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  1. Bags. People with learning disabilities like dyslexia or dysmorphia can, find ,text-to-speech (TTS) software useful for reading and spelling programs useful
  2. Euclid poses the problem:" Given two numbers not prime to one another, to, find , their greatest common measure ". He defines" A number to be a multitude
  3. Nature means that water cannot reach the metal surface. Many solid alkanes, find ,use as paraffin wax, for example, in candles. This should not be confused
  4. In the diagram. Examples Sorting example One of the simplest algorithms is to, find ,the largest number in an (unsorted) list of numbers. The solution necessarily
  5. On black, black on white, and black on yellow). * Embossed locator dots help, find ,the 'home' keys, F and J, on the keyboard. * Scroll wheels on mice remove the
  6. Intended) taking place. For example: A person seeks donations. That person may, find ,another person willing to donate a substantial sum. However, if the person
  7. With 'we '. It was published in England in 1938,but Rand initially could not, find ,an American publisher. As with We the Living,Rand's later success allowed her
  8. Countably additive measure. Hence, one couldn't expect to find an algorithm to, find ,a point in each orbit, without using the axiom of choice. See non-measurable
  9. Of blood ". Also, in the fragmentary poems of the Epic Cycle in which we can, find ,description of the hero's death, Kúpria (unknown author),Æthiopis by
  10. Idea, never realizing they had glimpsed a basic principle which would one day, find ,its application in the tape recorder, the hard disc and floppy disc drive and
  11. Promise of easier lives with the windmill. After a violent storm, the animals, find ,the windmill annihilated. Napoleon and Squealer convince the animals that
  12. Norton had contracted with inventors Thomas Edison and Elisha Gray to, find ,a way to send multiple telegraph messages on each telegraph line to avoid the
  13. With the necessary internally contained information and capabilities) to, find , decode, and then process arbitrary input integers/symbols m and n, symbols +
  14. Celebrated 1905 papers, but historians of physics who have studied the issue, find ,no evidence that she made any substantive contributions. Marriages and children
  15. Example, to be aware continually that" Elizabeth" is not what you would call her. We, find ,Elizabeth not in the verbal domain, the world of words, but the nonverbal
  16. Additionally provide some bounds on the error. Genetic algorithms attempt to, find ,solutions to problems by mimicking biological evolutionary processes, with a
  17. Benjamin Wade, political allies of the president on other issues. Determined to, find ,a course that would reunite the nation and not alienate the South, Lincoln
  18. Joke: although the three are all mathematically equivalent, many mathematicians, find ,the axiom of choice to be intuitive, the well-ordering principle to be
  19. Court find s no defect, it " affirms" the judgment. If the appellate court does, find ,a legal defect in the decision" below" ( i.e., in the lower court),it may
  20. By public opinion, he discontinues production of the switches, forcing Deign to, find ,an alternative source. *Midas Mulligan is a wealthy banker who mysteriously
  21. After Salt did and joined the strike some years later. Her lead allows Deign to, find ,Hugh Aston. *Dr. Thomas Hendricks is a famous brain surgeon who developed a
  22. Solution where the time or resources are limited. They are not practical to, find ,perfect solutions. An example of this would be local search, tabu search, or
  23. On the Rio North Line with Rear den Metal. Nearly is incompetent, but Deign can, find ,no one better in all the country. Nearly believes that anything can get done
  24. James Garfield. The metal detector worked flawlessly in tests but did not, find ,the assassin's bullet partly because the metal bed frame on which the
  25. Of courage and ambition, kissed him tearfully, declaring:" My boy, you must, find ,a kingdom big enough for your ambitions. Macedon is too small for you ", and
  26. Autistic individuals bypass nonverbal cues and emotional sharing that they, find ,so hard to deal with, and has given them a way to form online communities and
  27. Asphalt" ). The expression" bitumen" originated in the Sanskrit, where we, find ,the words" Batu ", meaning " pitch," and" jatu-krit ", meaning " pitch
  28. Climate yielded more sun and heat than mass amounts of snow or rain that would, find ,use in precipitous roofs. Cement may be introduced to prevent moisture from
  29. Required by their sighted peers using pencil and paper. Many blind people, find ,this number machine a very useful tool throughout life. The abacus shows how
  30. Is the IUPAC name for dimethyl ether. It is difficult or impossible to, find ,compounds with more than one IUPAC name. This is because shorter chains
  31. Version of Euclid's and Nichomachus ', but rather than using division to, find ,the remainder it uses successive subtractions of the shorter length s from the
  32. e.g. ZPP. # In optimization problems, heuristic algorithms do not try to, find ,an optimal solution, but an approximate solution where the time or resources
  33. Which we have (hopefully) asymptotically optimal algorithms. The goal is to, find ,a reducing algorithm whose complexity is not dominated by the resulting reduced
  34. Residing in the city. He continued his research in sound and endeavored to, find ,a way to transmit musical notes and articulate speech, but although absorbed by
  35. In the city of Ankara for new construction projects are becoming impossible to, find , Main sights Museums: is located on an imposing hill, Anıttepe quarter of the
  36. In Latin texts, on the other hand, Joseph Monterrosa declared himself unable to, find ,any conflation of Apollo with Sol among the Augustan poets of the 1st century
  37. In prior art searches, searching through abstracts is a common way to, find ,relevant prior art document to question to novelty or inventive step (or
  38. The usual ordering of the real numbers does not work, it may be possible to, find ,a different ordering of the real numbers which is a well-ordering. Then our
  39. That outcome. However, appeals may be costly, and the appellate court must, find ,an error on the part of the court below that justifies upsetting the verdict.
  40. Be measurable for a countably additive measure. Hence, one couldn't expect to, find ,an algorithm to find a point in each orbit, without using the axiom of choice.
  41. Imagine you are an art critic whose mission is to compare the meanings you, find ,in a wide range of individual artworks. How would you proceed with your task?
  42. Metal to achieve freedom from defects. The purpose of the random variance is to, find ,close to globally optimal solutions rather than simply locally optimal ones
  43. Of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music. Dismayed to, find ,that groundbreaking work had already been undertaken by Helmholtz who had
  44. Approach, one can take just one of these topics, such as" racism" and, find ,thousands of anthropological references, stretching across all the major and
  45. Metal detector in 1881. The device was quickly put together in an attempt to, find ,the bullet in the body of US President James Garfield. The metal detector
  46. As well as powered. Heavier than air – anodynes Heavier-than-air aircraft must, find ,some way to push air or gas downwards, so that a reaction occurs (by Newton's
  47. Used worldwide. For example, standards ensure that people who own cameras can, find ,the film they need for that camera anywhere around the globe. ANSI accredits
  48. S duties ", and " Marrying means, to grasp blindfolded into a sack hoping to, find ,out an eel out of an assembly of snakes. " When he was forty-three years old
  49. Tens of thousands of celestial objects and projections of planet positions. To, find ,an object, such as globular cluster NGC 6712,one does not need to look up the
  50. Effort. One applies by understanding the rhythm and intent of the attacker to, find ,the optimal position and timing to apply a counter-technique. This then is very

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