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  1. Fruits, grapes,opium poppies, sugar beets, roses,and tobacco. There also is, extensive ,grazing throughout the plateau. Central Anatolia receives little annual
  2. Beginning of 2009,Azerbaijani media published allegations that Russia had made, extensive ,weapons transfers to Armenia throughout 2008 costing about $800 million. On
  3. jurisdiction's requirements, the spectrum of the architect's services may be, extensive ,(detailed document preparation and construction review) or less inclusive (
  4. Building (with a café for 3,000 sitting people integrated) surrounded by, extensive ,landscape (with parking mainly underground and the rest centralized in a
  5. Languages and identity increased in significance, particularly after the, extensive ,Kabyle protests of 2001 and the near-total boycott of local elections in
  6. Civilian Gates (Rule Pass),northwest of Adana. Toward the east,the, extensive ,plains around Adana,Turkey's fourth-largest city, consist largely of
  7. And Fraser derived most of the material for their comparative studies through, extensive ,reading, not fieldwork, mainly the Classics (literature and history of Greece
  8. United States aid to the Azerbaijani government. Despite this law there is, extensive ,U. S. military cooperation with Azerbaijan. This has included Special Forces
  9. Made himself widely available to historians and other enquirers. He did an, extensive , in-depth interview for the June 1971 issue of Playboy magazine, in which he
  10. Markers of neuronal degeneration. The availability of mouse models has led to, extensive ,research into the causes of SOD1-mutant linked familial ALS. The most commonly
  11. With a product that they could, and did, market internationally—though with, extensive ,edits. Over time—and with the theatrical and home video releases of the uncut
  12. Is located approximately south of Edmonton and north of Montana, surrounded by, extensive ,ranching country. Almost 75 % of the province's population lives in the
  13. Potassium salts such as carnal lite, langbeinite, polyhalite, and Sylvie form, extensive ,deposits in ancient lake and seabeds, making extraction of potassium salts in
  14. Place, problem or phenomenon in detail, using a variety of methods, over a more, extensive ,period than normal in many parts of academia. In the 1990s and 2000s,calls for
  15. Form of transportation in and out of the state. Anchorage recently completed, extensive ,remodeling and construction at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to
  16. Humans. Excessive application of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has caused, extensive ,groundwater pollution and has been linked by Azerbaijani scientists to birth
  17. Bob Beer introduced features such as the escape sequence. Because of his, extensive ,work on ASCII, Bemer has been called" the father of ASCII. " On March 11, 1968
  18. Are spreading of the abscess material to adjacent or remote tissues and, extensive ,regional tissue death (gangrene). Abscesses in most parts of the body rarely
  19. Due to its low budget. Shooting of Fashion began on July 7,1950, and, after, extensive , location work in the primeval forest of NARA, wrapped on August 17. Just one
  20. Civil War that plagued Angola from independence in 1975 until 2002. Despite, extensive ,oil and gas resources, diamonds,hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural
  21. By Vincent Minnelli, featured many tunes of Gershwin, and concluded with an, extensive , elaborate dance sequence built around the American in Paris symphonic poem
  22. Of the Indian subcontinent. Like modern anthropologists, he engaged in, extensive ,participant observation with a given group of people, learnt their language and
  23. Economic calculation is impossible. The Austrian economist Böhm-Bawerk wrote, extensive ,critiques of Marx in the 1880s and 1890s,as was part of the Austrian
  24. All three systems are commonly called alphabets. ) Aquinas include the, extensive ,Brahmin family of scripts of South and Southeast Asia. The term abused was
  25. Boundary to the east; the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the north; and the, extensive ,flatlands at the country's center. About the size of Portugal or the state of
  26. An elaborate vision of the Afterlife. It is revealed as the scene of an, extensive ,missionary effort by righteous spirits to redeem those still in darkness - a
  27. The Americans who literally knocked down trees in his path, and by his army's, extensive ,baggage train. A detachment sent out to seize supplies was decisively defeated
  28. Coasts. Use in heavy metal music Accordionists in heavy metal make their most, extensive ,appearances in the folk metal sub-genre, and are otherwise generally rare.
  29. To the other houses of the Clinic order, which became the largest and most, extensive ,network of monasteries in Europe. The celebration was soon adopted in several
  30. Professional,well-trained, and mobile military. Azerbaijan has been undergoing, extensive ,modernization and capacity expanding programs, with the military budget
  31. Tobacco, and several other plants were also developed in the Americas, as was, extensive ,terracing of steep hillsides in much of Andean South America. The Greeks and
  32. Imports almost all its food. Because of severe wartime conditions, including, extensive , planting of landmines throughout the countryside, agricultural activities have
  33. In addition to the actual script, Kurosawa at this stage often produced, extensive , fantastically detailed notes to elaborate his vision. For example, for Seven
  34. As CCA or Tonality) was invented, and for decades this treatment was the most, extensive ,industrial use of arsenic. An increased appreciation of the toxicity of arsenic
  35. 1970s,shortly before Poirot’s death. A competent, matter-of-fact man with an, extensive ,knowledge of the English aristocracy and absolutely no imagination, Georges
  36. Legally in accordance with their own canons and constitutions and after, extensive ,consultation with the provinces of the Communion. The Primates' Meeting voted
  37. The annotation" to be won over" by his name, which likely saved him from the, extensive ,purges that followed the scheme's failure. By February 1945,Speer, who had
  38. However,Kurosawa's cinematic technique changed drastically, through his, extensive ,use in that film of long lens and multiple cameras. The director claimed that
  39. Lady Lovelace spent most of a year doing this. These notes, which are more, extensive ,than Menabrea's paper, were then published in The Ladies' Diary and Taylor's
  40. Have used the term" traditional" to describe CEL animation which makes, extensive ,use of computer technology. Examples of traditionally animated feature films
  41. The Texas Army, the United States Army, and the Confederate States Army. He saw, extensive ,combat during his military career, fighting actions in the Texas War of
  42. Can vary from artist to artist or from studio to studio. Some titles make, extensive ,use of common utilization: LCL, for example, has a reputation for wild
  43. Vedanta Beginning in 1939 and continuing until his death in 1963,Huxley had an, extensive ,association with the Vedanta Society of Southern California, founded and headed
  44. Expeditions to obtain natural resources found there. There were, extensive ,gold mines in Nubia, and one of the first maps known is of a gold mine in this
  45. Understood in the context of the broad history of Pen computing, which is quite, extensive , A vital feature of the Newton handwriting recognition system is the modeless
  46. Analysis has the disadvantage that its exposition involves tedious algebra and, extensive ,time. Since the randomization-based analysis is complicated and is closely
  47. Full story behind the collapse of the Twentieth Century Motor Company (Rand's, extensive ,metaphor for the inherent flaws of communism),as well as a hint of John Salt
  48. Includes elements of mystery and science fiction, and it contains Rand's most, extensive ,statement of Objectives in any of her works of fiction, a lengthy monologue
  49. And Ireland; but which nevertheless, over the following ten years, engaged in, extensive ,reforming legislation affecting the interests of the established United Church
  50. Polymath of the Islamic Golden Age. Circumstances Avicenna created an, extensive ,corpus of works during what is commonly known as Islam's Golden Age, in which

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