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  1. Covering the base to keep the runner's lead in check or, optimally,effect a, tag ,out. If an attempted stolen base is anticipated, the catcher may call for a
  2. Data) - a copy of the same datum in some backing store. Each entry also has a, tag , which specifies the identity of the datum in the backing store of which the
  3. Can be achieved. Once this complex is formed, it is identified via either a ", tag ," attached directly to the antibody, or added in an additional technical step.
  4. Rather than Brythonic. For instance, in English tag questions, the form of the, tag ,depends on the verb form in the main statement (aren't I?,isn't he?,won't
  5. Fly is credited even if another runner is put out on appeal for failing to, tag ,up, so long as a run scores prior to the third out. In the case of a fly ball
  6. Levels with multiple techniques including microarrays, expressed cDNA sequence, tag ,(EST) sequencing, serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) tag sequencing
  7. Sequence tag (EST) sequencing, serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE), tag , sequencing,massively parallel signature sequencing (MPSS),RNA-Seq, also
  8. To protect a celebrity family like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ..., the price, tag ,for job like that is going to be around $1 million to $1.4 million a year ... "
  9. DM at in 2000. It is still in the old BR livery, but has a Central Trains name, tag , Image: Locomotives_stacked_for_scrapping. JPG|Withdrawn Diesel locomotives
  10. It is invalid for the body of that closure to try to transfer control to a, tag ,via GO: (def var ( tag body (set (go end-label);; skip
  11. Fielder touches the ball. If the fielder bobbles the ball, the runner may still, tag ,up, even before when the fielder has full control of the ball (before the
  12. Leave from the tobacco' ): :later hippasilta::: stop playing the game of, tag ,(HIPAA tag , olla Hispaniola playing tag ): :raised Paxata::: smells bad:
  13. Immuno-stained" protein occurs via fluorescence microscopy. With an enzymatic, tag , such as horse radish peroxidase, a chemical reaction is carried out that
  14. The ball. The ground out is technically a special case of the force out. *The, tag ,out: recorded against a runner who is touched by a fielder with the ball or a
  15. As a non-playable game boss along Ted Disease, fighting as their real-life, tag ,team The Mega Bucks, to as recently as WWE All-Stars, released in March 2011
  16. Can be translated as Her the had? Or Had her the?, but in both cases the question, tag ,her immediately precedes the verb the. This rule is so important in Basque that
  17. The majority comes from Irish rather than Brythonic. For instance, in English, tag ,questions, the form of the tag depends on the verb form in the main statement (
  18. Bases, thus making it easier to judge plays such as attempted force outs and, tag ,outs. In Major League Baseball, four umpires are used for each game, one near
  19. Machine (JVM). An HTML page references an applet either via the deprecated, tag ,or via its replacement, the tag . Security Recent developments in the coding of
  20. Throw to another player protecting the base before the batter reaches it, or, tag , first base while carrying the ball. The hit is scored the moment the batter
  21. SOX player) did not field the ball cleanly, meaning he would have to either, tag ,the batter or throw to the first baseman to record the out (see uncaught third
  22. Grammar already had a recurring role on The Simpsons as Sideshow Bob. The, tag ,line for Moe's Tavern," Where nobody knows your name ", is also a reference
  23. To the public with a GUI, but was a commercial failure due to its high price, tag ,and limited software titles. In 1984,Apple next launched the Macintosh. Its
  24. Claimed that the English system has been borrowed from Brythonic, since Welsh, tag ,questions vary in almost exactly the same way. This view is far from being
  25. Moods in other languages). *нали (Nazi) – is a universal affirmative, tag , like" isn't it"/"won't you ", etc. (it is invariable, like the French
  26. The contents of a web page at a particular URL. In this example, the URL is the, tag , and the contents of the web page is the datum. The percen tag e of accesses that
  27. S time slot) and were known as the Session In The Nations (the 'Session ', tag ,was later dropped due to the demise of the Evening Session); they later moved
  28. Achieve a hit, the batter must reach first base before any fielder can either, tag ,him with the ball, throw to another player protecting the base before the
  29. Hippasilta::: stop playing the game of tag (HIPAA tag , olla Hispaniola playing, tag ,): :raised Paxata::: smells bad: :master Yalta::: tastes good: :Tutu
  30. Is intended to be interpreted directly by a browser, like an ordinary HTML, tag , According to WWW Consortium, it helps the HTTP server to generate
  31. The tobacco' ): :later hippasilta::: stop playing the game of tag (HIPAA, tag , Ella Hispaniola playing tag ): :raised Paxata::: smells bad: :master Yalta
  32. References an applet either via the deprecated tag or via its replacement,the, tag , Security Recent developments in the coding of applications including mobile
  33. The backing store, it first checks the cache. If an entry can be found with a, tag ,matching that of the desired datum, the datum in the entry is used instead.
  34. Of 1989,André was joined with fellow Keenan Family member Baku to form a new, tag ,team called The Colossal Connection, in part to fill a void left by the
  35. Strong Machine ", played by Japanese wrestler June Pirate) -- as" a new, tag ,team from Japan," and claimed not to know the identities of the wrestlers
  36. The operator and function namespace, the tag body label namespace, catch, tag , condition handler and restart namespaces. Variable capture can introduce
  37. Times per year, from September 1990 to 1992,usually teaming with Giant Baba in, tag ,team matches. He wrestled his final match in December 1992. Acting career André
  38. Some s tag e. To paraphrase Descartes, cogito ergo funds talks est. " The Latin, tag ,(" I think, therefore the world is such as it is" ) makes it clear that "
  39. Of theft or loss of items. The protected item has a Bluetooth marker (e.g. a, tag ,) that is in constant communication with the phone. If the connection is broken
  40. Specific type of data to information. *Text encoding uses a markup language to, tag ,the structure and other features of a text to facilitate processing by
  41. It on numerous occasions, though the project would carry a substantial price, tag , and has yet to appear onscreen (Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Philip K.
  42. Recognize proteins with a signal directing them for degradation (an ubiquity, tag ,) and feed them into the proteolytic cavity. Another large class of protein
  43. Weston in 1991 to measure both wind direction and wind speed. Weston added a, tag ,to one cup, which causes the cup wheel speed to increase and decrease as the tag
  44. Mechanisms: proteolytic — cooperatively **Techniques: electrophoresis — His, tag ,— affinity chromatography — x-ray diffraction — Proteomics — mass spectrometry
  45. Fly ball that, even if it is caught, will be deep enough to allow the runner to, tag ,up and score—a successful batter in this case gets credit for a sacrifice fly.
  46. Form tests the end condition. If the condition is true, it jumps to the end, tag , Otherwise, the provided body code is executed, and then it jumps to the start
  47. Schoolyard game of kickball. The Knickerbocker Rules required fielders to, tag ,or force the runner, as is done today, and avoided a lot of the arguments and
  48. S response is an error condition containing the message," GO: tag body for, tag ,SOME-LABEL has already been left ". The function tried to evaluate (go
  49. Otherwise, the provided body code is executed, and then it jumps to the start, tag , An example form using above until macro: (until (= (
  50. Tag to one cup, which causes the cup wheel speed to increase and decrease as the, tag ,moves alternately with and against the wind. Wind direction is calculated from

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