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  1. It could also be that he became more active in the church under his wife's, guidance , He was also active as deacon and elder of the Reformed Church, and a member of
  2. Hybrids of Eastern origin. As god of colonization, Apollo gave oracular, guidance ,on colonies, especially during the height of colonization,750–550 BCE.
  3. The Apostles a" blank check" to lead the Church as they saw fit under the, guidance ,of the Holy Spirit. They appeal as well to other documents of the early Church
  4. Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas,computer engineer Jack German told, guidance ,officer Steve Bales it was safe to continue the descent and this was relayed to
  5. The Thracians. A second attempt took place in 437 BC on the same site under the, guidance ,of Magnon, son of Nicolas. The new settlement took the name of Amphiboles (
  6. By the Command Module included reaction control engines, a docking tunnel, guidance ,and navigation systems and the Apollo Guidance Computer. Attached to the
  7. According to the Torah. The Qur'an mentions the holy scripture as a light and, guidance ,for those who would accept the Message. God says in the Qur'an: When Moses led
  8. Commanders Leroy Chico and Kennedy Padilla) perform ultrasound scans under the, guidance ,of remote experts to diagnose and potentially treat hundreds of medical
  9. Camphill, outside the Port San Pancreatic in Rome, he may have had professional, guidance ,on the design of the casino from the architect/engineer Geronimo Rinaldi and
  10. Into the descent burn, and above the surface of the Moon, the LM navigation and, guidance ,computer distracted the crew with the first of several unexpected" 1202" and
  11. Health of AKIN, and manages ARIN's operations in a manner consistent with the, guidance ,received from the Advisory Council and the goals set by the registry's members
  12. Of the club's domination of English football in the 1930s. Under his, guidance ,Arsenal won their first major trophies – victory in the 1930 FA Cup Final
  13. Day in 1773 focused on the necessity to express one's gratefulness for God's, guidance , that God is involved in the daily lives of Christians though they may not be
  14. For instance, Ramsey Campbell has acknowledged Derleth's encouragement and, guidance ,during the early part of his own writing career, and Kirby McCauley has cited
  15. In the market. Development work on the Apple III started in late 1978 under the, guidance ,of Dr. Wendell Sander. It had the internal code name of" Sara ", named after
  16. Guided Sparrow missiles, it is a fire-and-forget missile with active, guidance , It is also commonly known as the Slammer in USAF service. When an AMRAAM
  17. Into solar orbit. However, a small error in the state vector in the Saturn's, guidance ,system caused the S-IVB to fly past the Moon at too high an altitude to achieve
  18. PAC-2 deployed during the war, including a totally new missile. The improved, guidance , radar and missile performance improves the probability of kill over the
  19. With the MICA concept that used the same airframe for separate radar and IR, guidance ,versions. Operational features summary AMRAAM has an all-weather
  20. Signals from the launch platform's radar. The receiver also senses the, guidance ,radar to enable comparisons that enhance the missile's resistance to passive
  21. Park. He also introduced the Tunny team to Tommy Flowers who, under the, guidance ,of Max Newman, went on to build the Colossus computer, the world's first
  22. These strongly suggest that he at least did not look to the Vedic tradition for, guidance , Furthermore, there are many edicts expressed to Buddhists alone; in one
  23. He should send one of his noble sons to the capital for spiritual and Islamic, guidance ,to Aurangzeb. The shaykh sent his son, Khwaja Saiph ad-Din Hindi (5th son)
  24. Of the accident. *There was no practical way to get electrical power for the, guidance ,computer or oxygen needed to execute a burn with the engine. *It was feared the
  25. To the crew. The program alarms indicated" executive overflows ", meaning the, guidance ,computer could not complete all of its tasks in real time and had to postpone
  26. Modern artillery units employ surface-to-surface missiles. Advances in terminal, guidance ,systems for small munitions has allowed large-caliber guided projectiles to be
  27. Is rifled, but the projectile also has deployable fins for stabilization, guidance ,or gliding. Propellant All forms of artillery require a propellant to propel
  28. As the Taliban's Quetta SEURA and the Hawaii network with alleged support and, guidance ,from Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy network are
  29. To produce of thrust; and * An Instrument Unit which contained the rocket's, guidance ,system. The Saturn IB was capable of putting a partially-fueled Command/Service
  30. Joe Shaw and George Allison to carry on his successful work. Under their, guidance , Arsenal won three more titles, in 1933–34, 1934–35 and 1937–38,and the 1936
  31. The weather and visibility. Most aviation authorities now publish rules and, guidance ,on minimum display heights and criteria for differing conditions. In addition
  32. 5:105): O you who believe! Guard your own souls; if you follow (right), guidance , no hurt can come to you from those who stray, but you misinterpret it and do
  33. That enhance the missile's resistance to passive jamming. Principle of, guidance ,(semi-active version) The launching aircraft will illuminate the target with
  34. Multiple launch radar-guided missile: one which used its own active, guidance ,system to guide itself without help from the launch aircraft when it closed on
  35. Artillery" has traditionally not been used for projectiles with internal, guidance ,systems, preferring the term" missilery ", though some modern artillery units
  36. Advises him to turn the tables on his shadow. In following his master's wise, guidance , the roles of GED and his enemy become reversed, and the shadow becomes the
  37. Or of advancing their welfare by pecuniary help and personal advice and, guidance , The distinction of a Knight Commander of the Indian Empire was conferred upon
  38. Where it would be captured by the Moon's gravity. * An instrument unit with a, guidance ,system similar to that used on the Saturn IB. Three Saturn V vehicles launched
  39. Continued with the landing attempt without the radar, using the LM inertial, guidance ,system and visual cues. But a post-flight review of the descent data showed the
  40. And steers the entire missile toward closure with the target. The missile, guidance ,also samples a portion of the illuminating signal via rearward pointing
  41. Surface-to-air and one air-to-air. Design The Sparrow has four major sections:, guidance ,section, warhead,control, and rocket motor (currently the Hercules MK-58
  42. Thus can have long range effects. Cells called guidepost cells assist in the, guidance ,of neuronal axon growth. These cells are typically other, sometimes immature
  43. Known as Seat (Instructions) was developed to communicate teachings and, guidance ,from famous nobles; the Power papyrus, a poem of lamentations describing
  44. This included developing several advanced infrared detectors for terminal, guidance , a number of missile airframe designs, a new and much more powerful solid
  45. As" fire-and-forget ", frees the aircrew from the need to further provide, guidance , enabling the aircrew to aim and fire several missiles simultaneously at
  46. The various aviation authorities around the world have created set rules and, guidance ,for those running and participating in air displays. Air displays are often
  47. Contaminations present in herbal substances should be monitored, although the, guidance ,does not request for the evidences of these traits. However, for the herbal
  48. They are powerless over alcohol and need help from a" higher power "; seek, guidance ,and strength through prayer and meditation from a god (or Higher Power) of
  49. In neurology in 1919 and in 1924 became professor of neurology. Under Jakob's, guidance ,the department grew rapidly. He made notable contributions to knowledge on
  50. Historians are not in full agreement whether this took place under his, guidance ,and if this constituted anything more than raiding. According to Her wig Wolfram

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