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  1. The south shore of Lesser Slave Lake into High Prairie, north to Peace River, west ,to Fairview and finally south to Grande Prairie, where it ends at an
  2. By invaders in the 12th century. Greek-speaking populations moved to the, west ,coasts and established cities up to the Black Sea. In the 6th century BC the
  3. Section (160 acres). This system was carried forward to most of the States, west ,of the Mississippi (excluding areas of Texas and California that had already
  4. Bara law; in Korea, gim; in Japan, nori and honor. It is also used along the, west ,coast of North America from California to British Columbia, in Hawaii and by
  5. Alaska has nearly of tidal shoreline. The Aleutian Islands chain extends, west ,from the southern tip of the Alaska Peninsula. Many active volcanoes are found
  6. Prairie in the southeastern corner to mixed grass prairie in an arc to the, west ,and north of it. The central aspen parkland region extending in a broad arc
  7. Then Japan's Mount Fuji. The chain of volcanoes extends to Mount Spur, west ,of Anchorage on the mainland. Geologists have identified Alaska as part of
  8. Africa, is nowhere near the Ethiopia Ocean, which would be said to lie off the, west ,coast of Africa. The term Ethiopian Ocean sometimes appeared until the mid-19th
  9. While on the west its boundary with British Columbia follows the 120th meridian, west ,south from the North west Territories at 60°N until it reaches the Continental
  10. Tell Atlas, ranging from annually, the amount of precipitation increasing from, west ,to east. Precipitation is heaviest in the northern part of eastern Algeria
  11. River for 30 years, which would have economically strangled the settlers, west ,of the Appalachian Mountains. Finally, due to the Confederation's military
  12. Ocean to the south, the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Chukchi Sea to the, west ,and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Alaska's territorial waters touch Russia's
  13. The Montana border at 49°N. The province extends north to south and east to, west ,at its maximum width. Its highest point is at the summit of Mount Columbia in
  14. Possessions of Saint George del Mind, Saint Thomas, and Luanda, Angola,on the, west ,coast of Africa. After the dissolution of the Iberian Union in 1640,Portugal
  15. Of 1785 established both the general practices of land surveying in the, west ,and north west and the land ownership provisions used throughout the later
  16. The European sailors and merchants gave the name Levant (Levant) to the, west ,and south coasts of Asia Minor, including Syria. Levant is derived from the
  17. Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean. Geography The Atlantic Ocean is bounded on the, west ,by North and South America. It connects to the Arctic Ocean through the Denmark
  18. To the north; Georgia to the east; Florida to the south; and Mississippi to the, west , Alabama has coastline at the Gulf of Mexico, in the extreme southern edge of
  19. To the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, with Russia further, west ,across the Bering Strait. Approximately half of Alaska's 710,231 residents (
  20. Meridian west separates it from the province of Saskatchewan, while on the, west ,its boundary with British Columbia follows the 120th meridian west south from
  21. 4 seconds early and reported that they were" long ": they would land miles, west ,of their target point. Five minutes into the descent burn, and above the
  22. North divides it from the North west Territories. To the east the 110th meridian, west ,separates it from the province of Saskatchewan, while on the west its boundary
  23. Trans-Canada network and known as the Yellow head Highway (Highway 16),runs, west ,from Lloyd minster in eastern Alberta, through Edmonton and Jasper National Park
  24. Were not allowed to trade in it. After the arrival of French Canadians in the, west ,around 1731,they settled near fur trading posts, establishing communities such
  25. Disapproved of slavery, and the spread of slavery to new U. S. territory in the, west , He returned to politics to oppose the pro-slavery Kansas–Nebraska Act (1854)
  26. Perennial that is found throughout Alaska, from Hyde to the Arctic Coast, and, west , to the Aleutians. * State insect: Four-spot skimmer dragonfly, adopted 1995.
  27. Republic of the Congo to the north-east, and the South Atlantic Ocean to the, west , The exclave of Cabinet also borders the Republic of the Congo to the north.
  28. Parkway. Ban ff is located west of Calgary on Highway 1,and Jasper is located, west ,of Edmonton on Yellow head Highway. Five of Canada's fourteen UNESCO World
  29. Atlanta; and I-10 traverses the southernmost portion of the state, running from, west ,to east through Mobile. Another interstate road,I-22,is currently under
  30. Roughly through the middle of the state; I-59/I-20 travels from the central, west ,border to Birmingham, where I-59 continues to the north-east corner of the
  31. Oracular-cult were transmitted from the Hittites to the Greeks and then to the, west , The Ionian School of philosophers were the first natural philosophers (
  32. Kenji Peninsula. Rural, mostly unpopulated areas south of the Alaska Range and, west ,of the Wrangell Mountains also fall within the definition of South central, as
  33. In the north west of contemporary Angola, but included important regions in the, west ,of present day Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of Congo as well
  34. Park through Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer, connecting with Highway 12, west , of Settler. The highway connects many of the smaller towns in central Alberta
  35. The south-east, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Aegean Sea to the, west , From the neolithic age Asia Minor was the route of the forward-Asiatic
  36. To NASA's Apollo Lunar program in the 1960s. The statue of Apollo from the, west ,pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia (currently in the Archaeological
  37. Canada to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the, west ,and south, with Russia further west across the Bering Strait. Approximately
  38. Country is bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, in the east by Libya, in the, west ,by Morocco, in the south west by Western Sahara, Mauritania,and Mali, in the
  39. Mountain parks are connected by the scenic Ice fields Parkway. Ban ff is located, west ,of Calgary on Highway 1,and Jasper is located west of Edmonton on Yellow head
  40. The east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the, west , Alabama ranks 30th in total land area and ranks second in the size of its
  41. McCandless, who died in a remote abandoned bus along the Stampede Trail, west ,of Healy in 1992. State symbols * Nicknames:" The Last Frontier" or" Land of
  42. 2 is supplemented by two more highways that run parallel to it: Highway 22, west , of Highway 2,known as Cowboy Trail, and Highway 21,east of Highway 2. Highway
  43. Located in west ern Canada, bounded by the provinces of British Columbia to the, west ,and Saskatchewan to the east, the North west Territories to the north, and the
  44. The vital city of Nashville, Tennessee. Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard was sent, west ,to join Johnston, and they organized their forces at Corinth, Mississippi
  45. Consisting primarily of French people, in addition to Spaniards in the, west ,of the country, Italians and Maltese in the east, and other Europeans such as
  46. These states gave up all of their claims to land north of the Ohio River and, west ,of the (present) west ern border of Pennsylvania: Massachusetts, Connecticut
  47. Southern Algeria. They are located about south of the capital, Algiers and just, west ,of Tamanghasset. Algiers, Oran,Constantine, Tizi Ouzo and Anna are Algeria
  48. Stretches over into the Pacific Ocean. The International Date Line was drawn, west ,of 180° to keep the whole state, and thus the entire North American continent
  49. Of the forward-Asiatic cultural stream which moved from the Near East to the, west ,and spread the agriculture to the east coasts of Greece and Crete during the
  50. Longitudinally between Europe and Africa to the east, and the Americas to the, west , As one component of the interconnected global ocean, it is connected in the

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