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  1. Up his approach in a motto that would become famous:" We fight, get beat, rise , and fight again. " By March,Greene's army had grown to the point where he
  2. 11 % of the bottom topography with few deep channels cut across the continental, rise , Ocean floor trenches and seamounts: *Puerto Rico Trench, in the North Atlantic
  3. Including Syria. Levant is derived from the French verb lever meaning" to, rise ," indicating that part of the world where the sun rise s. AA River may refer to:
  4. Hotcake dynasty was established in Kandahar followed by Ahmad Shah Durrani's, rise ,to power in 1747. The capital of Afghanistan was shifted in 1776 from Kandahar
  5. Denominations, but with the influx of Muslim immigrants there has been a, rise ,in the number of Islamic schools. Jewish schools can be found in the southern
  6. At the corners on a layer of adobe mortar. Adobe walls usually never, rise ,above two stories because they are load bearing and have low structural
  7. The bottom of the ridge is three times as deep and of course several peaks, rise ,above the water and form islands. The South Atlantic Ocean has an additional
  8. Of Western alchemy The demise of Western alchemy was brought about by the, rise ,of modern science with its emphasis on rigorous quantitative experimentation
  9. Is full of popular misconceptions, but was much read at the time and so gave, rise ,to the myth of the Anaconda of Ceylon. Various theories exist regarding the
  10. Transition Command Afghanistan, stated that the literacy rate in the ANP will, rise ,to over 50 percent by January 2012. What began as a voluntary literacy program
  11. In spite of, the chaotic times of civil war depicted in the film that the seven, rise ,to greatness. " Kurosawa locates the unexpected benefits no less than the
  12. Arrangement appeared c. 7000 BC, with post-ice age sea levels continuing to, rise ,for another 3,000 years after that. The subsequent Bronze Age civilizations of
  13. And in England, some use of it had been made of it for similar purposes ". Its, rise ,in Europe was" a sudden phenomenon ", after natural deposits were found" in
  14. Were killed. This was followed by the Afghan civil war (1992-1996),the, rise ,and fall of the extremist Taliban government and the 2001-present war. In
  15. Khan. The political history of modern Afghanistan begins in 1709 with the, rise ,of the Pashtuns, when the Hotcake dynasty was established in Kandahar followed
  16. Two suspension bridges over the Bosporus, both its Asian and European banks, rise ,steeply from the water and form a succession of cliffs, coves,and nearly
  17. The subsequent Bronze Age civilizations of Greece and the Aegean Sea have given, rise ,to the general term Aegean civilization. In ancient times, the sea was the
  18. Chief Lee Yin () from Malaysia, used it in newsgroups. Other terms With the, rise ,of space tourism, NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency agreed to use the
  19. Meaning of terms such as" definable" or" nameable ". Terms of this kind give, rise ,to vicious circle fallacies. Other terms with this type of ambiguity are:
  20. Hieroglyphic HMI, black earth, as opposed to desert sand). With the latter, rise ,of alchemy in Alexandria, the word may have derived from Χημία, and thus became
  21. The Seljuk Turks, local poets such as Miami Ganja vi and Kagan Servant gave, rise ,to a blossoming of Persian literature on the territory of present-day
  22. S land mass consists of mountain ridges, crests,yields, and plateaus which, rise ,up to hydrometric levels of 400–1000 meters (including the Middle and Lower
  23. To be one of the most heritable of all psychiatric conditions. Although the, rise ,of parent organizations and the stigmatization of childhood ASD have deeply
  24. Other products used to sustain life. Agriculture was the key implement in the, rise ,of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species
  25. In the west, the mountains tend to be low, with elevations from, but they, rise ,in the easterly direction to heights greater than south of Size, reaching at
  26. Papers are four articles pertaining to the photoelectric effect (which gave, rise ,to quantum theory),Brownian motion, the special theory of relativity, and E =
  27. English-speaking workers. The increased use of outsourcing has assisted the, rise ,of India and the China as financial centers. Due to its large and extremely
  28. Germany In 1933,Einstein decided to emigrate to the United States due to the, rise ,to power of the Nazis under Germany's new chancellor, Adolf Hitler. While
  29. And agriculture. The establishment of the Bantu took many centuries and gave, rise ,to various groups who took on different ethnic characteristics. During this
  30. Iranian languages may have been spoken in the region around the time of the, rise ,of Zoroastrianism. By the middle of the 6th century BCE, the Achaemenid Persian
  31. Said the major post-war German artist Joseph Buys. This time period saw the, rise ,of such things as performance art, video art, and conceptual art. The idea was
  32. Area has a population of 236,260,representing 4.6 % of Scotland's total,a, rise ,of over 50 % from 1971. The population currently has a relatively high
  33. The 1970s,several modern, suburbia-style developments and mini-cities began to, rise ,along the western highway, also known as the Eskişehir Road. The Armada and
  34. The most famous Albanian writer is probably Ismail Radar. Education Before the, rise ,of Communist regime,Albania's illiteracy rate was as high as 85 %. Schools
  35. Attacks upon private contracts and public credit. Land speculators expected no, rise ,in values when the government could not defend its borders nor protect its
  36. Are Anatolia's second chain of folded mountains. The south facing slopes, rise ,steeply from the Mediterranean coastal plain, but slope very gently on the
  37. That led to its explosive impact over the past 150 years. With the rapid, rise ,of mechanization in the late 19th century and the 20th century, particularly in
  38. The abacus had fallen out of use in Western Europe in the 16th century with the, rise ,of decimal notation and algorithmic methods. To Poncelet's French
  39. By a military insurrection led by Colonel Surat Human, which resulted in the, rise ,to power of the former leader of Soviet Azerbaijan, Heydar Alien. In 1994
  40. Cause. So, for example, in water, earthy bodies sink while air bubbles, rise ,up; in air, rain falls and flame rise s. Outside all the other spheres, the
  41. Dates to the latter 19th century and is part of the larger phenomenon of, rise ,of nationalism under the Ottoman Empire. A short-lived monarchy (1914–1925)
  42. Anatolia. Anatolia remained multi-ethnic until the early 20th century (see the, rise ,of nationalism under the Ottoman Empire). During World War I, the Armenian
  43. Define the Great Rift Valley. Between Adana and Antalya, the Taurus Mountains, rise ,sharply from the coast to high elevations, reaching altitudes of over north of
  44. Were with Alexander Kerensky. Rand's family life was disrupted by the, rise ,of the Bolshevik party under Vladimir Lenin. Her father's pharmacy was
  45. Degree, towns along Alaska's gulf coast. The population of Ketchikan may, rise ,by over 10,000 people on many days during the summer, as up to four large
  46. Viewpoint of Aristotelian ideas about life, teleology (and after the, rise ,of Christianity, natural theology) would remain central to biological thought
  47. And" flip over ". Also, an oversight in the small saucer's programming gave, rise ,to a popular strategy known as" lurking" — because the saucer could only
  48. And resources to make farming more sustainable. New technologies have given, rise ,to innovations like conservation tillage, a farming process which helps prevent
  49. Japan, and Korea from 1929-1931 to collect soybean germplasm to support the, rise ,in soybean agriculture in the United States. In 2009,the agricultural output
  50. Equilibria In order to lose a proton, it is necessary that the pH of the system, rise ,above the PKA of the pronated acid. The decreased concentration of H+ in that

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