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  1. In which one consciously chooses to do the best things. When the best people, come ,to live life this way their practical wisdom (process) and their intellect
  2. To the relatively limited transportation infrastructure. Many rural residents, come ,into these cities and purchase food and goods in bulk from warehouse clubs like
  3. With Paean (Παιών-Παιήων) the physician of the Gods in Iliad, who seems to, come ,from a more primitive religion. Paeοn is probably connected with the Mycenaean
  4. In the early 18th century. In more modern English usage, the term" adobe" has, come ,to include a style of architecture popular in the desert climates of North
  5. Are Kano. Character design Proportions Body proportions emulated in anime, come ,from proportions of the human body. The height of the head is considered by the
  6. magazine's Frederic Golden wrote that Einstein was" a cartoonist's dream, come ,true ". Awards and honors Einstein merited awards and honors, including the
  7. All other means of transportation had failed. Mushers from all over the world, come ,to Anchorage each March to compete for cash, prizes,and prestige. The" Serum
  8. To practicing law in Springfield, handling " every kind of business that could, come ,before a prairie lawyer ". Twice a year for sixteen years, ten weeks at a time
  9. Allowing Alaskan communities to legally incorporate as cities did not, come ,about until 1900,and home rule for cities was extremely limited or unavailable
  10. Would take over and the government under the Articles of Confederation would, come ,to an end. On that same September 13,it determined that New York would remain
  11. Is how were the exoteric writings all lost, and how did the ones we now possess, come ,to us? The story of the original manuscripts of the esoteric treatises is
  12. In Aristotle, other commentators either suggest that the wording which has, come ,down to us is erroneous, or that the addition of the" as such" to the
  13. 74 %) originate from Europe. The largest group of non-European visitors, come ,from the United States, accounting for 14 % of the total. Retail Shops in
  14. Would be postponed to prepare for municipal elections in May, while it has, come ,under pressure from various groups and politicians to scrap the questions on
  15. The German grapheme ö and ü, and where a word like tube," gun ", would, come , after tub," salt ", in the dictionary. The Danish and Norwegian alphabets end
  16. Ḫamsat NASA). *Certain lexical items,e.g. jab" bring" < Jay bi- ", come ,with "; SAF" see "; yes" what" ( or similar); ill" ( relative pronoun) "
  17. Have settled and started up small businesses, while at least as many have, come ,as workforce for large (construction or other) enterprises. Observers claim
  18. Were reserved for control characters. The" space" character had to, come ,before graphics to make sorting easier, so it became position 0x20; for the
  19. Alaska Peninsula communities. The bulk of remaining commercial flight offerings, come ,from small regional commuter airlines such as Era Aviation, PenAir, and
  20. It is" from what is spontaneous" ( but note that what is spontaneous does not, come ,from chance). For a better understanding of Aristotle's conception of "
  21. Honor was innocent, that the proposal had been legitimate, and that he would, come ,to claim what was rightfully his. Attila interfered in a succession struggle
  22. It is not the weal or woe of any one individual, but that of the human race to, come , which is here at stake. ” In another context, Schopenhauer reiterated his
  23. In the Politics, for example, but is generally confident that the work has, come ,down to us relatively intact. As the influence of the Falstaff grew in the West
  24. Of its release, telling critic Donald Richie that a cycle of some kind had just, come ,to an end and that his future films and production methods would be different.
  25. To Prince, the filmmaker’s vision eventually became so bleak that he would, come ,to view history merely as eternally recurring patterns of violence, within
  26. Aku, Levantine fish, and North African Karen all mean" there is ", and all, come ,from Classical Arabic forms (Yakut, fīhi, kā'in respectively),but now sound
  27. Cumuli the Shepherd. Gavin White suggests that the subprogram" man" may have, come ,to be understood as Akkadian LU" sheep ". Aries only rose to its prominent
  28. It was better documented: indeed, most of the earlier writings that have, come ,down through the years were preserved as Arabic translations. The word alchemy
  29. Not tied to the formality of spoken or written language. Unlike words, which, come , in sequences and each of which have a definite meaning, art provides a range of
  30. On the island, in Achilles’ honor. But there are others, who are forced to, come ,to this island by sea storms. As they have no sacrificial animals, but wish to
  31. Humane attitudes of an earlier day had all but disappeared and the laborer had, come ,to be regarded as a commodity ". Swift presents the dire state of Ireland and
  32. He died because of a small wound on his heel, the term" Achilles' heel" has, come ,to mean a person's principal weakness. Etymology Achilles' name can be
  33. Throughout Arabia and the Sinai, and not actually connected with Teamed. Later, come ,the Static inscriptions beginning in the 1st century BC, and the many Arabic
  34. Are more than twenty varieties including black, blue and reddish fur. They, come ,in tabby and tabby-white, along with smoke varieties, and are in every color
  35. Experience one's self in relation to the universe. This experience may often, come ,unmotivated, as one appreciates art, music or poetry. " The most beautiful
  36. Letters, for example," Z" before" a" * Digits and many punctuation marks, come ,before letters, for example," 4" is before" one" An intermediate order
  37. To the hero, as price for the sacrificial victims. To some of the people who, come ,to this island, Achilles appears in dreams, to others he would appear even
  38. His former victims, all of whom are keen on revenge. The policemen who, come ,to Alex's rescue turn out to be none other than Dim and former gang rival
  39. From each set, then,because X is infinite, our choice procedure will never, come ,to an end, and consequently, we will never be able to produce a choice function
  40. Robot to the world – were organic artificial humans, the word" robot" has, come ,to primarily refer to mechanical humans, animals,and other beings. The term "
  41. Pikes Peak. On the pinnacle of that mountain, the words of the poem started to, come ,to her, and she wrote them down upon returning to her hotel room at the
  42. between two and three million albums a year. ABBA was the first pop group to, come ,from a non-English-speaking country that enjoyed consistent success in the
  43. By Attila's contemporary Prices. Prices' version, however,has recently, come ,under renewed scrutiny by Michael A. Babcock. Based on detailed philological
  44. Of desirability. That notion is central for explaining how formal systems, come ,into being starting from a small set of axioms and rules. In logic, the time
  45. Wings. Other people say still more, that some of the men who reach this island, come ,here intentionally. They bring animals in their ships, destined to be
  46. Collating sequence). The main deviations in ASCII order are: * All uppercase, come ,before lowercase letters, for example," Z" before" a" * Digits and many
  47. War, but have begun to recover after 2002. The transformation industry that had, come ,into existence in the late colonial period collapsed at independence, because
  48. You have considered your own situation, and not ours. The moment is not yet, come ,for us. The war with Portugal — France being unprepared, and our treasure ships
  49. Greatest technical achievement of mankind to date ... nothing since Apollo has, come ,close to the excitement that was generated by those astronauts - Armstrong
  50. Opposition. Ceasefire with UNITS On February 22, 2002,after the MPA regime, come ,to terms with the USA, Jonas Saving, the leader of UNITS, was killed in combat

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