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  1. Past do mean something after all. " In another letter he writes," In my, whole ,life I have never felt so Jewish as now. " Einstein and Szilard, along with
  2. Variable values that the treatment would generate in the population as a, whole , Random-effects models (Model 2) Random effects models are used when the
  3. Instead of Daily, many administrative, legal and political terms – and a, whole ,series of foods and vegetables such as: Rappel (potatoes) German Kartoffeln
  4. Early and influential anthropological conceptions of culture as" that complex, whole , which includes knowledge, belief,art, morals,law, custom,and any other
  5. Taken for granted anymore: neither art itself, nor art in relationship to the, whole , nor even the right of art to exist. " Relativism was accepted as an
  6. August Wilhelm von Hoffmann suggested systematizing nomenclature by using the, whole ,sequence of vowels a, e,i, o and u to create suffixes -ANE,-ENE,-INE (or
  7. The highest elevation in the city, which commands a magnificent view over the, whole ,city and also has a revolving restaurant at the top where the complete panorama
  8. And Crete during the 5th millennium BC and then to the Balkan region and the, whole ,of Europe. Later the use of bronze-working was transmitted through the
  9. In computer technology, computer animation increased the efficiency of the, whole ,production process. Anime is often considered a form of limited animation. That
  10. The General theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe as a, whole , He wanted the universe to be eternal and unchanging, but this type of universe
  11. For the schematic arrangements of bodies in space, but only as parts in a larger, whole , Apollo as a handsome beardless young man, is patently depicted with a Ithaca
  12. Income after taxes was $70,986 in Alberta (compared to $60,270 in Canada as a, whole ,). The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is the most urbanized region in the province
  13. And stick all stupid geese in a convent, and give men of noble character a, whole ,harem, and procure men, and indeed thorough men, for all girls of intellect and
  14. Of the spoken varieties are mutually unintelligible, and the varieties as a, whole ,constitute a sociolinguistic language. This means that on purely linguistic
  15. Liberia. The use of this term illustrates a past trend towards referring to the, whole ,continent of Africa by the name Ethiopia. The modern nation of Ethiopia, in
  16. Violence, or " propaganda by the deed ", which would inspire the workers as a, whole ,to revolt and forcibly collectivize the means of production. Collectivist
  17. The war effort. As Howell Cobb said," If slaves will make good soldiers our, whole ,theory of slavery is wrong. " Confederate generals Patrick Cliburn and Robert
  18. As they moved away from it. This marked the first time humans could view the, whole ,Earth at once. Lunar trajectory Jim Lovell's main job as Command Module Pilot
  19. Amendment. Lincoln declared that such an amendment would" clinch the, whole ,matter ". By December 1863 a proposed constitutional amendment that would
  20. Forward to ISO and IEC, through ANSI or the UNC, where they are adopted in, whole ,or in part as international standards. Standard panels The Institute
  21. Although perhaps I could name a country, which would be glad to eat up our, whole ,nation without it. " That Swift’s main target in A Modest Proposal was not the
  22. May appeal as of right from a trial court's dismissal of an indictment in, whole ,or in part or from a trial court's granting of a defendant's suppression
  23. And surmises that the secret to I lies in timing and the application of the, whole ,body's strength to a single point. Uniforms and ranking Aikido practitioners (
  24. Black Sea. In the 6th century BC the kingdom of Lydia almost expanded to the, whole ,of Asia Minor, until it became a satrapy of the Persian Empire. After the end
  25. Republics of the South Caucasus. About 67 percent of the species growing in the, whole ,Caucasus can be found in Azerbaijan. Politics The structural formation of
  26. To correct the defect, or it may nullify (" reverse" or" vacate" ) the, whole ,decision or any part of it. It may, in addition, send the case back (" remand
  27. Art allows the individual to express things toward the world as a, whole , Earth artists often create art in remote locations that will never be
  28. This way is a form of communication between the individual and the world as a, whole , # Ritualistic and symbolic functions. In many cultures, art is used in rituals
  29. Something that gives the imagination an incentive to spread its flight over a, whole ,host of kindred representations that provoke more thought than admits of
  30. Stone base for a statue, with an inscription describing Julian as" Lord of the, whole ,world from the British Ocean to the barbarian nations ", can still be seen
  31. S orders. Some relatives might be Loyalists, creating internal strains. On the, whole , historians conclude the Revolution's effect on patriarchy and inheritance
  32. Account of causes in terms of fundamental principles or general laws, as the, whole ,(i.e., macrostructure ) is the cause of its parts, a relationship known as
  33. Quite unprecedented, both in Kurosawa’s own work and in the samurai genre as a, whole , " With The Hidden Fortress, Kurosawa began to utilize the widescreen (
  34. Is, that anything is determined by the definition, form,pattern, essence, whole , synthesis or archetype. It embraces the account of causes in terms of
  35. The first humans to travel beyond low Earth orbit, the first to see Earth as a, whole ,planet, and then the first to directly see the far side of the Moon. The 1968
  36. Early archaic period to the representation of motion in a relative harmonious, whole ,in late archaic period. In classical Greece the emphasis is not given to the
  37. Are voted on by special committees, rather than by the Academy membership as a, whole , but the individual selected to receive the special award may decline the offer
  38. Be Kurosawa's second film of 1950,Fashion, that would ultimately win him a, whole ,new audience. International recognition (1950–1958) After finishing Scandal
  39. Full knowledge of human anatomy and used to create a harmonious, proportionate, whole , Ranking from the very few bronzes survived to us is the masterpiece bronze
  40. The general theory of relativity to model the structure of the universe as a, whole , He was visiting the United States when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933,and
  41. Handles gesture expression, body coordination, and emotion expression. Her, whole ,body is made of highly advanced synthetic jelly silicon and with 60 artificial
  42. Reduced the system to a completely mechanical form, and have thus embodied the, whole ,of the indirect process of inference in what may be called a Logical Machine "
  43. Pacific Ocean. The International Date Line was drawn west of 180° to keep the, whole ,state, and thus the entire North American continent, within the same legal day.
  44. Name of a subcomponent part as an abbreviation, or jargon, for the name of the, whole ,object (for example" wheels" to refer to a car, or " flowers" to refer to
  45. Weight of the walls. Adobe bricks are laid by course. Each course is laid the, whole ,length of the wall, overlapping at the corners on a layer of adobe mortar.
  46. In importance to the family which in turn is prior to the individual," for the, whole ,must of necessity be prior to the part ". He also famously stated that" man is
  47. And object is ambiguous, as is the relation of mind and body, and part and, whole , In Heidegger's phenomenology, Dasein is always in a meaningful world, but
  48. Border states, and that" to lose Kentucky is nearly the same as to lose the, whole ,game. " At first, Lincoln reversed attempts at
  49. Local decisions are made at borough level, and only affairs pertaining to the, whole ,city, such as major infrastructure projects, are handled by the central city
  50. The ideal forms, but to the analogies and the interaction of the members in the, whole , a method created by Polykleitos. Finally, Praxiteles seems to be released from

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