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  1. Sometimes favored by young people due to their flavor. However, passage of a, bill ,by the state assembly alone does not change the law and the state senate and
  2. The Arbitration Fairness Act (S. 1782,H. R. 3010) in the U. S. Congress. The, bill ,would prohibit mandatory pre-dispute binding arbitration in consumer
  3. Of Miller's verse drama A View from the Bridge opened on Broadway in a joint, bill ,with one of Miller's lesser-known plays, A Memory of Two Mondays. The
  4. President Bush stated in an interview that if Congress could pass a“ good, bill ,” out of the Senate in regard to setting up a military commission system, then
  5. Rates to recognize the most profitable places of issuance and settlement for a, bill ,of exchange (" ". ) ACF Florentina, who initiated the merger of two older
  6. United States was as a factory worker in a bobbin factory. Later on he became a, bill ,logger for the owner of the company. Soon after he became a messenger boy.
  7. Took affront at the Black Codes. Trumbull proposed the first Civil Rights, bill , Although strongly urged by moderates in Congress to sign the Civil Rights bill
  8. To capture fugitive slaves, and a popular vote on the matter. He abandoned the, bill ,when it failed to garner sufficient Whig supporters. Lincoln also spoke out
  9. 1792 – U. S. President George Washington exercises his authority to veto a, bill , the first time this power is used in the United States. *1804 – High Fossil
  10. Memorials * Jackson's portrait appears on the United States twenty-dollar, bill , He has appeared on $5,$10,$50,and $10,000 bill s in the past, as well as a
  11. Discourage" alcopops" California's state assembly recently passed AB 346,a, bill ,which requires manufacturers of" alcopops" to carry a 'warning' label
  12. Of restaurants fundraise for the Love Food Give Food appeal by adding £1 to the, bill ,or adding 50p to a designated dish. Other restaurants, such as Carpaccio’s
  13. In collaboration with abolitionist Congressman Joshua R. Giddings, wrote a, bill ,to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia with compensation for the owners
  14. A copyright advocacy group Air travel * Airline Deregulation Act, a 1978 US, bill ,removing governmental control from commercial aviation Computing * Ada (
  15. Former Confederates. In 1881,the Arkansas state legislature enacted a, bill ,that adopted an official pronunciation of the state's name, to combat a
  16. Speakers. Divergence Words and phrases with different meanings Words such as, bill ,(AME" paper money," BRE and AME" invoice" ) and biscuit (AME: BrE's "
  17. Legislation on occasions when the Coalition decided to oppose a government, bill , Their power was weakened in 1996 after the Howard Government was elected, and
  18. A 'warning' label stating" ATTENTION: THIS DRINK CONTAINS ALCOHOL. " This, bill ,was praised by groups advocating against alcohol use by minors and younger
  19. Republicans, protectionist Democrats and supporters of Ross Perot. The, bill ,passed the house with 234 votes against 200 opposed (132 Republicans and 102
  20. Fall of 1867. On November 21, 1867,the House Judiciary Committee produced a, bill ,of impeachment that consisted of a vast collection of complaints against him.
  21. Not change the law and the state senate and governor had not yet endorsed the, bill , Such a tax was in effect for some period of time, raising at least $AU 290
  22. Candidacy of Barack Obama is credited with increasing black turnout on the, bill ,which has been seen as the crucial difference in its passing. Blacks also hold
  23. Lawyers Association, and American Association for Justice. Opposition to the, bill ,is led by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Legal Reform. Among
  24. Bill. Although strongly urged by moderates in Congress to sign the Civil Rights, bill , Johnson broke decisively with them by vetoing it on March 27. His veto message
  25. To persons convicted before the law was passed. The ACLU initially opposed the, bill ,in its entirety, considering it" misguided political posturing that would do
  26. Representatives and the Senate, Johnson advocated" a free farm for the poor ", bill ,that would give land to farmers. Johnson was a U. S. representative for five
  27. Of alcohol in liquor stores is prohibited state-wide on Sundays. As of 2011,a, bill ,has been proposed in the state legislature to end the prohibition on Sunday
  28. A district system superseded the ward system in 1954). The mayor may veto a, bill ,passed by the council, but the council can override the veto with a two-thirds
  29. Passed their own plan, the Wade-Davis Bill, in 1864. When Lincoln vetoed the, bill , the Radicals retaliated by refusing to seat representatives elected from
  30. Of freedmen. He signed into law Sen. Charles Sumner's Freedman's Bureau, bill ,that set up a temporary federal agency designed to meet the immediate material
  31. During the events of Hickory Hickory Dock and the fishtailing of an electricity, bill , although in her defense she was worried about strange events surrounding her
  32. Arbitration Act, at least as applied to consumer and employment disputes. The, bill ,is supported by the groups such as Public Citizen, Center for Responsible
  33. Introduced to the House of Commons at Westminster, in 2011,a private member's, bill , which proposed that the Act of Settlement be amended to remove the provisions
  34. Laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center),the astronauts were given a clean, bill ,of health. On August 13, 1969,the astronauts exited quarantine to the cheers
  35. To 'new' cities like Altar and Purmerend, prompted by the third phonological, bill ,of the Dutch government. This bill promoted suburbanization and arranged for
  36. Prompted by the third phonological bill of the Dutch government. This, bill ,promoted suburbanization and arranged for new developments in so called "
  37. On $5,$10,$50,and $10,000 bill s in the past, as well as a Confederate $1,000, bill , * Jackson's image is on the Black Jack and many other postage stamps. These
  38. S Field, Manchester,England. *1841 – U. S. President John Tyler vetoes a, bill ,which called for the re-establishment of the Second Bank of the United States.
  39. Phone had been cloned—at least until that subscriber received his or her next, bill , The problem became so large that some carriers required the use of a PIN
  40. In late May 2007,President Bush signed into law a supplemental spending, bill ,for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that included an earmark of $3 million
  41. Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award in the United States. The, bill ,was sponsored by Florida Sen. Bill Nelson and Florida Rep. Alan Grayson. Video
  42. 1. *1976 – The United States Treasury Department reintroduced the two-dollar, bill ,as a Federal Reserve Note on Thomas Jefferson's 233rd birthday as part of the
  43. A new state on October 24, 1861. A voter turnout of 34 % approved the statehood, bill ,(96 % approving). Name" A State of Convenience, The Creation of West
  44. War: The Battle at Lee's Mills in Virginia. * 1862 – American Civil War: A, bill ,ending slavery in the District of Columbia becomes law. *1863 – American Civil
  45. Within Congress's power to free the slaves within the states, he approved the, bill ,in deference to the legislature. He felt such action could only be taken by the
  46. Amendment to make the" Qur'an and Sunnah" the" supreme law" but the, bill ,is defeated in the Senate. *2003 – An electricity blackout cuts off power to
  47. President of the United States. Washington's portrait on the U. S. one-dollar, bill ,is said to actually be Weishaupt's. Another version of Adam Washout appears
  48. And the Center for Democracy and Technology in criticizing a bipartisan, bill ,in the House of Representatives in 2000. As early as 1997 the ACLU had taken a
  49. Of James Scott,1st Duke of Monmouth, was very great. To prevent this, bill ,from passing into law, Charles had dissolved parliament in July 1679,and in
  50. Their constitutional right to access the courts and have a jury trial. The, bill ,would overturn the strong presumption in favor of arbitrarily that has been

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