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  1. Archaeological, ethnographic,and sculptural) Caring for cultural, heritage ,Preventive conservation Many cultural works are sensitive to environmental
  2. An intensifying antisemitism in France, mainly among Muslims of Arab or African, heritage , but also growing among Caribbean islanders from former French colonies. Former
  3. Bald Eagles in the world. The Alaska Native Heritage Center celebrates the rich, heritage ,of Alaska's 11 cultural groups. Their purpose is to enhance self-esteem among
  4. The built heritage , this society continues to be active today. The built, heritage ,was also at the forefront of the growth of member based organizations in the
  5. Such as Top Speed Endurance. This effort was in-line with the company's, heritage ,from the 1930s racing era Silver Arrows. Through the early 1990s,Audi began to
  6. Of the Forks has been held annually since 1967 to celebrate Albion's ethnic, heritage , The presence of several major manufacturers since the 19th century has given
  7. Involves the examination, conservation,and preservation of cultural, heritage ,using" any methods that prove effective in keeping that property in as close
  8. Between words such as cot and caught which reflects a historical Mid-Atlantic, heritage , The South Midland or Highland Southern dialect follows the Ohio River in a
  9. Of anarcho-capitalism. " Bound asks," How can one from this historical, heritage ,claim to be both anarchist and advocate of the exploitative system of
  10. Include the Hebrew alphabet with ST's ROM character set because of his Jewish, heritage , On the plus side, the ST was less expensive than most machines, including the
  11. Is a secular and a unitary republic with an ancient and historic cultural, heritage , Azerbaijan is one of the six independent Turkic states as well as the active
  12. Events, Edmonton prides itself as being the" Festival City ". The city's ", heritage ,days" festival sees the participation of over 70 ethnic groups. Edmonton's
  13. In the Great Depression as a series that would connect Americans to their, heritage ,through the history of the great rivers of the nation. Skinner wanted the
  14. Of the right of ethnic minorities to 'roots' or to any expression of cultural, heritage , " These alternative local hip hop cultures include Oriental hip hop, the
  15. And professional organizations Societies devoted to the care of cultural, heritage ,have been in existence around the world for many years. One early example is
  16. Its foundation in the With century. In this urban culture, the Portuguese, heritage ,has become more and more dominant. An African influence is evident in music and
  17. Rodeo are the cultural artisans that reside and create unique Alberta western, heritage ,crafts. The Ban ff Center hosts a range of festivals and other events including
  18. Dispute between This has generally centered on the interpretation of" Nordic, heritage ," as either something cultural, or as something genetic or racial ("
  19. And hot rainy season (November to April). Economy Angola has a rich subsoil, heritage , from diamonds, oil,gold, copper,as well as a rich wildlife (dramatically
  20. Then to keep their European identity in geography as well as other cultural, heritage , Tatishchev announced that he had proposed the idea to on Strahlenberg. The
  21. Exist to" support the conservation professionals who preserve our cultural, heritage ,". This involves upholding professional standards, promoting research and
  22. As well as a Reformed church. With respect to sacramental theology the Catholic, heritage ,is perhaps most strongly asserted in the importance Anglicanism places on the
  23. Besides beer and wine, Argentines frequently drink cider (here again,the, heritage ,comes from Spain and Italy, more precisely from Asturias and Campania). Cider
  24. Moray to the west. History Aberdeen shire has a rich prehistoric and historic, heritage , It is the locus of many Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological
  25. Texas, is a large collection of Art Deco structures. Much of the Art Deco, heritage ,of Tulsa, Oklahoma remains from that city's oil boom days. Houston, Texas has
  26. 1967 as a national arts organization to preserve the legacy of America’s film, heritage , educate the next generation of filmmakers and honor the artists and their work
  27. In their rap allows them to make claims to authenticity and true German, heritage , bolstering pro-immigration sentiment, their style can also be problematic for
  28. Films are primarily featured at cinemas owned by Path. Tuschinski is a, heritage ,art deco building with a beautiful lobby and six screens. Theater One is an
  29. Opened its offices in 1993 charged with the responsibility of preserving the, heritage ,of the island, including its cultural heritage . The Trust has programs
  30. In Brooklyn, New York. Born of African American descent, with Native American, heritage ,from her grandmother, she was the second and younger child of Diane and Michael
  31. Loaded and executed separately-assembled code modules. Trivia * Despite its, heritage , Apple soft lacked commands common to most other Microsoft BASIC interpreters
  32. From the Catholic Romans. It also connected Albion and his people to the Gothic, heritage , and in this way obtain the support of the Ostrogoths serving in the Byzantine
  33. GMOs pose a threat to the sustainability of land races and the ethnic, heritage ,of cultures. Once seed contains transgenic material, it becomes subject to the
  34. Of his Julian and Claudia lineage. Agrippina deprived Britannic us of his, heritage ,and further isolated him from his biological father and succession for the
  35. Respectively). However, the majority of Arabized Berber claims an Arab, heritage , which is a consequence of the Arab nationalism of the early 20th century. The
  36. To as conservation, is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural, heritage ,for the future. Conservation activities include examination, documentation
  37. American slaves and other American blacks who lived through the slavery-era a, heritage ,and a cultural base. Other federal offices, such as the United States Census
  38. From Norfolk, England,in 1637. However, Lincoln only knew of his, heritage ,to his paternal grandfather and namesake, Abraham Lincoln, a militia captain
  39. Lesser nobles. His inability to resist the demands of his nobles was to leave a, heritage ,of disunity in Aragon and further dissent amongst the nobility, who
  40. Cultures include Oriental hip hop, the members of which cling to their Turkish, heritage ,and are confused by Advanced Chemistry's elicitation of a German identity
  41. Toward, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish, heritage , According to a 2005 U. S. governmental report, antisemitism is" hatred toward
  42. West of Edmonton on Yellow head Highway. Five of Canada's fourteen UNESCO World, heritage ,sites are located within the province: Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
  43. Conservators, allied professionals, and the public. International cultural, heritage ,documents External lists of international cultural heritage
  44. Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings in Britain to protect the built, heritage , this society continues to be active today. The built heritage was also at the
  45. Line of prominent Florentine painters, of generally undiluted Tuscan artistic, heritage ,: Andrea del Sarto worked with Frey Bartolomeo (as well as Leonardo da Vinci)
  46. Two airlines, one of them Junkers Luftverkehr. Left Hans, due to the Junkers, heritage ,and unlike most other airlines at the time, became a major investor in airlines
  47. Documentation of archaeological resources related to Achill's rich maritime, heritage , Maritime archaeologists recorded 19th century fishing station, ice house, and
  48. Responsibility of preserving the heritage of the island, including its cultural, heritage , The Trust has programs encouraging Anguilla writers and the preservation
  49. And often known as the father of the Archaeological Survey of India, unveiled, heritage , sites like the Bharat Stu pa, Sarnath, Sanchi, and the Maharishi Temple; thus
  50. To punk music and rap music. It's an attitude,it's an awareness of one's, heritage , and it's a community. It's subcorporate music that gives voice to different

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