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  1. Culminate in a loose ABA format. Gershwin's first A episode introduces the, two ,main" walking" themes in the" Allegretto grains" and develops a third
  2. Synaptic development may also contribute to epilepsy, which may explain why the, two ,conditions are associated. Interactions between the immune system and the
  3. Control, with exemptions specified for areas already under Union control in, two ,states. Once the abolition of slavery in the rebel states became a military
  4. Negatively correlated in time, suggesting an imbalance in toggling between the, two ,ne two rks, possibly reflecting a disturbance of self-referential thought. A 2008
  5. Form was synchronized with Universal Time at the beginning of 1958,and the, two ,have drifted apart ever since, due to the changing motion of the Earth.
  6. That originates with Aristotle himself, his writings are divisible into, two ,groups: the" exoteric" and the" esoteric ". Most scholars have understood
  7. Vehemently while the U. S. cheered. Lincoln resolved the issue by releasing the, two ,men and war was successfully averted with Britain. Lincoln's foreign policy
  8. What is it that makes a man one "? Since, according to Plato there are, two ,Ideas: animal and biped, how then is man a unity? However, according to
  9. Of Macedon. During that time he gave lessons not only to Alexander, but also to, two ,other future kings: Ptolemy and Cassandra. In his Politics, Aristotle states
  10. That brings about an event (not necessarily a mental goal). Taking our, two ,dominoes, it requires someone to intentionally knock the dominoes over as they
  11. In the DSM-IV-TR as exhibiting at least six symptoms total, including at least, two ,symptoms of qualitative impairment in social interaction, at least one symptom
  12. Novelist, philosopher,playwright, and screenwriter. She is known for her, two ,best-selling novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and for developing a
  13. At the same time, both tusks and horns," and" a single-hooved animal with, two ,horns I have never seen," Aristotle suggested that Nature, giving no animal
  14. Under Lincoln's leadership. In terms of war strategy, Lincoln articulated, two ,priorities: to ensure that Washington was well-defended, and to conduct an
  15. Socialist direction. Subsequently, the International became polarized into, two ,camps, with Marx and Bakunin as their respective figureheads. Bakunin
  16. Was commonly interpreted as pederast. Contemporary readers may interpret the, two ,heroes either as relatives or close friends, as " war buddies ", as being in a
  17. Intercepted a British merchant ship the Trent on the high seas and seized, two ,Confederate envoys; Britain protested vehemently while the U. S. cheered.
  18. And guarded prisoners. By the time his son Abraham was born, Thomas owned, two ,farms, several town lots, livestock,and horses. He was among the richest men
  19. Son of Pentagon, challenged Achilles by the river Salamander. He cast, two ,spears at once, one grazed Achilles' elbow," drawing a spurt of blood ". Also
  20. More simply again that which immediately sets the thing in motion. So take the, two ,dominoes this time of equal weighting, the first is knocked over causing the
  21. Present In the first year of the awards, the Best Director award was split into, two ,separate categories (Drama and Comedy). At times, the Best Original Score
  22. Is better than that of Linnaeus, who crowded the invertebrate together into, two ,groups, Insecta and Verses (worms). For Charles Singer," Nothing is more
  23. A one-term member of the United States House of Representatives, but failed in, two ,attempts at a seat in the United States Senate. He was an affectionate, though
  24. Anarcho-syndicalist trade unions founded in 1922,with delegates representing, two ,a million workers from 15 countries in Europe and Latin America. In Latin America
  25. The following December. A wedding set for January 1,1841, was canceled when the, two ,broke off their engagement at Lincoln's initiative. They later met at a party
  26. Strength of the theory is predicting stereotyped behavior and narrow interests;, two ,weaknesses are that executive function is hard to measure and that executive
  27. Counties, where African Americans are the majority racial group. The state's, two ,U. S. senators are Jefferson B. Sessions III and Richard C. Shelby, both
  28. The Centaur, on Mt. Period, to be reared. Achilles in the Trojan War The first, two ,lines of the Iliad read:::: Sing, Goddess,of the rage, of Pele us' son
  29. At Birmingham),an optometry college (University of Alabama at Birmingham), two , pharmacy schools (Auburn University and Stamford University),and five law
  30. By the Founding Fathers, under the constitution. President Lincoln rejected, two ,geographically limited emancipation attempts by Major General John C. Fremont
  31. Direction, Cinematography,and Costume Design awards were likewise split into, two ,separate categories (black-and-white films and color films). Another award
  32. Urged the king to appease the warrior. Agamemnon agreed and sent Odysseus and, two ,other chieftains, Ajax and Phoenix, to Achilles with the offer of the return of
  33. In sustained attention and goal-directed thinking. In people with autism the, two ,ne two rks are not negatively correlated in time, suggesting an imbalance in
  34. Formal science and created foundations to biology that were not superseded for, two ,millennia. Moreover, he introduced the fundamental notion that nature is
  35. Knock the dominoes over as they cannot fall themselves. Aristotle marked, two ,modes of causation: proper (prior) causation and accidental (chance)
  36. Has increased; The risk is greater with older fathers than with older mothers;, two ,potential explanations are the known increase in mutation burden in older sperm
  37. Over animals. While it is believed that Aristotle's Poetics comprised, two ,books – one on comedy and one on tragedy – only the portion that focuses on
  38. Fought against. In 1872,the conflict climaxed with a final split between the, two ,groups at the Hague Congress, where Bakunin and James Guillaume were expelled
  39. Were cast for him in ten of the fifteen Southern slave states, and he won only, two ,of 996 counties in all the Southern states. Lincoln received 1,866,452 votes
  40. M. Scott, John Stuyvesant, William Kernan - The Sand Pebbles For 1967 the, two ,awards in this category were recombined into a single award. * 1967 John
  41. How autism occurs is not well understood. Its mechanism can be divided into, two ,areas: the pathophysiology of brain structures and processes associated with
  42. Hold one of the three seats on the Alabama Public Service Commission. Only, two ,Republican Lieutenant Governors have been elected since Reconstruction, Steve
  43. That Thesis would bear a son greater than his father. For this reason,the, two ,gods withdrew their pursuit, and had her wed Pele us. As with most mythology
  44. North Carolina, Tennessee,and Arkansas also voted for secession over the next, two ,months. Secession sentiment was strong in Missouri and Maryland, but did not
  45. Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama and University of South Alabama), two , veterinary colleges (Auburn University and Tuskegee University),a dental
  46. Who had opposed the measures in the 1850s. Other important legislation involved, two ,measures to raise revenues for the Federal government: tariffs (a policy with
  47. Nautilus (Argonauts Argo). His description of the hectokatal arm was about, two ,a thousand years ahead of its time, and widely disbelieved until its rediscovery
  48. Practical Philosophy and (4) Poetical Philosophy. In the period between his, two ,stays in Athens, between his times at the Academy and the Lyceum, Aristotle
  49. Schools of thought Anarchist schools of thought had been generally grouped in, two ,main historical traditions, individualist anarchism and social anarchism, which
  50. Frank McKelvy - Vertigo With the 1959 films this category was again divided in, two ,* 1959 Black-and-White Lyle R. Wheeler, George Davis, Walter M. Scott, Stuart

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