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  1. Interval. This produces a small penalty in latency, because the program has to, wait ,until the video controller has finished transmitting the image to the display
  2. Offers herself up to him. Surprised but game, Senex instructs Philip to, wait ,in the house for him, and she does. Hysteria arrives to this confusion, and
  3. This, along with a message, to Watterson's parents and declared he would, wait ,in the hotel for as long as it took Watterson to contact him. The next day
  4. As Carter before: whether to continue with the B-1 for the short term, or to, wait ,for the development of the ATB, a much more advanced aircraft. Air Force
  5. Device on the same cable as a slow device under heavy use will find it has to, wait ,for the slow device to complete its task first. However, most modern devices
  6. Although popular from her first appearance in 1930,Jane Marple had to, wait ,thirty-two years for her first big-screen appearance. When she made it, the
  7. In and out as fast as possible. In a nuclear exchange, this would allow it to, wait ,out the initial attacks and find targets that escape destruction, eliminating
  8. For" that is the way of a courtesan. " To appease her, he tells her to, wait ,(" that's what virgins do best,isn't it? ") inside, and that he will have
  9. Sleep rhythm, the crew elected to spend the rest of the day inside the LM and, wait ,until the next day to perform the first of three Extra-vehicular activities (
  10. Is Rwy: Runway_Access; begin Controller1. Request_Takeoff (ID, Rwy ); --, wait ,to be cleared for takeoff Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) &" taking off
  11. Him to get acquainted with coaching the team earlier, instead of having him, wait ,until October, the start of the next season. According to Knight's biographer
  12. Increased barrel wear. Widespread introduction of smokeless powder would, wait ,until the advent of the double-base powders, which combine nitrocellulose and
  13. In Munich. Although Christopher renounced his claim for revenge, he lay in, wait ,for Nicholas in Riesling. When the latter arrived, he was killed by Sat on
  14. A plural). " Whether her name is attested in Eteocretan or not will have to, wait ,for deciphered of Linear A. Gunther Neumann has suggested that Athena's name
  15. End Runway; task body Controller is begun loop My_Runway. Wait_For_Clear; --, wait ,until runway is available select -- wait for two types of requests when
  16. First Earthrise photographed by humans On Earth, Mission Control continued to, wait , If the crew had not burned the engine or the burn had not lasted the planned
  17. Set the text back to white for the rest Color (255,255,255); will, wait ,half a second Whittier (seconder) Forever Blitz Max version of the above
  18. In investment in new rolling stock whilst the Roscoe and their parent companies, wait ,to hear what return they will be allowed to make on their train fleets. This
  19. Smile album in the form of The Smile Sessions in November after a 44-year, wait , as a set of 2 CDs, a vinyl double album and a 5 CD box set. Possible 50th
  20. ADAMS" of nepotism and monarchical ambition. The Adams administration did not, wait ,for the passage of the Sedition Act but arrested Cache on common law libel
  21. Alfonso tried to regain the favor of the queen, but failed, and had to, wait ,for the death of both Louis (at Cadenza in 1434) and Joan herself (February
  22. Produced a decreased sensitivity to pain over time. However, he had to, wait ,two years until his fiancée came of age, so despite the grief he felt over
  23. With him west of the mouth of the Skagerrak off the coast of Jutland and, wait ,for the Germans or for their intentions to become clear. The planned position
  24. Is known as crossfire). Waiting Having set up the ambush, the next phase is to, wait , This could be for a few hours, or a few days, depending on the tactical and
  25. In nearby Germantown in early October and then retreated to watch and, wait , After repelling a British attack at White Marsh, Washington and his army
  26. Commander from Conic (Choice) created tabor. Piotr Bunin decided not to, wait ,for the enemy and attacked first, setting infantry with crossbows at left
  27. The rival Yankees two years after their world championship in 1918,an 86-year, wait , before the team's sixth World Championship in. However, the team's history
  28. Made emancipation universal and permanent. Enslaved African Americans did not, wait ,for Lincoln's action before escaping and seeking freedom behind Union lines.
  29. S only choice was to fortify his position, forage what supplies he could, and, wait , on his remaining army to attempt another crossing. Pompey by now had a massive
  30. That a site was built to view a declination of +23.5° then he or she need not, wait ,until 21 June to confirm the site does indeed face the summer solstice. For
  31. Assessments to be made. ” The true test of his“ armored idea” would have to, wait ,for the Second World War. However, the Luftwaffe also provided volunteers to
  32. The delegation signed the Articles on July 21, 1778. The other states had to, wait ,until they ratified the Articles and notified their Congressional delegation.
  33. Loop My_Runway. Wait_For_Clear; -- wait until runway is available select --, wait ,for two types of requests when Request_Approach'count 0 > -- landings have
  34. Set the text back To white For the rest Recolor (255,255,255) Flip 'will, wait ,half a second Whittier (seconder) If East (KEY_ESCAPE) Then Exit
  35. Two armies, according to Caesar. Pompey ordered his men not to charge, but to, wait ,until Caesar's legions came into close quarters. Pompey's advisor Camus
  36. They wait ed. They were blocking Henry's retreat, and were perfectly happy to, wait ,for as long as it took. There had even been a suggestion that the English would
  37. Cabinet about his proposed emancipation proclamation, Seward advised Lincoln to, wait ,for a victory before issuing it, as to do otherwise would seem like" our last
  38. At any time during the game. In Australian rules terminology, these players, wait ,for substitution" on the bench"—an area with a row of seats on the sideline.
  39. His journey, but unfamiliar with the local channels and shoals he decided to, wait ,until the following morning to make his attack. He stopped all traffic from
  40. First, hoping that his aim might be spoiled in his quickness. Jackson would, wait ,and take careful aim at Dickinson. Dickinson did fire first, hitting Jackson in
  41. If a team misses the first shot of a two-shot situation, the opposing team must, wait ,for the completion of the second shot before attempting to reclaim possession
  42. The River Styx, he sees the souls of those not given a proper burial, forced to, wait ,by the river until someone buries them. While down there, along with the dead
  43. Henrik and Anne, the young, and Desiree and Fredrik, the fools. As the two, wait ,for the" third smile ". Armed closes her eyes, and dies peacefully. Musical
  44. Beowulf tells his men that he will fight the dragon alone and that they should, wait ,on the barrow. Beowulf descends to do battle with the dragon but finds himself
  45. And was first eligible in the 1953 election. ) The modern rule establishing a, wait ,of five years was passed in 1954,although an exception was made for Joe
  46. Then risk an evening battle in confined waters, the British were planning to, wait ,for the following day, Brueys rescinded his earlier order to sail. Areas may
  47. Several other vessels and that they intended to sail to Hispaniola and lie in, wait ,for an expected Spanish armada, supposedly laden with money to pay the
  48. Fatal blow to the French at their center. However, Marlborough would have to, wait ,until Eugene was in position before the general engagement could begin. The
  49. Figure in his day there is speculation that officials in Washington chose to, wait ,a period of time before issuing a stamp with his portrait. In all, Jackson has
  50. Khmelnytskyi in the name of the shared Orthodox faith, the Tsar preferred to, wait ,until the threat of a Cossack-Ottoman union in 1653 finally forced him to

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