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  1. Patents related to interactive liquid crystal display systems. With a growing, economy , Alberta has several financial institutions dealing with civil and private
  2. Bought a small general store on credit in New Salem, Illinois. Although the, economy ,was booming in the region, the business struggled and Lincoln eventually sold
  3. Also has very high levels of economic freedom and rates Alberta as the freest, economy ,in Canada, and the second-freest economy amongst U. S. states and Canadian
  4. And their African agents. For example, in what is now Angola, the Mandala, economy ,was heavily focused on the slave trade. European traders would export
  5. Government. In December 2006,Angola was admitted as a member of OPEC. The, economy ,grew 18 % in 2005.26 % in 2006 and 17.6 % in 2007. However, due to the global
  6. In schools. Much of Algeria is now recovering and developing into an emerging, economy , The high prices of oil and natural gas are being used by the new government to
  7. Farmers are trapped in poverty. A serious structural problem of the Angolan, economy ,are the enormous differences between the regions. This is best illustrated by
  8. Reported in 2008 that diamonds and oil make up 60 percent of Angola's, economy , almost all the country's revenue and are its dominant exports. Growth is
  9. Under-represented. Following World War II, Alabama experienced growth as the, economy ,of the state transitioned from agriculture to diversified interests in heavy
  10. Population itself, in Ireland’s case, did not always mean greater wealth and, economy , The uncontrolled maxim fails to take into account that a person that does not
  11. Is also a growing service and tourism sector. Tourists have contributed to the, economy ,by supporting local lodging. Energy Alaska has vast energy resources. Major oil
  12. Anarchism has always included an individualist strain supporting a market, economy ,and private property, or morally unrestrained egoism. Some individualist
  13. 2005.26 % in 2006 and 17.6 % in 2007. However, due to the global recession the, economy ,contracted an estimated -0.3 % in 2009. The security brought about by the 2002
  14. Metro areas and municipalities by population as of 2006 Economy Alberta's, economy ,is one of the strongest in Canada, supported by the burgeoning petroleum
  15. Exchange rate method) as that of the rest of Asia combined. In 1995,Japan's, economy ,nearly equaled that of the USA as the largest economy in the world for a day
  16. Fairbanks and Anchorage. Federal subsidies are also an important part of the, economy , allowing the state to keep taxes low. Its industrial outputs are crude
  17. And forestry Agriculture has a significant position in the province's, economy , The province has over three million head of are also raised. Wheat and canola
  18. People are the riches of the nation ", and there was a general faith in an, economy ,that paid its workers low wages because high wages meant workers would work
  19. And retreat to a mountainous hideaway where they build an independent free, economy , The novel's hero and leader of the strike, John Salt, describes the strike as
  20. Paved highway system began to eclipse the railroad's importance in Alaska's, economy , The railroad, though famed for its summer tour passenger service, played a
  21. Shipping, and transportation. Military bases are a significant component of the, economy ,in both Fairbanks and Anchorage. Federal subsidies are also an important part
  22. Kwanza note. 2000s An economic reform effort was launched in 1998. The Angolan, economy ,ranked 160 out of 174 nations in the United Nations Human Development Index of
  23. Reduction in foreign debt. The government's continued efforts to diversify the, economy ,by attracting foreign and domestic investment outside the energy sector have
  24. The population. Oil production and the supporting activities are vital to the, economy , contributing about 45 % to GDP and 90 % of exports. Growth is almost entirely
  25. High rate of growth in recent years, mainly because of its burgeoning, economy , Between 2003 and 2004,the province had high birthrates (on par with some
  26. Weapons as required. Despite the increase in civil warfare in late 1998,the, economy ,grew by an estimated 4 % in 1999. The government introduced new currency
  27. Cod, Pollock and crab. Agriculture represents only a fraction of the Alaskan, economy , Agricultural production is primarily for consumption within the state and
  28. Economy The Atlantic has contributed significantly to the development and, economy ,of surrounding countries. Besides major transatlantic transportation and
  29. In large-scale increases in agriculture production. Although the country's, economy ,has developed very significantly since achieving political stability in 2002
  30. Beneficial to the leadership after the 1973 oil crisis. However, the Algerian, economy ,became increasingly dependent on oil which led to hardship when the price
  31. Approved a $2 billion line of credit to Angola to rebuild infrastructure. The, economy ,grew 18 % in 2005 and growth was expected to reach 26 % in 2006 and stay above
  32. On health care in the province. A highly educated population and burgeoning, economy ,have made Alberta a national leader in health education, research,and
  33. Its wide use can be attributed to its simplicity of design and make, and the, economy ,of creating it. A distinction is sometimes made between the smaller adobes
  34. Year of sunshine. Economy Tourism, the mainstay of Andorra's tiny, well-to-do, economy , accounts for roughly 80 % of GDP. An estimated 10.2 million tourists visit
  35. Or Japan. By 2027,according to Goldman Sachs, China will have the largest, economy ,in the world. Several trade blocs exist, with the most developed being the
  36. Ranking 15th in the nation. The oil and gas industry dominates the Alaskan, economy , with more than 80 % of the state's revenues derived from petroleum extraction
  37. Disarray caused by a quarter-century of civil war to being the fastest growing, economy ,in Africa and one of the fastest in the world, with an average GDP growth of 20
  38. In 1995,Japan's economy nearly equaled that of the USA as the largest, economy ,in the world for a day, after the Japanese currency reached a record high of 79
  39. Are based on Angola's strong support of U. S. foreign policy as the Angolan, economy ,is dependent on U. S. foreign aid. From 1975 to 1989,Angola was aligned with
  40. Similar developments can be verified in the service sector. Overall,Angola's, economy ,has undergone a period of transformation in recent years, moving from the
  41. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. China was the largest and most advanced, economy ,on earth for much of recorded history, until the British Empire (excluding
  42. And rates Alberta as the freest economy in Canada, and the second freest, economy ,amongst U. S. states and Canadian provinces. Industry Alberta is the largest
  43. To illustrate that without the efforts of the rational and productive,the, economy ,would collapse and society would fall apart. The novel includes elements of
  44. Of the population of the state. Heavy industry and mining were the basis of the, economy , Industrial development related to the demands of World War II brought
  45. In 1868. After the Civil War, the state was still chiefly agricultural, with an, economy ,tied to cotton. Planters resisted working with free labor during Reconstruction
  46. Alaskan coastline offer wind and geothermal energy potential as well. Alaska's, economy ,depends heavily on increasingly expensive diesel fuel for heating
  47. To Mrs. Roosevelt, Lieutenant Commander v. d. Scatter Olivier. The island's, economy ,has been dominated by five main industries: gold mining, phosphate mining (The
  48. Upper South brought slaves with them as the cotton plantations expanded. The, economy ,of the central" Black Belt" ( named for its dark, productive soil) was built
  49. Mid 19th century. Japan has had for only several decades after WW2 the largest, economy ,in Asia and second-largest of any single nation in the world, after surpassing
  50. Wyatt is the head of Wyatt Oil. He has almost single-handedly revived the, economy ,of Colorado by discovering a new process for extracting more oil from what were

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