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  1. Structure of creation presented in the Book of Genesis represents a logical, framework , rather than the passage of time in a physical way - it would bear a spiritual
  2. 1997,the Minsk Group Co-Chairs have presented three proposals to serve as a, framework ,for resolving the conflict. One side or the other rejected each of those
  3. And classified by Cynthia et al. and more recently by North et al. In the, framework ,of the immune network theory, CDRs are also called isotopes. According to
  4. But happens on account of the optimizations inherent in Microsoft's. Net, framework , A source of links to existing compilers is at
  5. Models (Bayesian networks, HMM ), etc. * ELK, a research project and software, framework ,with numerous data mining algorithms (in particular cluster analysis and
  6. Nature of mentalities. They rejected events as less important than the mental, framework ,that shaped decisions. Branded was editor of Annals from 1956 to 1968
  7. Of elemental forces, creating new fictional entities to flesh out this, framework , When Lovecraft died in 1937,Delete and Donald Sandra assembled a collection
  8. Azerbaijan also maintains good relations with the European Union, in the, framework ,of its Eastern European Neighborhood Policy (See Azerbaijan and the European
  9. Using a steel framing and a layering of a metal fencing or wiring over the, framework ,to allow an even load as masses of adobe are spread across the metal fencing
  10. The priest administering the sacrament may bless the oil, but only within the, framework ,of the celebration. Current liturgical form (1972) The Roman Rite Anointing
  11. And more generally the main structures of a categorical Galois theory. As a, framework ,for his coherent duality theory he also introduced derived categories, which
  12. Had elected conventions and" legislatures" that existed outside any legal, framework ,; new constitutions were used in each state to supersede royal charters. They
  13. And XML),a technique used in web application development * Ajax framework ,a, framework ,for the Ajax technique * Ajax (floppy disk controller),a floppy disk
  14. 1966 election, and came into effect in 1967. The government operates under a, framework ,of a presidential representative democratic dependency, whereby the Governor of
  15. Support a particular Cognitive Architecture known as Comprise. * LINDA, a Java, framework ,for Artificial General Intelligence developed at the University of Memphis
  16. Tensions which systematically excluded non-Whites. Within the colonial, framework ,established by the British soon after their initial settlement of Antigua in
  17. Of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,Aruba's politics take place within a, framework ,of a 21-member Parliament and an eight-member Cabinet. The governor of Aruba is
  18. Introduced in quantum mechanics by Irving Legal and Shale, gave a contemporary, framework ,for understanding the classical theory of quadratic forms. This was also a
  19. Computers were designed). Components Analog computers often have a complicated, framework , but they have, at their core, a set of key components which perform the
  20. CDR2 and CDR3). CDR's are supported within the variable domains by conserved, framework ,regions. The heavy chain locus contains about 65 different variable domains
  21. The Charter of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established, providing a, framework ,for relations between Aruba and the rest of the Kingdom. In 1972,at a
  22. Sixteen Stone" Technology * Alien (ALICE Environment),lightweight Grid, framework ,developed by CERN Other * Aliens, the newsletter of the Invasive Species
  23. And binoculars. People have studied the sky throughout history in an amateur, framework , without any formal method of funding. It is only within about the past century
  24. Chemistry were a result of a conscious effort to fit all experiments into the, framework ,of a single theory. He established the consistent use of the chemical balance
  25. Est. ) Education expenditure n/a Politics of American Samoa takes place in a, framework ,of a presidential representative democratic dependency, whereby the Governor is
  26. Of a new constitution, early in 2010,the politics of Angola takes place in a, framework ,of a presidential republic, whereby the President of Angola is both head of
  27. Referred to as the wave mechanics model or atomic orbital model),a modern, framework ,for describing the placement of electrons in an atom. In this model, the atom
  28. 10,regarding the use of specific Austrian terms of the German language in the, framework ,of the European Union, which forms part of the Austrian EU accession treaty.
  29. These words were used. Huge powered aero stats, characterized by a rigid outer, framework ,and separate aerodynamic skin surrounding the gas bags, were produced, the
  30. Measure the mode I fracture resistance of adhesives in a fracture mechanics, framework , These tests consist in opening an assembly of two beams by applying a force at
  31. Which linked Patriots in all 13 colonies and eventually provided the, framework ,for a rebel government. In early 1773 Virginia, the largest colony, set up its
  32. Is in the orchestral suite The Planets by British composer Gustav Holst,the, framework ,of which is based on the astrological tones and signatures of the planets. In
  33. Available, a roof can be assembled using lengths of wood or metal to create a, framework ,to begin layering adobe bricks. Depending on the thickness of the adobe bricks
  34. Layering adobe bricks. Depending on the thickness of the adobe bricks,the, framework ,has been performed using a steel framing and a layering of a metal fencing or
  35. Future generation, focuses on how society could achieve an altruistic social, framework , Ashley proposed that such a framework is the purpose of creation, and
  36. Overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Its politics take place in a, framework ,of a parliamentary representative democratic dependency, whereby the Chief
  37. Retained his autocratic power. It took several years to determine the exact, framework ,by which a formally republican state could be led by a sole ruler; the result
  38. Country comparison to the world: 139 Politics of Armenia takes place in a, framework ,of a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President is
  39. 1997,the Minsk Group Co-Chairs have presented three proposals to serve as a, framework ,for resolving the conflict. One side or the other rejected each of those
  40. Of algebraic geometry in the 20th century occurred within an abstract algebraic, framework , with increasing emphasis being placed on 'intrinsic' properties of algebraic
  41. Platform" ) is defined as" some sort of hardware architecture or software, framework ,(including application framework s),that allows software to run. " As Rodney
  42. To the world: 106 The politics of Antigua and Barbuda takes place in a, framework ,of a federal parliamentary representative democratic monarchy, wherein the
  43. With the birth of modern chemistry, which provided a more precise and reliable, framework ,within a new view of the universe based on rational materialism. Relation to
  44. The calculations, which the operator manipulates through the computer's, framework , Key hydraulic components might include pipes, valves and containers. Key
  45. JavaScript and XML),a technique used in web application development * Ajax, framework , a framework for the Ajax technique * Ajax (floppy disk controller),a floppy
  46. As agnostics and as followers of particular religions, viewing agnosticism as a, framework ,for thinking about the nature of belief and their relation to revealed truths.
  47. Wesley does not place the substitutionary element primarily within a legal, framework ,... Rather his doctrine seeks to bring into proper relationship the 'justice '
  48. Intelligence, video game, and virtual human. * Opening, an open-source, framework ,for Artificial General Intelligence designed primarily to support a particular
  49. Could achieve an altruistic social framework . Ashley proposed that such a, framework ,is the purpose of creation, and everything that happens is to raise humanity to
  50. And John Dalton — which finally provided a logical, quantitative and reliable, framework ,for understanding matter transmutations, and revealed the futility of

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