness. Space adaptation syndrome
  16. Values are higher or lower than is actually the case. If elements in the sample, space ,increase arithmetically, when placed in some order, then the median and
  17. 95 printable characters in total. Code 0x20,the space character, denotes the, space ,between words, as produced by the space -bar of a keyboard. Since the space
  18. Scorecard, for overall poor effectiveness and quality of its statewide public, space ,cleanliness—primarily roadway and adjacent litter removals—from state and
  19. 6.2 and the median is 4. When one looks at the arithmetic average of a sample, space , one must note that the average value can vary significantly from most values
  20. Or U+2423" ␣" are also available for use when a visible representation of a, space ,is necessary. Code 0x7F corresponds to the non-printable" Delete" ( DEL)
  21. Communications, verbal and non-verbal, variation in language across time and, space , the social uses of language, and the relationship between language and culture
  22. Graphic characters are numbered from 0x20 to 0x7E (32 to 126 decimal). The, space ,character is considered a non-printing graphic. The American Standard Code for
  23. To control characters that do not include carriage return, line feed or white, space ,as non-white space control characters. Except for the control characters that
  24. To ban US astronauts—who were all government employees—from public prayer in, space , It caused NASA to be skittish about the issue of religion throughout the rest
  25. Farm in 1945 without any introduction. However, the publisher had provided, space ,for a preface in the author's proof composited from the manuscript. For
  26. Control characters (now mostly obsolete) that affect how text and, space ,is processed; 94 are printable characters, and the space is considered an
  27. United States mission is considered the major accomplishment in the history of, space ,exploration. Launched from the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 in
  28. And diminution, which is change in quantity; # locomotion, which is change in, space ,; and # alteration, which is change in quality. The coming to be is a change
  29. With Moon rocks. Apollo 8,the second manned mission in the American Apollo, space ,program, was the first human space flight to leave Earth orbit; the first to be
  30. The optimal value (109.5°) in order to allow the different groups sufficient, space , This causes a tension in the molecule, known as strict hindrance, and can
  31. The median and arithmetic average are equal. For example, consider the sample, space , The average is 2.5,as is the median. However, when we consider a sample space
  32. And analyzing it. Many astronomers work entirely from astronomical survey or, space ,observatory data. Others work with radio telescopes like the Very Large Array
  33. That the average value can vary significantly from most values in the sample, space , There are applications of this phenomenon in fields such as economics. For
  34. Affect how text and space is processed; 94 are printable characters, and the, space ,is considered an invisible graphic. History The American Standard Code for
  35. In the comparatively smaller cabins of those space craft. The increased cabin, space ,in the Apollo Command Module afforded astronauts greater freedom of movement
  36. The space between words, as produced by the space -bar of a keyboard. Since the, space ,character is considered an invisible graphic (rather than a control character
  37. To the sleeping pill. Researchers now believe that he was suffering from, space ,adaptation syndrome, which affects about a third of astronauts during their
  38. The simultaneous missions became one of the first instances of Soviet/American, space ,cooperation as the USSR released Luna 15's flight plan to ensure it would not
  39. Demanding that their astronauts refrain from religious activities while in, space , As such, Aldrin chose to refrain from directly mentioning this. He had kept
  40. Space travelers, the terms are sometimes applied to anyone who travels into, space , including scientists, politicians,journalists, and tourists. Until 2002
  41. And geography are another example of studying human variation across, space , Polo's travels took him across such a diverse human landscape and his
  42. Apollo 11 were, in many ways, the climax of the Space Race that underlay the, space ,programs of both the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1960s. The
  43. The context is clear, is a method to derive the central tendency of a sample, space , The term" arithmetic mean" is preferred in mathematics and statistics
  44. The U. S. definition, as of June 20, 2011,529 people qualify as having reached, space , above altitude. Of eight X-15 pilots who exceeded in altitude, only one
  45. Of characters could be" rubbed out" and then replacements put into the empty, space , As video terminals began to replace printing ones, the value of the" rub out "
  46. Their own visible sake. They care for the schematic arrangements of bodies in, space , but only as parts in a larger whole. Apollo as a handsome beardless young man
  47. Such a dark surface is thought to be indicative of a primitive and heavily, space ,weathered surface containing some organic compounds. The overall albedo of the
  48. This time they gave a tour of the space craft, showing how an astronaut lived in, space , When they had finished broadcasting they found a small present from Duke
  49. In Whitehall, the stable at Knights bridge Barracks," and subsequently on the, space ,at the bottom of the steps leading from Waterloo Place to St. James Park ".
  50. Program, who described the flight as an" outstanding achievement of American, space ,sciences and technology ". It is estimated that a quarter of the people alive

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