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  1. Warm tea served in China. Chinese meals are normally followed by a fresh, fruit ,such as an orange cut into slices or sliced watermelon. American Chinese
  2. Above, with a paler underside. They are herbivorous, often feeding on ripe, fruit ,that falls from trees. They live in burrows, and,like squirrels, will bury
  3. Furthermore, one cannot argue that karma generates aura or puny, which gives, fruit , Since aura is non-sentient, it cannot act unless moved by an intelligent
  4. Of bread and beer, supplemented with vegetables such as onions and garlic, and, fruit , such as dates and figs. Wine and meat were enjoyed by all on feast days while
  5. Cauchy, and Weierstrass are all gardeners contributing to the ripening of the, fruit ,of the notion of limit. Here the implicit assumption is that the Weierstrass
  6. Crustaceans, bacteria and amoebae, marine microfossils, wood,flowers and, fruit , hair, feathers and other small organisms have been recovered in Amber dating
  7. Phenotypic character as seen in" wild" populations of organisms, such as, fruit ,flies (Drosophila Melanogaster). Such a" wild type" allele was historically
  8. Spike-like inflorescence is erect and densely crowded with small flowers. The, fruit ,is a capsule. Plants are adapted to bush fires, which can stimulate flowering.
  9. Over merit. Alexios' policy of integration of the nobility bore the, fruit ,of continuity: every Byzantine emperor who reigned after Alexios I Comments was
  10. Peanut allergy sufferers and for its less salty taste. The young, developing, fruit , of the almond tree can be eaten whole (" green almonds" ) when they are still
  11. Aiding Adelaide's commercial development. The city exported meat, wool,wine, fruit ,and wheat by the time Grey left in 1845,contrasting with a low point in 1842
  12. Many of Theophrastus' names survive into modern times, such as Carlos for, fruit , and pericardial for seed vessel. Rather than focus on formal causes, as
  13. Cat. Also, touching the leaves an unpleasant smell on the hands. The, fruit ,is a Samara drawn out into a long wing with the seed in the middle. The wood is
  14. Was being prepared for all people, would be the first to receive the promised, fruit ,of salvation. Ambrose viewed virginity as superior to marriage and saw Mary as
  15. Logo was designed with a bite so that it wouldn't be recognized as another, fruit , The colored stripes were conceived to make the logo more accessible, and to
  16. mid-April to mid-June (Northern Hemisphere),pickling or brining extends the, fruit ,'s shelf life. *In China, almonds are used in a popular dessert where they are
  17. Is either of no importance, or of supreme importance. " *"Self-respect is the, fruit ,of discipline, the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself
  18. Of Aargau is some of the most fertile in Switzerland. Dairy farming, cereal and, fruit ,farming are among the canton's main economic activities. The canton is also
  19. Attempted friendly contact by leaving a tethered pig, some pots and pans, some, fruit , and toys on the beach at North Sentinel Island. One of the islanders shot the
  20. While levels observed for bottled water are below drinking water guidelines, fruit ,juice concentrates (for which no guidelines are established) produced in the
  21. The American vocabulary; for instance, cookie,cruller, stoop,and pit (of a, fruit ,) from Dutch; levee, portage (" carrying of boats or goods" ) and (probably
  22. Other subgenera by the corrugated shell (endear) surrounding the seed. The, fruit ,of the almond is not a true nut, but a drupe, consisting of an outer hull and a
  23. Green and fleshy on the outside and the inner shell has not yet hardened. The, fruit ,is somewhat sour, but is a popular snack in parts of the Middle East, eaten
  24. Fruit eater) with a diet that did not depend heavily on fibrous plants, ripe, fruit , or hard or abrasive food. The size of the upper canine tooth in A. radius
  25. Char Dam),namely Marinate, Jagannath,Rameshwaram and Dark, would bear, fruit ,unless one bathes in the holy waters of Pusher Lake. Pusher has 52 bathing
