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  1. Angles may also be identified by the labels attached to the three points that, define ,them. For example, the angle at vertex A enclosed by the rays AB and AC (i.e.
  2. The proof establishes the existence of an object, it may be impossible to, define ,the object in the language of set theory. For example, while the axiom of
  3. Of the Arabian Platform, before turning south and continuing as the ranges that, define ,the Great Rift Valley. Between Adana and Antalya, the Taurus Mountains rise
  4. Vectors and between skew lines from their vector equations. Inner product To, define ,angles in an abstract real inner product space, we replace the Euclidean dot
  5. And proposed an experiment which became known as the Turing test, an attempt to, define ,a standard for a machine to be called" intelligent ". The idea was that a
  6. Is not proven or demonstrated but considered either to be self-evident or to, define ,and delimit the realm of analysis. In other words, an axiom is a logical
  7. And often beginning with" We believe ... ", which attempt to more or less, define ,the fundamental theology of a given religion, and especially in the Christian
  8. Number of shoes. " — Bertrand Russell: The observation here is that one can, define ,a function to select from an infinite number of pairs of shoes by stating for
  9. Was written by its opponents, the nature of Arian teachings is difficult to, define ,precisely today. The letter of Aurelius, a 4th-century Arian bishop of Milan
  10. Of aluminum compounds. This concept of" corrected lime potential" to, define ,the degree of base saturation in soils became the basis for procedures now used
  11. Hank Rear den knows something is wrong with the world, but he is unable to, define ,the problem. His friend, Francisco d'Antonia, helps him understand and by this
  12. And the branch of computer science that aims to create it. AI textbooks, define ,the field as" the study and design of intelligent agents" This raises
  13. Has different claimed benefits by those who prefer it. They are also used to, define ,one accordion or another as a different" type ": * Chromatic button accordions
  14. To delimit the population of those entitled to take part in the struggle to, define ,the writer ”. As“ cultural investors,” publishers rely on the editor position
  15. Hand, if geometry is developed before arithmetic, this formula can be used to, define ,multiplication of real numbers. Dissection formulae Most other simple formulae
  16. Be considered negative. Even in a non-simple polygon it may be possible to, define ,the exterior angle, but one will have to pick an orientation of the plane (or
  17. Less certain. As per Other types of albedo Single scattering albedo is used to, define ,scattering of electromagnetic waves on small particles. It depends on
  18. Artistic movement adopted by each artist. These are all ways of beginning to, define ,a work of art, to narrow it down. " Imagine you are an art critic whose mission
  19. Of memory management; the programmer can either use the default storage pool or, define ,new ones (this is particularly relevant for Non-Uniform Memory Access). It is
  20. Continues as to what mode of aesthetic satisfaction, if any, is required to, define ,'art '. The assumption of new values or the rebellion against accepted notions
  21. Place and in a specified format. The concept of algorithm is also used to, define ,the notion of desirability. That notion is central for explaining how formal
  22. Of a genre of comic drama known as Old Comedy, and they are in fact used to, define ,the genre. Also known as the Father of Comedy and the Prince of Ancient Comedy
  23. Since the user generally has to waste time, effort,and attention span to, define ,what is meant when they are used. Lexical ambiguity can be addressed by
  24. The Pauli exclusion principle). These quantum numbers include the three that, define ,orbitals, as well as s, or spin quantum number. Thus, two electrons may occupy
  25. Variables" m and n that produce an output y. But various authors' attempts to, define ,the notion (see more at Algorithm characterizations) indicate that the word
  26. Frac \franc = \franc. If infinities are permitted for the quotient y/x one can, define ,the angle θ as a function of x and y using the inverse tangent function for all
  27. To mention how the machine manages its tape or head. "::" ... prose used to, define ,the way the Turing machine uses its head and the way that it stores data on its
  28. Aggregate types (records and arrays),and enumeration types. Access types, define ,a reference to an instance of a specified type; typed pointers are not
  29. System of Units (SI) manual the word" symbol" is used consistently to, define ,the shorthand used to represent the various SI units of measure. The manual
  30. The standards of art itself. Countless schools have proposed their own ways to, define ,quality, yet they all seem to agree in at least one point: once their aesthetic
  31. In a form that can be executed by a computer, but are often used as a way to, define ,or document algorithms. There is a wide variety of representations possible and
  32. Such as" Anasazi ", Hohokam,Catalan or Mongolian are used by archaeologists to, define ,material culture similarities and differences that may identify prehistoric
  33. To defining what is meant by area is through axioms. For example, we may, define ,area as a function a from a collection M of special kind of plane figures (
  34. Range. A solution to this problem is to use the optimization formulation (viz, define ,the mean as the central point: the point about which one has the lowest
  35. Characters that prescribe elementary line-oriented formatting, ASCII does not, define ,any mechanism for describing the structure or appearance of text within a
  36. Works that may be judged to have an aesthetic value. Art historians and critics, define ,artists as those who produce art within a recognized or recognizable discipline
  37. Inequalities involving absolute values. For example:: Absolute value is used to, define ,the absolute difference, the standard metric on the real numbers. Complex
  38. Terms of the force between two current-carrying wires, it has been proposed to, define ,the ampere in terms of the rate of flow of elementary charges. Since a coulomb
  39. Word derives from the French phrase design anime. English-language dictionaries, define ,anime as" a Japanese style of motion-picture animation" or as" a style of
  40. There have been a number of efforts by international and governmental bodies to, define ,antisemitism formally. The U. S. Department of State define s antisemitism in
  41. By David Hilbert in 1928. Subsequent formalization were framed as attempts to, define ," effective inoculability" or" effective method "; those formalization
  42. Basis for a formal logic system that together with the rules of inference, define ,a deductive system. Examples This section gives examples of mathematical
  43. Influences providing the basis for the Arian doctrines. While some historians, define ,and minimize the Arian conflict as the exclusive construct of Arius and a
  44. The philosophical notion of the Absurd, a theory which Camus himself helped to, define , Plot summary The text of The Plague is divided into five parts. Part one In
  45. In Riemannian geometry In Riemannian geometry, the metric tensor is used to, define ,the angle between two tangents. Where U and V are tangent vectors and gig are
  46. As electrons, moving past a boundary in one second. The proposed change would, define ,1 A as being the current in the direction of flow of a particular number of
  47. Exchange data. In conjunction with select statements it is possible to, define ,guards on accept statements (similar to Dijkstra's guarded commands). Ada
  48. Or carbon backbone. In general, the number of carbon atoms is often used to, define ,the size of the alkane (e.g.,C2-alkane). An alkyl group, generally
  49. Circumscribed on the basis of DNA sequence analysis, but is difficult to, define ,morphologically, since its members are structurally diverse. Thus, although most
  50. Defined precisely by Hilbert in 1928,mathematicians first set about to, define ,what was meant by an" effective method" or" effective calculation" or "

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