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  1. Your flesh away and eat you raw – such agonies you have caused me ". Achilles, then ,got his vengeance. With the assistance of the god Hermes,Hector's father
  2. Back to the Academy for US$1. If a winner refuses to agree to this stipulation, then ,the Academy keeps the statuette. Academy Awards not protected by this agreement
  3. And as a result they removed Grad dick from the ballot. The Democratic Party, then ,placed Baxley's name on the ballot as the Democratic candidate instead of
  4. Universal can be predicated to an object that exists at some period of time, then ,it does not exist. In addition, Aristotle disagreed with Plato about the
  5. Lincoln addressed crowds and legislatures across the North. The president-elect, then ,evaded possible assassins in Baltimore, who were uncovered by Lincoln's head
  6. From France. Over one million people, ten percent of the population, then ,fled the country for France in just a few months in mid-1962. These included
  7. Won the first round of the country's first multi-party elections. The military, then ,intervened, declared a state of emergency that limited freedom of speech and
  8. One party to get out of a contract all the other parties had to agree),and, then ,in terms of the national duty to guarantee a republican form of government in
  9. Relocated the family to a new homestead in Coles County, Illinois. It was, then ,that as an ambitious 22-year-old,Lincoln decided to seek a better life and
  10. Membership had been growing, stricter policies have kept its size steady since, then , Rules Currently, according to Rules 2 and 3 of the official Academy Awards
  11. Put into effect on January 1,1863,declared free the slaves in ten states not, then ,under Union control, with exemptions specified for areas already under Union
  12. That was changed in the second ceremony of the Academy Awards in 1930. Since, then ,and during the first decade, the results were given to newspapers for
  13. Into the form we know. One major question in the history of Aristotle's works, then , is how were the exoteric writings all lost, and how did the ones we now
  14. Am the day after the assassination. Lincoln lay in state in the East Room, and, then , in the Capitol Rotunda from April 19 – April 21, 1865. Before the funeral train
  15. In Hollywood and New York first at the NBC International Theatre (1953) and, then ,at the NBC Century Theatre (1954–1957),after which the ceremony took place
  16. Man one "? Since, according to Plato there are two Ideas: animal and biped, how, then , is man a unity? However, according to Aristotle, the potential being (matter)
  17. Sake of the end exists potentiality, therefore actuality is the end. Referring, then ,to our previous example, we could say that an actuality is when a plant does
  18. Şahin Smith cast the statuette in 92.5 percent tin and 7.5 percent copper and, then ,gold-plated it. The only addition to the Oscar since it was created is a minor
  19. On a scroll. In need of a model for his statuette Gibbons was introduced by his, then ,wife Dolores del Rio to Mexican film director and actor Emilio" El Indio "
  20. Of Lucy Hanks, and was born in what is now Mineral County, West Virginia, then ,part of Virginia. Lucy moved with her daughter to Kentucky, following her
  21. Of the death of Patrols and Achilles' reaction to it. The episode, then ,formed the basis of the cyclic epic Ethiopia, which was composed after the
  22. Be a slave to the worst of masters than be king of all the dead. But Achilles, then ,asks Odysseus of his son's exploits in the Trojan war, and when Odysseus tells
  23. About type and frequency of their altruistic or helping behaviors. They, then ,analyzed the responses to generate an estimate of a person's tendency to act
  24. More, until at last, the oracle agrees that the price is sufficient. And, then ,the victim doesn’t run away anymore, but waits willingly to be caught. So
  25. JE vows ai comprise" (" I have understood you" ). Most Pieds-Noirs, then ,believed that de Gaulle meant that Algeria would remain French. The poll
  26. Courtroom drama Night of January 16th,first produced in Hollywood in 1934 and, then ,successfully reopened on Broadway in 1935. Each night the" jury" was selected
  27. Lost the Democratic nomination for Governor by approximately 8,000 votes to, then ,fellow Democratic Attorney General Charles Grad dick. The state Democratic Party
  28. Died at 7:22 am on April 15. Presbyterian minister Phineas Dens more Gurley, then ,present, was asked to offer a prayer, after which Secretary of War Stanton
  29. Downtown Los Angeles from 1930 to 1943. Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, then ,hosted the awards from 1944 to 1946,followed by the Shrine Auditorium in Los
  30. Postmaster and later than county surveyor, all the while reading voraciously. He, then ,decided to become a lawyer and began teaching himself law by reading Blackstone
  31. Alabama, Georgia,Louisiana, and Texas followed. Six of these states, then ,adopted a constitution and declared themselves to be a sovereign nation, the
  32. And said," Now he belongs to the ages. " Lincoln's flag-enfolded body was, then ,escorted in the rain to the White House by bareheaded Union officers, while the
  33. One of the two different endings, depending on the jury's" verdict ", would, then , be performed. In 1941,Paramount Pictures produced a movie version of the play.
  34. In believing that he could preserve the Union, and William Tecumseh Sherman, then ,a civilian, visited Lincoln in the White House during inauguration week and was
  35. To trenches outside Petersburg, Virginia,where Grant began a siege. Lincoln, then ,made an extended visit to Grant's headquarters at City Point, Virginia. This
  36. They were first published in 60 BC by the grammarian Tyrannies of Amiss and, then ,by philosopher Androids of Rhodes. Barnes Lord attributes the popular belief
  37. That he feared anti-Macedonian sentiments and left before Plato had died. He, then ,traveled with Democrats to the court of his friend Hermits of Atreus in Asia
  38. A greatness to the destroyer equal to the accomplishment destroyed. She seeks, then , to ruin Rear den in an effort to prove her own value. Lillian achieves her goal
  39. Owned a movie theater and allowed her to watch dozens of films for free. She, then ,set out for Hollywood, California. Initially, Rand struggled in Hollywood and
  40. Distance of the stars from the earth many times greater than that of the sun, then ,... the sun shines on all the stars and the earth screens none of them. " In
  41. A grouping of monarchists and other opponents of the October Revolution) and, then ,the Bolsheviks as part of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine led
  42. Capture Richmond by moving the Army of the Potomac by boat to the peninsula and, then ,overland to the Confederate capital. McClellan's repeated delays frustrated
  43. Are then determined by a second round of voting in which all members are, then ,allowed to vote in most categories, including Best Picture. Ceremony Telecast
  44. Publish it to avoid it being perceived as the product of desperation. McClellan, then ,resisted the President's demand that he pursue Lee's retreating and exposed
  45. Declared Chrysalis must be returned to her father. Agamemnon consented, but, then , commanded that Achilles' battle prize Crisis be brought to replace Chrysalis.
  46. Fields while all members may submit nominees for Best Picture. The winners are, then ,determined by a second round of voting in which all members are then allowed to
  47. Belarus under the direction of Emperor Justinian I. The Byzantine Empire, then ,retained a precarious grip on the east of the country until the coming of the
  48. March 27, 1957,the Best Foreign Language Film category was introduced. Until, then , foreign language films were honored with the Special Achievement Award. Oscar
  49. By the slavery debate, and rallied Republicans across the North. The stage was, then ,set for the campaign for statewide election of the Illinois legislature which
  50. To Aristotle, if a universal exists, either as a particular or a relation, then ,there must have been, must be currently, or must be in the future, something on

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