  26. January or February. Originally based on the date used to calculate the age of, fruit ,trees for tithing as mandated in Leviticus 19:23-25,the holiday now is most
  27. In planting native trees and plants in their school grounds. This vision bore, fruit ,and schools in New Zealand have long planted native trees on Arbor Day. Since
  28. Westfield-Seek-No-Further, and Duchess of Oldenburg. Cranberries are another, fruit ,indigenous to the region. Pacific & Hawaiian Cuisine Hawaiian regional cuisine
  29. Acid is excreted faster than it is formed after ingestion of aspartame. In some, fruit ,juices, higher concentrations of methanol can be found than the amount produced
  30. Both caimans and the American Alligator have been observed taking foliage and, fruit ,into their diet in addition to their normal diet of fish and meat. Taxonomy
  31. In the autumn,7–8 months after flowering. Nut In botanical terms, the almond, fruit ,is not a nut, but a drupe long. The outer covering or carp, fleshy in other
  32. Are obtained is not controlled by the Vienna Convention.... Neither the crown (, fruit , mescal button) of the Peyote cactus nor the roots of the plant Mimosa
  33. Clone of the Apple II was the Med fly, named after the Mediterranean, fruit ,fly that attacks apples. The Med fly computer featured a faster processor, more
  34. Incense. Both people and elephants like an alcoholic beverage made from acacia, fruit , According to Easton's Bible Dictionary, the Acacia tree may be the“ burning
  35. Artist Barbara Waterski. Quotes" I mean, I haven't eaten this much citrus, fruit ,in 20 years! And I'll tell you one thing, in another 12 fucking days, I ain't
  36. But that which is above us. "“ Agnosticism,” said Rat zinger,“ is always the, fruit ,of a refusal of that knowledge which is in fact offered to man ... The
  37. Soils on the valley floor, the region is conducive to growing vegetable and, fruit ,crops. Particularly famous for its apple crop, the valley hosts in excess of
  38. In Tennessee, and possibly in other southeastern states, serve many types of, fruit ,when served as buffet style accompanied by the Southern traditional dessert
  39. Crane, Apollo had a son named Aristae, who became the patron god of cattle, fruit ,trees, hunting,husbandry and beekeeping. He was also a culture-hero and
  40. Zohar and Hope believe that almonds were one of the earliest domesticated, fruit ,trees due to" the ability of the grower to raise attractive almonds from seed.
  41. Originally came from Paraguay. As regards products made with sugar, the Mason, fruit ,(Masonville) jam is typical of the province of Oriented. The unmatched
  42. 190 different models of Apple II clones were manufactured. Many of these had ", fruit ," names (for example," Pineapple" ) to indicate to the initiated that they
  43. 21.6 % (2008 est. ); Agriculture – * crops: cotton, grain,rice, grapes, fruit , vegetables, tea,tobacco * livestock products: beef, mutton,poultry, milk
  44. Albacores are shortbread cookies sandwiched together with dunce de Lethe or a, fruit ,paste. The" policeman's" or" truck driver's" sweet is cheese with quince
  45. That feeds almost exclusively on ants and termites (formicivore); the only, fruit ,eaten by aardvarks is the aardvark cucumber. An aardvark emerges from its
  46. River and a ridge of rocky hills. The houses are separated from one another by, fruit ,gardens. Ana marks the boundary between the olive (north) and the date (
  47. Of other apes, and suggest that it was a generalized omnivore and frugivore (, fruit ,eater) with a diet that did not depend heavily on fibrous plants, ripe fruit
  48. Planting. Trees reach full bearing after five to six years after planting. The, fruit ,is mature in the autumn,7–8 months after flowering. Nut In botanical terms
  49. Expression in certain neurons has been shown to alter the grooming behavior in, fruit ,flies exposed to blue light
  50. Which is a fertile agricultural area noted for the growing of potatoes, soft, fruit , and the raising of Angus cattle. Towns and villages Towns Villages Places of

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