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  1. Include many groups. One source include s 97 different genera. Others, include ,far fewer. In older classification systems, amoeboids have been divided into
  2. Had its own version that supported French characters. Other adapted encoding, include ,ASCII (India),VISCID (Vietnam),and ASCII (Yugoslavia). Although these
  3. Characters,10 numerical digits, and from 11 to 25 special graphic symbols. To, include ,all these, and control characters compatible with the Comte Consultation
  4. Occasional moderately heavy snowfall every few years. Historic snowfall events, include ,New Year's Eve 1963 snowstorm and the 1993 Storm of the Century. The annual
  5. Union of Anarchists (Draft),was supported. Platformism groups active today, include ,the Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland and the North Eastern Federation of
  6. Morph into a variety of different shapes. Examples of clay-animated works, include ,The Gumbo Show (US,1957–1967) Morph shorts (UK,1977–2000),Wallace and
  7. Use of computer technology. Examples of traditionally animated feature films, include ,Pinocchio (United States,1940),Animal Farm (United Kingdom,1954),and
  8. Informal organization and active resistance to the state; its proponents, include ,Wolf Landsteiner and Alfredo M. Bonanza. Theories Intersecting and
  9. Being better or worse than another culture. Ethical commitments in anthropology, include ,noticing and documenting genocide, infanticide,racism, mutilation including
  10. S unemployment rate is 8.9 %. Agriculture Alabama's agricultural outputs, include ,poultry and eggs, cattle,plant nursery items, peanuts,cotton, grains such as
  11. While a 74-gun ship served at the Battle of Trafalgar. Other battle honors, include ,Archean 1809. An armored cruiser of that name served in the Royal Navy
  12. And at least one symptom of restricted and repetitive behavior. Sample symptoms, include ,lack of social or emotional reciprocity, stereotyped and repetitive use of
  13. It is headed by the Governor of Alabama. Other members of executive branch, include ,the cabinet, the Attorney General of Alabama, the Alabama Secretary of State
  14. As description of locomotion. When used in the broader sense, the term can, include ,many groups. One source include s 97 different genera. Others include
  15. Academic departments in universities. Other influential writers in the 1970s, include , Pierre Classes, who explains in his books on the Guarani tribe in Paraguay
  16. Known as black blocs; other organizational tactics pioneered in this time, include ,security culture, affinity groups and the use of decentralized technologies
  17. By moving 2-dimensional pieces of material such as paper or cloth. Examples, include ,Terry Gilliam's animated sequences from Monty Python's Flying Circus (UK
  18. Setting the foundation for the unique Canadian style of anthropology. Scholars, include ,the linguist and Asian Edward Sapir. France Anthropology in France has a less
  19. Of Clan ship Among the Tallest, by Meyer Fortes; well-known edited volumes, include ,African Systems of Kinship and Marriage and African Political Systems. Max
  20. Around age three years is crucial are not substantiated. Available approaches, include ,applied behavior analysis (ABA),developmental models, structured teaching
  21. Animated films which were produced with the aid of computer technology, include ,The Lion King (US,1994) Sen to Chirico no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) (
  22. The Clown when Yoko was drawn over live action footage. Other examples would, include ,Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (USA,1988),Space Jam (USA,1996) and Osmosis
  23. Technologies such as the internet. Other active syndicalist movements, include ,in Sweden the Central Organization of the Workers of Sweden and the Swedish
  24. In communication may be present from the first year of life, and may, include ,delayed onset of babbling, unusual gestures, diminished responsiveness, and
  25. Degrees. Colleges and universities Alabama's programs of higher education, include ,14 four-year public universities, two-year community colleges, and 17 private
  26. To studying and improving plant-based agriculture. Agricultural sciences, include ,research and development on: * Production techniques (e.g., irrigation
  27. Scientists and have led to the development and emergence of new fields. These, include ,technological fields that assume the solution to technological problems lies in
  28. Out of their Huntsville plant. Construction Rust International has grown to, include ,Bras field & Corrie, BE&K,Hear Construction and B. L. Herbert International
  29. Landscape architecture, genomics,and agricultural philosophy fields that, include ,references to food production as something essentially different from
  30. Of individuals with ASD at some point in childhood. These most commonly, include ,symptoms of insomnia such as difficulty in falling asleep, frequent nocturnal
  31. To privately funded health insurance. After childhood, key treatment issues, include ,residential care, job training and placement, sexuality,social skills, and
  32. Mississippi comprising the top three. Industry Alabama's industrial outputs, include ,iron and steel products (including cast-iron and steel pipe); paper, lumber
  33. Baseball teams. Transportation Air transportation Major airports in Alabama, include ,Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM),Huntsville
  34. Are eligible to select the nominees for that category. Foreign films must, include ,English subtitles, and each country can only submit one film per year. The
  35. Who have cited Rand as an important influence on their lives and thought, include ,comic book artist Steve Ditto and musician Neil Part of Rush. Rand provided a
  36. Movements). An estimated 60%–80 % of autistic people have motor signs that, include ,poor muscle tone, poor motor planning, and toe walking; Unusual eating behavior
  37. Southern state of Tennessee, as his running mate. To broaden his coalition to, include ,War Democrats as well as Republicans, Lincoln ran under the label of the new
  38. Other alchemists of the Western world who were eminent in their other studies, include ,Roger Bacon, and Tycho Brahe. The decline of Western alchemy The demise of
  39. And steady as well as constraining them to move at particular joints. Examples, include ,The Tale of the Fox (France,1937),The Nightmare Before Christmas (US,1993
  40. And other mystic movements. Institutions involved in this research, include ,The Chemistry of Isaac Newton project at Indiana University, the University of
  41. Definitional concerns in anarchist theory. Criticisms of anarchism, include ,moral criticisms, practical criticisms which claim that anarchism is unworkable
  42. Area and water area. Areas in Alabama administered by the National Park Service, include ,Horseshoe Bend National Military Park near Alexander City; Little River Canyon
  43. The paradigm of British Social Anthropology (BSA). Famous ethnographic, include ,The NER, by Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard, and The Dynamics of Clan ship Among
  44. 8 represents" backspace ". RFC 2822 refers to control characters that do not, include ,carriage return, line feed or white space as non-whitespace control characters.
  45. To contribute to or exacerbate autism, or may be important in future research, include ,certain foods, infectious disease, heavy metals, solvents,diesel exhaust, PCBs
  46. Of Dialogue (Czechoslovakia,1982),The Trap Door (UK,1984). Films, include ,Wallace & Gr omit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Chicken Run and The Adventures
  47. By the country's recent history. Famous novelists of the 20th century, include ,Mohammed Did, Albert Camus, Kateb Racine and Ah lam Mosteghanemi while Asia
  48. An explosion of scholarship" in the 2000s. However, few universities currently, include ,Rand or Objectives as a philosophical specialty or research area, with many
  49. In which the characters are backlit and only visible as silhouettes. Examples, include ,The Adventures of Prince Ahmed (Weimar Republic,1926) and Princes et
  50. Has strained relations with Morocco, its western neighbor. Reasons for this, include ,Morocco's disputed claim to portions of western Algeria (which led to the

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