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  1. In the misstate region when the county courts were in session. Lincoln handled, many ,transportation cases in the midst of the nation's western expansion
  2. Compelled toward fact or reason. " Memorials Lincoln has been memorialized in, many ,town, city,and county names, including the capital of Nebraska. The first
  3. Achilles felt about the heroic life. Achilles was worshiped as a sea-god in, many ,of the Greek colonies on the Black Sea, the location of the mythical" White
  4. An archaic work. This island is not inhabited, and goats graze on it, not, many , which the people who happen to arrive here with their ships, sacrifice to
  5. Is greater than that of the earth and the distance of the stars from the earth, many ,times greater than that of the sun, then ... the sun shines on all the stars
  6. Government" as oxymoron. From this climate William Godwin developed what, many ,consider the first expression of modern anarchist thought. Benjamin Tucker
  7. ASD. However, individuals with autism also have abnormal brain activation in, many ,circuits outside the MNS and the MNS theory does not explain the normal
  8. Devices, like clocks and thermometers. His writings provide an account of, many ,scientific observations, a mixture of precocious accuracy and curious errors.
  9. Also the son of a goddess. Many Homeric scholars argued that episode inspired, many ,details in the Iliads' description of the death of Patrols and Achilles '
  10. Preempted diagnoses. Although the DSM-IV rules out concurrent diagnosis of, many ,other conditions along with autism, the full criteria for ADHD, Tourette
  11. The future of labor. Post-classical currents Anarchism continues to generate, many ,philosophies and movements, at times eclectic, drawing upon various sources
  12. Of military success wore heavily on the President's re-election prospects, and, many , Republicans across the country feared that Lincoln would be defeated. Sharing
  13. Period in Athens from 335 to 323 BC when Aristotle is believed to have composed, many ,of his works. Near the end of Alexander's life, Alexander began to suspect
  14. A student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. His writings cover, many ,subjects, including physics, metaphysics,poetry, theater,music, logic
  15. Is best and treatment is typically tailored to the child's needs. Although, many ,psychosocial interventions have some positive evidence, suggesting that some
  16. The government on emancipation. Despite the still high rankings for Lincoln in, many ,polls, historian Barry Schwartz wrote in 2009 that Lincoln's image suffered "
  17. Shortcomings should not mislead one into forgetting his great advances in the, many ,scientific fields. For instance, he founded logic as a formal science and
  18. To be the object of active academic study today. Though Aristotle wrote, many ,elegant treatises and dialogues (Cicero described his literary style as" a
  19. 1901 Constitution of Alabama effectively disfranchised African Americans and, many ,poor whites through voting restrictions, including literacy requirements. While
  20. Their ships, sacrifice to Achilles. In this temple are also deposited a great, many ,holy gifts, craters,rings and precious stones, offered to Achilles in
  21. Crucial elections, knowing they would be 75-85 % Republican. Stanton was one of, many ,conservative Democrats (he supported Breckenridge in the 1860 election) who
  22. These isolated acts. The dismemberment of the French socialist movement, into, many , groups and, following the suppression of the 1871 Paris Commune, the execution
  23. The Epidote princess Olympias, could therefore also claim this descent, and in, many ,ways strove to be like his great ancestor. He is said to have visited the tomb
  24. Approaches have little empirical support in quality-of-life contexts, and, many , programs focus on success measures that lack predictive validity and real-world
  25. Governors elections and become increasingly competitive in Alabama politics at, many ,levels. They currently control both seats in the U. S. Senate and six out of
  26. Democrats such as Edwin M. Stanton and Andrew Johnson as well. Lincoln spent, many ,hours a week talking to politicians from across the land and using his
  27. Autism appears to result from developmental factors that affect, many ,or all functional brain systems, and to disturb the timing of brain development
  28. Use of identical terms among different anarchist traditions, which has led to, many ,definitional concerns in anarchist theory. Criticisms of anarchism
  29. Of what exactly the exoteric writings were like is scant and dubious, though, many , of them may have been in dialogue form. (Fragments of some of Aristotle's
  30. Following the suppression of the 1871 Paris Commune, the execution and exile of, many ,commands to penal colonies, favored individualist political expression and
  31. Particularly the conflicts arising from the operation of river barges under the, many ,new railroad bridges. As a riverboat man, Lincoln initially favored those
  32. Symptoms related to autism by replacing or modulating gene function, Although, many , alternative therapies and interventions are available, few are supported by
  33. 12,was never a national holiday, but it was at one time observed by as, many ,as 30 states. The Abraham Lincoln Association was formed in 1908 to commemorate
  34. The stigmatization of childhood ASD have deeply affected how we view ASD, and, many , primary care physicians and medical specialists still express some beliefs
  35. Century, white Democrats passed electoral laws disfranchise most blacks and, many ,poor whites. Having regained power in the state legislature, Democrats passed
  36. Instead. Internal issues and debates Anarchism is a philosophy which embodies, many ,diverse attitudes, tendencies and schools of thought; as such, disagreement
  37. In the later vase paintings presenting Achilles' death, the arrow (or in, many ,cases, arrows ) hit his body. Pele us entrusted Achilles to Chiron the Centaur
  38. Of Patrols, Achilles ended his refusal to fight and took the field killing, many ,men in his rage but always seeking out Hector. Achilles even engaged in battle
  39. Genuine and spontaneous union between individuals. " Egoism" has inspired, many ,interpretations of Stirner's philosophy. It was re-discovered and promoted by
  40. Presidential elections. By contrast, Democratic candidates have been elected to, many ,state-level offices and until 2010 comprised a longstanding majority in the
  41. Son of Nestor, Achilles grieved over his beloved companion's death and held, many ,funeral games in his honor. His mother Thesis came to comfort the distraught
  42. Was now part of the national war effort. He declared that the deaths of so, many ,brave soldiers would not be in vain, that slavery would end as a result of the
  43. White Island" which he was said to inhabit after his death, together with, many ,other heroes. The kings of the Virus claimed to be descended from Achilles
  44. Successful. He won election to the state legislature; though he ran as a Whig, many ,Democrats favored him over a more powerful Whig opponent. Admitted to the bar
  45. Characterized Aristotle's writing style as" a river of gold "; it is hard for, many ,modern readers to accept that one could seriously so admire the style of those
  46. Half from 1910 to 1920,reflecting the effect of emigration. At the same time, many ,rural whites and blacks migrated to the city of Birmingham for work in new
  47. Their past success (as well as their state and party). In January 1862,after, many ,complaints of inefficiency and profiteering in the War Department, Lincoln
  48. Societies as the only moral form of social organization. Overview There are, many ,types and traditions of anarchism, not all of which are mutually exclusive.
  49. In 2009. From the American Civil War until World War II, Alabama,like, many ,Southern states, suffered economic hardship, in part because of continued
  50. 23 % of people in Alabama are of predominantly English ancestry. There are also, many ,more people in Alabama of Scots-Irish origins than are self-reported. In a 2007

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