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  1. Prominent member of the remaining Tepid nation, and as such her support was a, guarantee ,of the Genius' loyalty to Helices. The latter could also count on the
  2. States made its first commitment to form a peace treaty with Japan that would, guarantee ,long-term U. S. military bases. Some observers (including George Kennan)
  3. Compete to hire the most popular stars of the day, who are believed to, guarantee ,the success of a movie (though this belief is not always supported by
  4. Must not be 0,AND (ii) the subtraction must be“ proper ”, a test must, guarantee ,that the smaller of the two numbers is subtracted from the larger (alternately
  5. Current President of the Republic is Amir Topi. The President has the power to, guarantee ,observation of the constitution and all laws, act as commander in chief of the
  6. Paid into the system. *The BNP will introduce a new Bill of Rights which will, guarantee ,certain basic civil liberties. *The BNP will encourage the teaching of British
  7. Following the Congress of Berlin the European powers attempted to, guarantee ,stability through a complex series of alliances and treaties. Anxious about
  8. Tricks, if we bid a slam. I can use Blackwood as a kind of insurance policy, to, guarantee , that this will not happen. " But Blackwood will not help if, due to the
  9. A single writer but multiple readers. These semantics are very strong: they, guarantee ,that the read and write operations to the variable behave exactly as if they
  10. Criterion and can elect a Condorcet loser. Strategic approval voting can, guarantee ,electing the Condorcet winner in some special circumstances. For example, if
  11. Was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War, although the city had bought a, guarantee ,of protection from the Swedish general, Carl Gustaf Wrangell. Johannes Aventine
  12. Example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only, guarantee ,of morality. In 1841,he praised the establishment, in London, of the Society
  13. Its continued existence and growth demonstrated that it works, there is never a, guarantee ,of satisfaction in consumer to consumer transactions. There is no absolute
  14. Prevent their children from learning the local African language, in order to, guarantee ,that they learned Portuguese as their native language. At the same time, the
  15. All the other parties had to agree),and then in terms of the national duty to, guarantee ,a republican form of government in every state. In March 1861,in his First
  16. SVG) and vector graphics programs (like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape). To, guarantee ,smoothness, the control point at which two curves meet must be on the line
  17. Return for the post of Lieutenant General of Scotland. As well as obtaining a, guarantee ,that the Scottish government would concede territories and diplomatic benefits
  18. Order or constitutional guarantee s of equality. Despite the constitution's, guarantee ,of judicial independence, the president names most key judicial officials. The
  19. It may be for the benefit of a corporate group as a whole for a company to, guarantee ,the debts of a" sister" company, even though there is no ostensible" benefit
  20. Vienna's offices in the same building as Juries, which was behind the $1-million, guarantee , to the Yisrael Batting party. " On 17 December police announced that they had
  21. Disclaimer: This list is primarily for historic archival purposes. There is no, guarantee ,that any of these numbers work, but they are placed here regardless. *201: 958
  22. Is usually expensive and often reserved for large companies who wish to, guarantee ,private access to spectrum for use in point to point communication. Because of
  23. Are integrated directly into the armed forces in a state of emergency to better, guarantee ,order. They also have a SWAT-kind special forces for counter operations called
  24. Even though there is no ostensible" benefit" to the company giving the, guarantee , Similarly, conceptually at least, there is no benefit to a company in
  25. The militarily crucial Battle of Affirm in Ireland. Resistance held out, and a, guarantee ,of religious tolerance was a cornerstone of the Treaty of Limerick. However, in
  26. In practice, the keys take up the most space in a node. The factor of 2 will, guarantee ,that nodes can be split or combined. If an internal node has 2d keys, then
  27. Convert the approximating sequence of line segments. However, this does not, guarantee ,that the rasterized output looks sufficiently smooth, because the points may be
  28. Can be transformed into bloody dictatorship. Freedom of thought is the only, guarantee ,of the feasibility of a scientific democratic approach to politics, economics
  29. Court, composed of judges from the highest courts of the three States, has to, guarantee ,the uniform interpretation of common legal rules. This international judicial
  30. Exploitation will work reliably enough to automate an attack with a virtual, guarantee ,of success when it is run. For this reason, this is the technique most commonly
  31. By officialdom and prejudices. Such a trinity of freedom of thought is the only, guarantee ,against an infection of people by mass myths, which,in the hands of
  32. Roles in films or being part of a film's crew. Industry connections are no, guarantee ,of a long career: competition is fierce and if film industry scions do not
  33. Through the MPS party structure. Judicial branch Despite the constitution’s, guarantee ,of judicial independence from the executive branch, the president names most
  34. All broadcasters in a market gave up their spectrum, the FCC would have to, guarantee ,that some over-the-air service remained. In April 2011,FCC chairman Julius
  35. German army, and prepared proposals for a peace treaty with Japan that would, guarantee ,long-term U. S. military bases there. Chinese Civil War Shortly after World War
  36. The American Football League and the NFL, acting entirely on its own with no, guarantee ,of stadium rights. Another group reported it had deposited earnest money for a
  37. To win Sunday,I'll guarantee you. " Namath and the Jets made good on his, guarantee ,as they held the Colts scoreless until late in the fourth quarter. The Jets won
  38. He was popular throughout the city .... The faith of Abu Bakr was the greatest, guarantee ,of Muhammad's sincerity in the beginning of his career, and indeed, in a
  39. If the sorted list to which we apply binary search has n elements, and we can, guarantee ,that each lookup of an element in the list can be done in unit time, then at
  40. To make its formal precision based on a rule bound system of arithmetic seem to, guarantee ,the accuracy of the details it recorded. Even though the information recorded
  41. Website — (A" not for dividend" company limited by, guarantee ,) Other national entities *Association of Train Operating Companies — ATOM —
  42. An agreement with the International Monetary Fund which provided a $2.7 billion, guarantee ,(extended funds facility),while committing the government to budget
  43. The European Central or any national central bank * The French Treasury will, guarantee ,the free convertibility at a fixed parity between the euro and the CFA and
  44. In a store at a time, provide tickets to people at the head of the queue to, guarantee ,them a hot ticket item, and canvass queued-up shoppers to inform them of
  45. This holy place except on one condition: that I receive the emperor's cross as, guarantee ,of safety ". Lifeforms III Botanists was forced into a public vow that he
  46. Transportation fleets, thus improving distribution logistics. Further resources, guarantee ,the propagation of business and information telecasters. The Policy for
  47. The Touchdown Club in Miami by declaring," We're going to win Sunday,I'll, guarantee ,you. " Namath and the Jets made good on his guarantee as they held the Colts
  48. Achieved 3 %. This convinced many doubters within caucus that only Hawks could, guarantee ,a Labor victory at the upcoming election. Labor Party power-brokers such as
  49. Eagles, the partners paid the league entrance fee of $2,500 and agreed to, guarantee ,the outstanding debt of the Yellow Jackets. The Eagles, Pittsburgh Pirates, and
  50. One or more major depressive episode. However, a bipolar II diagnosis is not a, guarantee ,that they will not eventually suffer from such an episode in the future.

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