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  1. From 1980 onward. That same year, not coincidentally, Alaska repealed its state, income ,tax. In 1989,the Exxon Valdez hit a reef in the Prince William Sound, spilling
  2. Also the only Canadian province to have a single rate of taxation for personal, income ,taxes which is 10 % of taxable income . The Alberta tax system maintains a
  3. Such as economics. For example, since the 1980s in the United States median, income ,has increased more slowly than the arithmetic average of income . Ben Bernanke
  4. He did not think that there was anything exploitative about people receiving an, income ,according to how much others subjectively value their labor or what that labor
  5. Water treatment and waste management. As average per-capita disposable, income ,rises across the region, demand for energy and other commodities is escalating.
  6. The money, in gold, which was unjustly taken away from them—specifically, their, income , tax payments. He explains this is not altruism; his motivation is to ensure
  7. Is among the nation's very highest. Alabama is the only state that levies, income ,tax on a family of four with income as low as $4,600,which is barely
  8. Alabama is the only state that levies income tax on a family of four with, income ,as low as $4,600,which is barely one-quarter of the federal poverty line.
  9. Educational and/or public libraries. These days, many authors supplement their, income ,from book sales with public speaking engagements, school visits, residencies
  10. Mainly from royalties on non-renewable natural resources (30.4 %),personal, income ,taxes (22.3 %),corporate and other taxes (19.6 %),and grants from the
  11. 11 Global Growth Generators countries came from Asia driven by population and, income ,growth. They are Bangladesh, the People's Republic of China, India,Indonesia
  12. Theory does not explain unemployment. Since total spending is equal to total, income , the reallocation of resources during recessions would increase employment in
  13. A single rate of taxation for personal income taxes which is 10 % of taxable, income , The Alberta tax system maintains a progressive character by allowing residents
  14. Population below poverty line: :26.5 % (2006 est. ) Inflation: 4.4 % Household, income ,or consumption by percentage share: lowest 10 %: 1.6 % highest 10 %: 41.3 % (
  15. The past 40 years, according to the report’s analysis of health, education and, income ,data. The People's Republic of China, the second-highest achiever in the world
  16. Otherwise; Investment (gross fixed) – 21 % of GDP (2008 est. ); Household, income ,or consumption by percentage share –; Inflation rate (consumer prices) – 21.6
  17. Single largest increase came in the area of information. In 1999,per capita, income ,for the state was $18,189. As of September 2010,the state's unemployment rate
  18. For taking care of the children, while the father provided the family's, income , Music and dance were popular entertainments for those who could afford them.
  19. Financial problems; one 2008 US study found a 14 % average loss of annual, income ,in families of children with ASD, and a related study found that ASD is
  20. Is the largest U. S. state by area, and the sixth wealthiest (per capita, income ,). As of January 2010,the state's unemployment rate is 8.5 %. Race and
  21. Notes by the Legal Tender Act of 1862. The Revenue Act of 1861 introduced the, income ,tax to help finance the war. The Confederacy Seven Deep South cotton states
  22. Of the few remaining states that levies a tax on food and medicine. Alabama's, income ,tax on poor working families is among the nation's very highest. Alabama is
  23. Share: lowest 10 %: 1.6 % highest 10 %: 41.3 % (2004) Distribution of family, income ,- Gini index: :37 (2006) Investment (gross fixed): :34.1 % of GDP (2008):
  24. Prospects for economic growth in the medium term will continue to depend on, income ,growth in the industrialized world, especially in the United States, from which
  25. Since 1970,is the only country on the“ Top 10 Movers” list due to, income ,rather than health or education achievements. Its per capita income increased a
  26. In 1861,Lincoln signed the Revenue Act of 1861,creating the first U. S., income ,tax. This created a flat tax of 3 percent on income s above $800 ($ in current
  27. Of royalties earned against returns. In some countries, authors also earn, income ,from a government scheme such as the ELR (Educational Lending Right) and PLR
  28. Cost of delivering an of milk is about $3.50 in many villages where per capita, income ,can be $20,000 or less. Fuel cost can exceed $8.00 per gallon. Transportation
  29. Fairbanks has one of the highest property taxes in the state as no sales or, income ,taxes are assessed in the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB). A sales tax
  30. State product was $44.9 billion,45th in the nation. Its per capita personal, income ,for 2007 was $40,042,ranking 15th in the nation. The oil and gas industry
  31. Federal government: tariffs (a policy with long precedent),and a new Federal, income ,tax. In 1861,Lincoln signed the second and third Morrill Tariff, the first
  32. Is one who does not depend on the field of astronomy as a primary source of, income ,or support, and does not have a professional degree or advanced academic
  33. The field of medicine. Increasingly, women are contributing more to household, income ,than men. Sixty percent of university students are women, according to
  34. List due to income rather than health or education achievements. Its per capita, income ,increased a stunning 21-fold over the last four decades, also lifting hundreds
  35. Supreme Court of Alabama. Taxes Alabama levies a 2,4,or 5 percent personal, income ,tax, depending upon the amount earned and filing status. Taxpayers are not
  36. A coercive monopoly and, as the only entity in human society that derives its, income ,from legal aggression, an entity that inherently violates the central axiom of
  37. To the Royal Literary Fund, part-owner of the Pooh copyright, provide the, income ,used to run the Fund's Fellowship Scheme, placing professional writers in U.
  38. In Canadian history. According to the 2006 census, the median annual family, income ,after taxes was $70,986 in Alberta (compared to $60,270 in Canada as a whole)
  39. Of the massive air pollution it caused. Newly independent Armenia needed the, income ,from foreign sales of Carat rubber and chemical products, many of which had
  40. States median income has increased more slowly than the arithmetic average of, income , Ben Bernanke has voiced the findings of the vast majority of labor economists
  41. For example, per capita GDP gives an approximation of the arithmetic average, income ,of a nation's population. While the arithmetic mean is often used to report
  42. Do not exploit workers; they accommodate workers by providing them with, income ,well in advance of the revenue from the output they helped to produce.
  43. Institution because the hyperinflation crisis of 1923 limited his parents ', income , In 1924 when the crisis had abated, he transferred to the" much more
  44. With no state sales tax, one of seven states that do not levy an individual, income ,tax, and one of two states that has neither. The Department of Revenue Tax
  45. 21-fold over the last four decades, also lifting hundreds of millions out of, income ,poverty. Yet it was not among the region’s top performers in improving school
  46. A child either in terms of the direct costs of raising a child or the loss of, income ,while she is caring for the child, lack of support from the father, inability
  47. Whom live in the urbanized area. The richest location in Alaska by per capita, income ,is Halibut Cove ($89,895). Yakut at City, Sitka, Juneau,and Anchorage are the
  48. Earned and filing status. Taxpayers are not allowed to deduct their federal, income ,tax from their Alabama state tax, but can deduct federal Social Security and
  49. Success, it was not initially a profitable venture and Bell's main sources of, income ,were from lectures until after 1897. One unusual request exacted by his fiancée
  50. Bird into the novel. During this period Huxley earned some Hollywood, income ,as a writer. In March 1938,his friend Anita Loos, a novelist and screenwriter

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