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  1. Melted at this pitiful sight. He looked around to find out who had shot the, bird , He saw a hunter with a bow and arrows, nearby. Valid became very angry. His
  2. Jobs. Alabama is unofficially nicknamed the Yellowhammer State, after the state, bird , Alabama is also known as the" Heart of Dixie ". The state tree is the
  3. Airlines flight between Austin and San Jose, California to be dubbed the" nerd, bird , " Austin is also emerging as a hub for pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  4. Popular culture Since Archaeopteryx has been long considered the earliest known, bird , it has thus received widespread attention. Its easily recognizable appearance
  5. Sometimes referred to by its German name Vogel (" original, bird ," or" first bird " ), is a genus of theropod dinosaur. The name derives from
  6. Psychology or neurology? Or is human biology as irrelevant to AI research as, bird ,biology is to aeronautical engineering? By the 1980s,however, progress in
  7. Sometimes referred to by its German name Vogel (" original bird " or" first, bird ,"),is a genus of theropod dinosaur. The name derives from the Ancient Greek {
  8. Virginia and eastern New England,'r' is non-rhotic in accented (such as ", bird ,"," work "," first "," birthday" ) as well as unaccented syllables
  9. Or shqiponjë (eagle),which, according to Albanian folk etymology, denoted a, bird ,totem dating from the times of Slandered, as displayed on the Albanian flag.
  10. He notes for the first time that the center of gravity of a flying, bird ,does not coincide with its center of pressure, and he describes the
  11. Art collection in 2005,that had the head of a fetus attached to the body of a, bird , In 2008,a Yale student proposed using aborted excretions and the induced
  12. That glass (γλαύξ," owl" ) is from the same root, presumably because of the, bird ,'s own distinctive eyes. The bird which sees well in the night is closely
  13. And the various grove structures offer habitat to severely endangered, bird ,species. Sports The soccer team of 1921-founded VFR Allen is playing in the 3rd
  14. Bee ";" APIs" ( Latin for" bee" ) is presumably an error for" Avis" or ", bird ,". This confusion seems to have prompted a renamed of two constellations:" Avis
  15. In song and poetry. The lunar module was named Eagle for the national, bird ,of the United States, the bald eagle, which is featured prominently on the
  16. It suitable in a food product, and since it replaces oxygen within the dead, bird , argon also enhances shelf life. Argon is sometimes used for extinguishing
  17. Authors believe that, in early times, Athena was either an owl herself or a, bird ,goddess in general: in Book 3 of the Odyssey, she takes the form of a sea-eagle
  18. Shirr wanted to name the Apollo 7 Command module" Phoenix" ( the mythical, bird ,rising from its own ashes) in memory of the late Apollo 1 crew, but NASA
  19. Couple. Suddenly, one of the bird s fell down, hit by an arrow; it was the male, bird , Seeing the wounded one, its mate screamed in agony. Valmiki's heart melted at
  20. For ripe fruits such as Veronica alchorneoides and eaten. The droppings of the, bird ,are collected by other ants and fed to their young leading to the further
  21. Sometime in the 70s. Like the pigeons they nest in the tall palm trees. Another, bird ,to look out for is the humming bird that can be seen on some days, if you look
  22. You will find no rest for the long years of Eternity, For you killed a, bird ,in love and unsuspecting. " Self-defense, criminal law, and war Hindu
  23. For the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. Some of the most significant, bird ,species found in the country include the golden eagle – known as the national
  24. Of art, Ares ' symbols are a spear and helmet, his animal is a dog, and his, bird ,is the vulture. In literary works of these eras, Ares is replaced by the Roman
  25. He saw two bird s flying together. Valid felt very pleased on seeing the happy, bird ,couple. Suddenly, one of the bird s fell down, hit by an arrow; it was the male
  26. 1917 Modern analogs The Hatpin (Ophisthocomus hazing),Guyana's national, bird , has often been called a modern analog to Archaeopteryx. Since Archaeopteryx
  27. Are used it is critical that all feathers come from the same side of the, bird , Oversized fletchings can be used to accentuate drag and thus limit the range
  28. 760 vertebrate species found so far in Albania. Among these there are over 350, bird , species,330 freshwater and marine fish and 80 mammal species. There are some
  29. Skin of the seal. Children wore parkas made of downy eagle skin with tanned, bird ,skin caps. (Enthnohistory: Gross & Hera pg 33,34). They called these parkas
  30. Sumerian goddess of love and fecundity. She likens Ivanna to a great storm, bird ,who swoops down on the lesser gods and sends them fluttering off like surprised
  31. In flight. Whether helical or straight Fletcher, when natural fletching (, bird ,feathers) are used it is critical that all feathers come from the same side of
  32. Observations are used in combination with ecological signs, such as, bird ,migrations to determine the seasons. Ethnoastronomical work with the Must of
  33. Such as pelts and exotic forest produce (resins, barks,woven hammocks, prized, bird , feathers,live animals, etc.) and extracted goods (lumber, gold,etc.). 20th
  34. Capital in 1913. The floral emblem of the ACT is the Royal Bluebell and the, bird ,emblem is the Gang-gang Cockatoo. Geography The ACT is bounded by the
  35. Shed her animal form, has reduced the shapes she once wore of snake and, bird ,to attributes, but occasionally in black-figure vase-paintings she still
  36. Such as bodkin, judo,and blunt heads. Fletching is traditionally made from, bird ,feathers. Also, solid plastic vanes and thin sheetlike spin vanes are used. They
  37. And either red or white jerseys. Starting in, the team had a logo of a cardinal, bird ,perched on the stitches of a football. However, the club did not attach a logo
  38. On individual organisms within the area. Every tree that is scorched and each, bird ,nest that is devoured is a sign of the abiotic stress. On the larger scale
  39. In The Odd Couple, Oscar and Felix are on Password, and when the password is, bird , Felix’s clue is Aristophanes because of his play The Birds. After failing to
  40. Describes the construction of an ornithopter, with flapping wings similar to a, bird ,'s. Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to develop a theory of air resistance
  41. Bird sets off to establish his own colony and becomes instead the ruler of the, bird ,kingdom and a rival to the gods. *The resourceful cast: The numerous surprising
  42. As a string of separate letters but rather to sound the same as the name of the, bird , auk (which acts as an emblem of the language such as on
  43. Below the knees. The women wore the skin of seal or sea-otter and the men wore, bird ,skin parkas that had the feathers inside and out depending on the weather. When
  44. From the same root, presumably because of the bird 's own distinctive eyes. The, bird ,which sees well in the night is closely associated with the goddess of, a
  45. The goddess retains some of her Minoan-Mycenaean character, such as great, bird ,wings, although this is not true of archaic sculpture such as those of Achaean
  46. This element represents an Old English word armor, the name of a woodland, bird , However, Amesbury in Wiltshire is in a different dialect region and does not
  47. After the publication of a number of new works on classification. Extending the, bird ,system developed by Slater—which divided the earth into six separate
  48. With denialism shells (tooth shells or tusk shells),bone, feathers,dried, bird ,wings or skulls and/or amber. The use of bird s was very meaningful to these
  49. Last Frontier" or" Land of the Midnight Sun" or" Seward's Icebox" * State, bird ,: Willow Ptarmigan, adopted by the Territorial Legislature in 1955. It is a
  50. And 60 skins of horned puffin to make one parka. All parkas were decorated with, bird ,feathers, beard bristles of seal and sea-lion, beaks of sea parrots, bird claws

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