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  1. Fishing out of an aversion to killing animals. Marriage and family Lincoln's, first ,romantic interest was Ann Rutledge, whom he met when he first moved to New
  2. Population both the House and Senate of the state legislature. In 1972,for the, first ,time since 1901,the legislature implemented the Alabama constitution's
  3. Method of achieving it. The Spanish Workers Federation in 1881 was the, first ,major anarcho-syndicalist movement; anarchist trade union federations were of
  4. First man to expound and formulate the doctrine now known as Anarchism. " The, first ,to describe himself as an anarchist was Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, a French
  5. To the 1,000,000 plus of the Democratic primary. That November Hunt became the, first ,Republican Governor elected in Alabama since Reconstruction when he won 57 % of
  6. The new state legislators created a public school system for the, first ,time, as well as establishing some welfare institutions to help its people.
  7. Sebastien Fare. The veteran Italian anarchist, Luigi Fabric, was one of the, first ,critical theorists of fascism, describing it as" the preventive
  8. Or her needs, whatever may be their nature. " Jesus is sometimes considered the, first ,anarchist in the Christian anarchist tradition. Georges Lech artier wrote that "
  9. As the first anarchist, wrote Political Justice, which some consider to be the, first ,expression of anarchism. Godwin, a philosophical anarchist, from a rationalist
  10. Noah Brooks reported," No man ever before made such an impression on his, first ,appeal to a New York audience. " Donald described the speech as a" superb
  11. For those deprived of their rights. Thus, it came about that she was the, first ,and only woman, indeed the first and only American, to take up the defense of
  12. Have been proposed about the links between autistic brains and behavior. The, first ,category focuses on deficits in social cognition. The empathizing–systemizing
  13. That time, senators were elected by the state legislature. After leading in the, first ,six rounds of voting in the Illinois assembly, his support began to dwindle
  14. Eventually sold his share. That March he began his political career with his, first ,campaign for the Illinois General Assembly. He had attained local popularity
  15. Chiron the Centaur, on Mt. Period, to be reared. Achilles in the Trojan War The, first ,two lines of the Iliad read:::: Sing, Goddess,of the rage, of Pele us' son
  16. And LGBT activist John Henry Mackay. Josiah Warren is widely regarded as the, first ,American anarchist, and the four-page weekly paper he edited during 1833,The
  17. Assembly. At, he was tall and" strong enough to intimidate any rival ". At his, first ,speech, when he saw a supporter in the crowd being attacked, Lincoln grabbed
  18. Cause birth defects) related to the risk of autism appear to act during the, first ,eight weeks from conception, and though this does not exclude the possibility
  19. The Amazonian warrior queen Penthesilea, but later grieved over her death. At, first , he was so distracted by her beauty, he did not fight as intensely as usual.
  20. Situated between individualist and collectivist forms of anarchism. Proudhon, first ,characterized his goal as a" third form of society, the synthesis of communism
  21. John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre in Washington’D. C. His death marked the, first ,assassination of a U. S. president. Lincoln has been consistently ranked by
  22. Georgia — although heavily disputed. Conflicting claims to the area were held, first ,by several Native American tribes (most notably the Chickamauga-Cherokee and
  23. Ownership be collectivized. This was to be achieved through violent revolution, first ,starting with a small cohesive group through acts of violence, or " propaganda
  24. Of modern anarchist theory. The anarcho-communist Joseph Jacques was the, first ,person to describe himself as" libertarian ". Unlike Proudhon, he argued that
  25. Rights. Thus, it came about that she was the first and only woman, indeed the, first ,and only American, to take up the defense of homosexual love before the general
  26. Revolutionary overthrow of the state and the collectivization of property. At, first , the collectivists worked with the Marxists to push the First International in
  27. Are in conflict. In 1793,William Godwin, who has often been cited as the, first ,anarchist, wrote Political Justice, which some consider to be the first
  28. Weekly paper he edited during 1833,The Peaceful Revolutionist, was the, first ,anarchist periodical published, For American anarchist historian Eunice
  29. Family Lincoln's first romantic interest was Ann Rutledge, whom he met when he, first ,moved to New Salem; by 1835,they were in a relationship but not formally
  30. No links have been found, and some have been completely disproven. Parents may, first ,become aware of autistic symptoms in their child around the time of a routine
  31. For his" free soil" stance of opposing both slavery and abolitionism. He, first ,articulated this in 1837,saying," Institution of slavery is founded on both
  32. Properties of a surface accurately, although the albedo is a very useful, first ,approximation. The albedo is an important concept in climatology and astronomy
  33. Influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance ". The word autism, first ,took its modern sense in 1938 when Hans Asperger of the Vienna University
  34. Huangdi, specifically,was called by economist Ludwig on Miles as" the, first ,anarchist in the history of human thought ". Huangdi wrote," A petty thief is
  35. Oxymoronic. From this climate William Godwin developed what many consider the, first ,expression of modern anarchist thought. Benjamin Tucker instead credits Josiah
  36. The UK the National Autism Plan for Children recommends at most 30 weeks from, first ,concern to completed diagnosis and assessment, though few cases are handled
  37. Plus Humanity Nova, its daily paper) grew accordingly ... Anarchists were the, first ,to suggest occupying workplaces. In the Mexican Revolution the Mexican Liberal
  38. Wrote that" The true founder of anarchy was Jesus Christ and ... the, first ,anarchist society was that of the apostles. " Such a distinction reverberates
  39. Aeschylus fragments have been assembled to produce a workable modern play. The, first ,part of the Achilles trilogy, The Myrmidons, focused on the relationship
  40. Choctaw, Creek,Kasai, and Mobile. European settlement The French founded the, first ,European settlement in the region at Old Mobile, in 1702. The area was French
  41. Of these kinds of tactics, although reciprocally state repression, in the, first ,place, may have played a role in these isolated acts. The dismemberment of the
  42. Daily communication needs. Differences in communication may be present from the, first ,year of life, and may include delayed onset of babbling, unusual gestures
  43. Developed out of radical socialist currents after the French Revolution but was, first ,formulated as such in the Italian section of the First International. The
  44. Anarchist milieu was" anarchism without adjectives ", a call for toleration, first ,adopted by Fernando Derrida del Marmot in 1889 in response to the" bitter
  45. Developments in the 1986 Democratic primary election led to the election of the, first ,Republican Governor in more than 100 years and started Republicans on the road
  46. Diagnosis until 1981. Almost all the characteristics described in Kanner's, first ,paper on the subject, notably " autistic aloneness" and" insistence on
  47. The founder of Stoicism, also introduced similar topics. The term" anarchist ", first ,entered the English language in 1642,during the English Civil War, as a term
  48. Both chambers of the state legislature giving them control of that body for the, first ,time in 136 years. However, Democrats hold one of the three seats on the
  49. Communities where all goods and services were private, with being" the, first ,man to expound and formulate the doctrine now known as Anarchism. " The first
  50. To 1763; part of British West Florida from 1763 to 1780. Thomas Bassett was the, first ,British settler in the state. He settled near what is now Tombigbee River in

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