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  1. In the law reports reverses (in some cases twice) as the appeals work their, way ,up the court hierarchy. This is not al way s true, however. In the United States
  2. Chooses to do the best things. When the best people come to live life this, way ,their practical wisdom (process) and their intellect (nous) can develop
  3. A computer by punching dots onto paper. It connects to a computer in the same, way ,as a text printer. * Perkins Braille. To manually emboss Grade 1 or 2 Braille.
  4. As hard work causes fitness and vice versa, although not in the same, way ,or function, the one is as the beginning of change, the other as the goal. (
  5. Court and not on any trial testimony. Another situation is where appeal is by, way ,of re-hearing. Certain jurisdictions permit certain appeals to cause the trial
  6. Man who has decided to run for election as Legislator from California. On the, way ,to his campaign, the Haggard Transcontinental train that is carrying him
  7. Maintain that in the 1850s,Lincoln acknowledged" providence" in a general, way , and rarely used the language or imagery of the evangelicals; instead, they
  8. College. Several of the sights on her trip inspired her, and they found their, way ,into her poem, including the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the "
  9. To develop scientific methods to understand social phenomena in a generalizable, way , though usually with methods distinct from those of the natural sciences. In
  10. Significance of the Moon landing: It was carried out in a technically brilliant, way ,with risks taken ... that would be inconceivable in the risk-averse world of
  11. Traditions and culture region, such as the Moldovan or the Gravitation. In this, way , archaeologists provide a vast frame of reference for the places human beings
  12. The superior power of" free labor ", whereby a common farm boy could work his, way ,to the top by his own efforts. The Republican Party's production of campaign
  13. The community seek a cure, while others believe that autism is simply another, way ,of being. Albedo (), or reflection coefficient, is the diffuse reflectivity or
  14. A meaningless sexual affair with James Haggard. She is deliberately crude in a, way ,that casts ridicule on her high social position. *Dr. Potter holds some
  15. The development of a new pesticide. An alternative argument is that the, way ,to 'save the environment' and prevent famine is by using pesticides and
  16. Sitting at a desk with a QWERTY keyboard and a mouse remains the dominant, way ,of interacting with a personal computer. Some Assistive Technology reduces the
  17. Or sometimes" well-being ". To have the potential of ever being happy in this, way ,necessarily requires a good character (strike are),often translated as
  18. The continent, providing evidence for the recent settlement of North America by, way ,of the Bering land bridge. Religion Alaska has been identified, along with
  19. Use of place value. Each bead and each wire has the same value and used in this, way ,it can represent numbers up to 100. Abaci in Renaissance pictures File: Gregor
  20. One game against each team in both the AFC South and the NFC North. In this, way ,division competition consists of common opponents,except the 2
  21. Critical infrastructure with tracks that run from Seward to Interior Alaska by, way ,of South Central Alaska, passing through Anchorage, Eklutna, Wasilla, Talkeetna
  22. Including Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, these authors sought to understand the, way ,that individual personalities were shaped by the wider cultural and social
  23. Is also the bringer of the diseases and of death with his arrows, in a similar, way ,with the function of the Vedic terrible god of diseases Audra. He sends a
  24. And emotional sharing that they find so hard to deal with, and has given them a, way ,to form online communities and work remotely. Sociological and cultural aspects
  25. May vary by jurisdiction). In most jurisdictions the normal and preferred, way ,of seeking appellate review is by filing an appeal of the final judgment.
  26. With a personal computer. Some Assistive Technology reduces the strain of this, way ,of work through ergonomic accessories with height-adjustable furniture
  27. Use the same definitions and terms, and that products are tested the same, way , ANSI also accredits organizations that carry out product or personnel
  28. Of individual freedom. Most anarcho-communists view anarcho-communist as a, way ,of reconciling the opposition between the individual and society. In the early
  29. Poetic Sea, the protector of sailors and navigation. Sailors went out of their, way ,to offer sacrifice. To Achilles of Luce were dedicated a number of important
  30. MacIntyre has attempted to reform what he calls the Aristotelian tradition in a, way ,that is anti-elitist and capable of disputing the claims of both liberals and
  31. Moroccan inherited his father's entire estate, leaving Thomas to make his own, way , Lincoln's mother, Nancy,was the daughter of Lucy Hanks, and was born in what
  32. Seaport on the Gulf of Mexico with inland water way access to the Midwest by, way ,of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Water way . The Port of Mobile is currently the
  33. S_\, \! So, the number of degrees of freedom f can be partitioned in a similar, way ,and specifies the chi-squared distribution which describes the associated sums
  34. The use of land to yield goods and services, is the most substantial, way ,humans alter the Earth's ecosystems, and is considered the driving force in
  35. Considered to be alchemists themselves, except that these two did little in the, way ,of experimentation. The first true alchemist in Medieval Europe was Roger Bacon
  36. While he was growing up, his father and Nick Bollettieri trained him in this, way , When in control of a point, Agassi would often pass up an opportunity to
  37. Or to offer thanks after such protection had been rendered. It was in this, way ,that Apollo had become recognized as the god of music. Apollo's role as the
  38. The Indians acquired the idea from the Greeks, but it could have been the other, way ,around. Significant progress in alchemy was made in ancient India. Will Durant
  39. Alchemy in the Renaissance and modern age European alchemy continued in this, way ,through the dawning of the Renaissance. The era also saw a flourishing of con
  40. X_n-X) = 0. Since x_i-X is the distance from a given number to the mean, one, way , to interpret this property is as saying that the numbers to the left of the
  41. Ayurveda the samsara are used to transform heavy metals and toxic herbs in a, way ,that removes their OSI. These processes are actively used to the present day.
  42. The pre-trial and trial court proceedings are reviewed—unless the appeal is by, way ,of re-hearing, new evidence will usually only be considered on appeal in very
  43. He reached the final before bowing to eventual champion Todd Martin. On the, way ,to the final, Agassi beat Mikael Perform in the quarter-finals and Wayne
  44. It is mentioned that some strikers have strong reservations about his, way ,of" conducting the common struggle. " According to Barbara Branden, who was
  45. Are called cycloalkanes. Nomenclature The IUPAC nomenclature (systematic, way ,of naming compounds) for alkanes is based on identifying hydrocarbon chains.
  46. Atlas Shrugged, with philosopher Sidney Hook likening her certainty to" the, way ,philosophy is written in the Soviet Union ", and author Gore Vidal calling her
  47. Andrew Johnson, the military governor of Tennessee, encouraging him to lead the, way ,in raising black troops, Lincoln wrote," The bare sight of 50,000 armed and
  48. Mean. The mean is the only single number for which the residuals defined this, way ,sum to zero. *If it is required to use a single number X as an estimate for the
  49. Was the most watched TV program ever. Apollo 8's successful mission paved the, way ,for Apollo 11 to fulfill U. S. President John F. Kennedy's goal of landing a
  50. While passing Troy. In AD 216 the Roman Emperor Caracalla, while on his, way ,to war against Parthia, emulated Alexander by holding games around Achilles '

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