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  1. Were produced (all hand-built by a single team),but the model was a great, success ,in rallying. Prominent wins proved the viability of all-wheel drive racecars
  2. Ideas for her only nonfiction book, The God of the Machine. Rand's first major, success ,as a writer came with The Fountainhead in 1943,a romantic and philosophical
  3. Secure before marrying. Although the telephone appeared to be an" instant ", success , it was not initially a profitable venture and Bell's main sources of income
  4. In the film industry. Another reason was because of the growing TV ratings, success ,of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, which would cut into the
  5. And weapons to the revolutionaries starting early in 1776. After early British, success , the war became a standoff. The British used their naval superiority to capture
  6. Been previously employed at Vauxhall by a competitor of Coleridge, but without, success , This was Claridge's Patent Asphalt Company, formed in 1838 for the purpose
  7. Audi dominated the Touring and Super Touring categories of motor racing after, success ,in circuit racing in North America. Rallying In 1980,Audi released the Quarto
  8. Including Jane Eyre (1944). However, his experience in Hollywood was not a, success , When he wrote a synopsis of Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney rejected it on
  9. Had been served notice 4WD was the future. The Quarto went on to achieve much, success ,in the World Rally Championship. It won the 1983 (Hanna Mikaela) and the 1984
  10. A rented facility) as well as at his family home in Canada a big, success , While working that summer in Brantford, Bell experimented with a "
  11. To the Japan External Trade Organization ". Anime has also had commercial, success ,in Asia, Europe and Latin America, where anime has become more mainstream than
  12. Cricket, which is a newly introduced sport in Afghanistan fuelled by the, success ,of the Afghan national cricket team is growing in popularity. It has risen from
  13. Generalship Alexander earned the epithet" the Great" due to his unparalleled, success ,as a military commander. The Macedonian phalanx, armed with the Carissa, a
  14. Without freeing the slaves. However Confederate and anti-war propagandists had, success ,spreading the theme that emancipation was a stumbling block to peace and
  15. Of the adult, passing through the tadpole stage within the egg. Reproductive, success ,of many amphibians is dependent not only on the quantity of rainfall, but the
  16. Occurs underwater where pollen may form elongated strands, increasing chance of, success , Most species have a totally submerged juvenile phase. Flowers are either
  17. Directed by SEO in 1945 with sponsorship by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The, success ,of The Walt Disney Company's 1937 feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  18. From the start, it was clear that bipartisan support would be essential to, success ,in the war effort, and any manner of compromise alienated factions on both
  19. Empirical support in quality-of-life contexts, and many programs focus on, success ,measures that lack predictive validity and real-world relevance. Some
  20. Were founded with the aim of restoring the entire city center. Although the, success ,of this struggle is visible today, efforts for further restoration are still
  21. Foreign and domestic investment outside the energy sector have had little, success ,in reducing high unemployment and improving living standards, however. In 2001
  22. Shipping. The privateers caused worry disproportionate to their material, success , although those operating out of French channel ports before and after France
  23. Let it go out of print, although European editions continued to sell. After the, success ,of her later novels, Rand was able to release a revised version in 1959 that
  24. In her store the night the John Salt Line was falsely deemed his greatest, success , She marries him thinking he is the heroic person behind Haggard
  25. Fewer fossil-fuel-derived inputs than conventional crops. The possibility of, success ,of these programs is questioned by ecologists and economists concerned with
  26. The Audi A2 was criticized for its high price and was never really a sales, success ,but it planted Audi as a cutting edge manufacturer. The model, a Mercedes-Benz
  27. Progress under his tutelage. While his older brother seemed to achieve, success ,on many fronts including opening his own elocution school, applying for a
  28. Anarchist movements internationally. Many workers and activists saw Bolshevik, success ,as setting an example; Communist parties grew at the expense of anarchism and
  29. Place the hollowest, most senseless, thoughtless,and, as is confirmed by its, success , most stupefying verbiage, I should be quite right. Further, if I were to say
  30. History in New York. Organizations such as these advocated passing laws (with, success ,in some states) that established the compulsory sterilization of people deemed
  31. Her Broadway play Night of January 16th was both a critical and popular, success , and The Fountainhead was hailed by a reviewer in The New York Times as "
  32. CEO of Whole Foods, among others, have said they consider Rand crucial to their, success , Rand and her works have been referred to in a variety of media. References to
  33. By the Andorra national football team. However, the team has had little, success ,internationally due to Andorra's small population. In mathematics and
  34. Of Maine was nominated for Vice President to balance the ticket. Lincoln's, success ,depended on his reputation as a moderate on the slavery issue, and his strong
  35. With their imaginary partner: although this endeavor is not crowned with, success ,for the bee, it allows the orchid to transfer its pollen, which will be
  36. Unable to acquire permission to emigrate. Early fiction Rand's first literary, success ,came with the sale of her screenplay Red Pawn to Universal Studios in 1932
  37. The latter famously led by a young Horatio Nelson) met with only temporary, success ,before being abandoned due to disease. The Spanish colonial leaders, in turn
  38. Into bloody stalemates and Union casualties mounted, the lack of military, success ,wore heavily on the President's re-election prospects, and many Republicans
  39. song's most well known rendition in current times (although Elvis Presley had, success ,with it in the 1970s). Charles' recording is very commonly played at major
  40. Franco-Spanish efforts to capture Gibraltar were un success ful. One notable, success ,took place on February 5,1782,when Spanish and French forces captured Minor ca
  41. As volatile mood swings. The Fountainhead eventually became a worldwide, success , bringing Rand fame and financial security. In 1943,Rand sold the rights for a
  42. Effort, consulted with governors, and selected generals based on their past, success ,(as well as their state and party). In January 1862,after many complaints of
  43. Setbacks, Grant laid siege to Vicksburg and the Union navy attained some, success ,in Charleston harbor. After the Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln clearly
  44. Letters, and digits) in the form of DVG commands. Legacy Due to the game's, success , a sequel followed in 1980 dubbed Asteroids Deluxe. Similar to the original
  45. Abortion in the first trimester, but is associated with more pain and a lower, success ,rate (requiring surgical abortion). Overall, the risk of uterine infection is
  46. For mining in the Age of Engineering bringing Nobel a great amount of financial, success , though at a significant cost to his health. An off-shoot of this research
  47. Western adaptations of anime, such as Castro Boy, have revealed. The phenomenal, success ,of Nintendo's multi-billion dollar Pokémon franchise was helped greatly by the
  48. Could not find an American publisher. As with We the Living,Rand's later, success ,allowed her to get a revised version published in 1946,which has sold more
  49. XVIII on January 22, 1984,and is now considered a watershed event for Apple's, success ,and a" masterpiece ". The Macintosh initially sold well, but follow-up sales
  50. And mercy more than life.: America! America!: May God thy gold refine: Till all, success ,be nobleness, : And eV'Ry gain divine.: O beautiful for patriot dream: That sees

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