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  1. The additional memory to be used as if it actually were ROM. Users could thus, load ,Integer BASIC into the language card from disk and switch between the Integer
  2. Employed to ensure the paint films are durable. Oil paint has a higher pigment, load ,than acrylic paint. As linseed oil has a smaller molecule than does acrylic
  3. Line with each other, on the same rode. With the foremost anchor reducing the, load ,on the aft-most, this technique can develop great holding power and may be
  4. Used: one for arithmetical operations, one for numerical constants, and one for, load ,and store operations, transferring numbers from the store to the arithmetical
  5. Armies made artillery responsible for all forward ammunition supply because the, load ,of small arms ammunition was trivial compared to artillery. Different armies
  6. Will be a half to a whole foot-length from the other foot, on the ground. To, load , the bow is pointed toward the ground, tipped slightly clockwise of vertical (
  7. Congress," that a wagon load of money will scarcely purchase a wagon, load ,of provisions. " Mr. Jay and the Congress responded in May by requesting $45
  8. Of the ski-jump is the penalty it exacts on aircraft size, pay load ,and fuel, load ,(and thus range): large, slow planes such as the E-2 Hawkeye and heavily
  9. The first is taken up until the vessel is lying between the two anchors and the, load ,is taken equally on each cable. This moor also to some degree limits the range
  10. Storage by leaving non-graphical data in the disabled area. Other games would, load ,non-graphical data into the display, leaving it visible as regions of
  11. Typically only one, two or four missiles were flown off the carrier, as a full, load ,was too heavy to be brought back on board for landing. Although highly lauded
  12. Released on ROM were packaged as 'serial ROMs ', from which the micro would, load ,programs into main memory in exactly the same way as if it were load ing from
  13. About twice the weight of Sparrows, so it was more common to carry a mixed, load ,of 4 Phoenix,2 Sparrow and 2 Sidewinder missiles. Before the introduction of
  14. BBC BASIC along with its operating system. The Electron was able to save and, load ,programs onto audio cassette via a supplied converter cable that connected it
  15. Assistance, although the Su-33 does launch with a light fuel and weapons, load ,from a ski jump. Another disadvantage is on mixed flight deck operations where
  16. A bridge that will be tested to destruction by the progressive addition of, load ,at the center of the span. The bridge taking the greatest load is by this test
  17. Was 33 percent. Tuesdays were the least-traveled day of the week, with the same, load ,factor seen on Tuesdays in the previous three months for Flight 77. Arriving at
  18. Is somewhat less. The fuel time limit for powered aircraft is fixed by the fuel, load ,and rate of consumption. For unpowered aircraft, the maximum flight time is
  19. Of the aircraft was 188 passengers, but with 58 passengers on September 11,the, load ,factor was 33 percent. Tuesdays were the least-traveled day of the week, with
  20. Electrical power grid in hot weather, when most units are operating under heavy, load , In the aftermath of the 2003 North America blackout locals were asked to keep
  21. Adobe mortar. Adobe walls usually never rise above two stories because they are, load ,bearing and have low structural strength. When placing window and door openings
  22. Shot, fire-and-forget radar missile targets for beyond visual range. A full, load ,of six Phoenix missiles weighed, and with the additional of dedicated launcher
  23. With the sanitary sewer system. In the event of heavy precipitation,the, load ,on the sewage treatment plant at the end of the pipe becomes too great to
  24. An example would be the dependence of Young's modulus on the direction of, load , Anisotropy in poly crystalline materials can also be due to certain texture
  25. Influencing the price include the days remaining until departure, the booked, load ,factor, the forecast of total demand by price point, competitive pricing in
  26. And a layering of a metal fencing or wiring over the framework to allow an even, load ,as masses of adobe are spread across the metal fencing like cob and allowed to
  27. Lines. This results in improved overall AGP data throughput. In addition, to, load , a texture, a PCI graphics card must copy it from the system's RAM into the
  28. The heads can be fitted with un load ers which remove a portion of the, load ,from the compressor so that it can run better when full cooling is not needed.
  29. Aircraft Classification Number, an ICAO standard number indicating the pavement, load ,imposed by an aircraft * Anglican Communion Network, a missionary organization
  30. Was supplied chiefly by thermal power stations. To facilitate buffering during, load ,peaks, accumulators were installed during the 1980s at some of these power
  31. Disregard tone entirely, especially when it does not carry a heavy functional, load , as in Somali and many other languages of Africa and the Americas. Such scripts
  32. Who was serving as the president of the Continental Congress," that a wagon, load ,of money will scarcely purchase a wagon load of provisions. " Mr. Jay and the
  33. Multiply" a ". If foo is called with the parameter a-c, the macro expansion of, load ,a-c*b occurs. To avoid any possible ambiguity, users of macro processors can
  34. Aircraft when it closed on its target. This gave a Tomcat with a six Phoenix, load ,the unprecedented capability of tracking and destroying up to six targets as
  35. A simple name when the macro writer expected a name. In the macro: foo: macro a, load ,a intention was that the caller would provide the name of a variable, and
  36. Of dedicated launcher, it was so heavy it exceeded a typical Vietnam-era bomb, load ,; typically only one, two or four missiles were flown off the carrier, as a full
  37. On the diagram. Efficiency A bridge's structural efficiency is the ratio of, load ,carried to bridge mass, given a specific set of material types. In one common
  38. Attached to special aerodynamic pallets, plus 2 under glove stations. A full, load ,of 6 Phoenix missiles and the unique launch rails weigh in at over, about twice
  39. For dealing with files or disks, other than a feature to save programs to, and, load , programs from, audiotape. The Apple II disk operating system, known simply as
  40. The freezing point of water (0 °C; 32 °F). Cylinder un load ers are a method of, load ,control used mainly in commercial air conditioning systems. On a semi-hermetic
  41. To the current may break out the anchors as they are not aligned for this, load , Backing an anchor Also known as Tandem anchoring, in this technique two
  42. Unstable (i.e. the crack propagates along the entire specimen once a critical, load ,is attained) and a modified version of this test characterized by a non
  43. Carry little or no ammunition. Armored SPS usually carry a useful ammunition, load , Early armored SPS were mostly a 'case mate' configuration, in essence an open
  44. Multimedia software, with full structured code and many high-level functions to, load ,images, animations,sounds and display them in various ways. The original AMOS
  45. Own paints to increase the longevity of the artwork and achieve desired pigment, load , viscosity, and to control the use of fillers, if any. While suitable media and
  46. S input impedance will often be much higher than the source impedance, and the, load ,impedance higher than the amplifier's output impedance). * Example: an audio
  47. After running the PC-Ditto software, you had to insert a DOS boot disk to, load ,the system. Both allowed you to run DOS programs in CGA mode, though much more
  48. Games were originally meant to be load ed from tape, but were later changed to, load ,from ROM. The game data still needed to be copied from ROM to RAM before it
  49. Means the maximum range an aircraft can fly. This usually means maximum fuel, load , optionally with extra fuel tanks and minimum equipment. It refers to transport
  50. A retaining wall which curves over to support the road, and transmits the, load ,onto sloping columns. Image: Park_Quell_Tile. JPG | Another of Gaudí's Tiled

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