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  1. Of strategies have been employed. Many advertisers have opted for product, placement ,on TV shows like Survivor. Other strategies include integrating advertising
  2. Passage leading out of the palace, but the entrance was inaccessible due to the, placement ,of the queen's wardrobe over it after the wedding. The conspirators searched
  3. Cast, and crew. Bollywood is also used to advertise other products. Product, placement , as used in Hollywood, is widely practiced in Bollywood. Bollywood movie stars
  4. Business deals in The Bahamas, most recently acting as financial advisor and, placement ,agent for the largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) ever in The Bahamas with
  5. Was a colony of Epicurus, to which state it was originally subject. Its, placement ,between Attica and the Peloponnese made it a center of trade even earlier, and
  6. Is also not permitted. After a player places a tile, and the results of that, placement ,have been handled, he may purchase up to three shares of stock. A player may
  7. To a marked stress in some outer dialects, with varying patterns of stress, placement , Stress is in general not distinctive (and for historical comparisons not very
  8. Opening and closing parentheses are shown with the same symbol. Therefore,the, placement ,context will determine whether the parentheses are opening or closing. Grade 2
  9. In-store advertising is any advertisement placed in a retail store. It includes, placement ,of a product in visible locations in a store, such as at eye level, at the ends
  10. An increasing trend of interactive and" embedded" ads, such as via product, placement , having consumers vote through text messages, and various innovations utilizing
  11. Footholds; marketing professionals employ anthropology to determine propitious, placement ,of advertising; and humanitarian agencies depend on anthropological insights as
  12. Tellurium (atomic weight 127.6) ahead of iodine (atomic weight 126.9). This, placement ,is consistent with the modern practice of ordering the elements by proton
  13. Dodge logo on the front. Blade Runner includes some of the most obvious product, placement ,; the whole film stops to show a Coca-Cola billboard. Physical advertising;
  14. Contained many scenes in which Cadillac cars were used. Similarly, product, placement , for Omega Watches, Ford,VAIN, BMW and Aston Martin cars are featured in recent
  15. Coils or loops of brass wire to aid in the final forming process. The exact, placement ,of these loops can vary somewhat depending on the reed maker. The bound reed
  16. About the Buddha's teachings and life through successive births. Their, placement ,on the walls required the devotee to walk through the aisles and 'read' the
  17. Or branched are typically joined with glycosidic bonds. However, the exact, placement ,of the linkage can vary and the orientation of the linking functional groups is
  18. The surfaceand all regions outside the surface have low values. The precise, placement ,of the surface is arbitrary, but any reasonably compact determination must
  19. An order has been recognized by a few systems of plant taxonomy, with a various, placement , It appears that it always has had the same: consisting only of the family
  20. Were known to have nearly identical or reversed atomic weights, leaving their, placement ,in the periodic table by chemical properties to be in violation of known
  21. Or cable-stayed span, the elements in tension are distinct and, placement , In other cases the forces may be distributed among many members
  22. Angles) relative to one another. These are usually considered by their, placement ,in houses (spatial divisions of the sky),and their movement through signs of
  23. Of the Basque Language) only provides general recommendations for a standard, placement ,of stress, basically to place a high-pitched weak stress (weaker than that of
  24. Zion (Judah) led by Yahweh. The importance of this theme is indicated by its, placement ,at the beginning and end of Second Isaiah (40:3-5,55:12-13). This is new Exodus
  25. Includes vocational training, basic education, college preparation and advanced, placement , Higher education goals can be pursued through the Professional Education
  26. Three steps: # placing a tile # buying stock # drawing a re placement tile, placement ,falls in one of four categories. The tile placed could be an orphan, adjacent
  27. The Federal Trade Commission again in 2003 investigated FMB ads, product, placement , and internal company marketing documents after a directive from the conferees
  28. Then, instead,to the Avila, in part to avoid the uncertainties about the, placement ,of Archaeopteryx in relation to animals traditionally thought of as theropod
  29. Model or atomic orbital model),a modern framework for describing the, placement ,of electrons in an atom. In this model, the atom consists of a nucleus
  30. In the lyrical sections of Samson Agonists, Milton significantly varied the, placement ,of the caesura. In the poetry of Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queen 8 lines of
  31. This technique is especially used in televised sporting events. Virtual product, placement ,is also possible.;.; Radio advertising: Radio advertising is a form of
  32. The use of rivets rather than welds on the stamped receiver, as well as the, placement ,of a small dimple above the magazine well for stabilization of the magazine. In
  33. Contained many scenes in which Cadillac cars were used. Similarly, product, placement , for Omega Watches, Ford,VAIN, BMW and Aston Martin cars are featured in recent
  34. Represented by dots 2-3-6—the same as the opening quotation mark. Therefore, the, placement ,of the dots—before a word or after a word—will determine which symbol it is. **
  35. Indicated that migraine patients benefit from acupuncture, although the correct, placement ,of needles seems to be less relevant than is usually thought by acupuncturists.
  36. Best sound equipment and arrange the microphones his way; the logistics of mic, placement ,had long been a hotly debated issue in every recording studio since the
  37. They would be unable to sleep. Lunar surface operations The astronauts planned, placement ,of the Early Apollo Scientific Experiment Package (EASE) and the U. S. flag
  38. Cloning involves the removal of the nucleus from one cell and its, placement ,in an unfertilized egg cell whose nucleus has either been deactivated or
  39. Is responsible for its own separate admissions, health,security, guidance and, placement ,services, and has its own alumnae association. Nonetheless, Barnard students
  40. One thumbsucker at the neck and a split-coil pickup at the middle position. The, placement ,of the pickup greatly affects the sound. A pickup near the neck joint
  41. Childhood, key treatment issues include residential care, job training and, placement , sexuality, social skills, and estate planning. Prognosis There is no known
  42. Exist, but which do not hold electrons in any element currently known. Electron, placement ,and the periodic table Several rules govern the placement of electrons in
  43. In the Pollard script, an abused, vowels are indicated by diacritics, but the, placement ,of the diacritic relative to the consonant is modified to indicate the tone.
  44. While others have retractable wheels. Other features include the speed, cockpit, placement , color scheme or special equipment that changes the silhouette of the aircraft
  45. Common configurations are a single pickup at the bridge, two pickups similar in, placement ,to a Jazz Bass, or an MM pickup at the bridge with a single-coil pickup (often
  46. Known. Electron placement and the periodic table Several rules govern the, placement ,of electrons in orbitals (electron configuration). The first dictates that no
  47. Affair does not list any Ásatrú symbols as available emblems of belief for, placement ,on government headstones and markers. According to federal guidelines, only
  48. Quantum numbers n of electrons becomes less and less important in their energy, placement , The energy sequence of the first 24 subshells (e.g.,1s,2p,3d,etc.) is
  49. Such as Novel NDS are able to assign access privileges through object, placement ,within an OF. In Active Directory it is a separate step for an administrator to
  50. Dodge logo on the front. Blade Runner includes some of the most obvious product, placement ,; the whole film stops to show a Coca-Cola billboard. Sales promotions Sales

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