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  1. He is often disappointed when characters (especially younger characters), recognize , neither him nor his name::" I should, perhaps,Madame, tell you a little more
  2. Italic, etc.). At any time a user could also direct their Newton device to, recognize ,selected" ink text" and turn it into recognize d text (deferred recognition)
  3. Secessionist appeal. President Buchanan and President-elect Lincoln refused to, recognize ,the Confederacy, declaring secession illegal. The Confederacy selected
  4. While en route to the Moon. *1972 – The Universal Postal Union decides to, recognize ,the People's Republic of China as the only legitimate Chinese representative
  5. Of Arius and a handful of rogue bishops engaging in heresy, other historians, recognize ,Arius as providing a conservative response against the politicization of
  6. Have affiliated in networks known as" congregations. " Some monastic families, recognize ,one abbey as the mother house of the entire order. * The abbot of Sent'Anselmo
  7. Because the gang wore masks during the assault, the writer does not immediately, recognize ,Alex. The writer, whose name is revealed as F. Alexander, shelters Alex and
  8. Is basically Will, then humans and animals are fundamentally the same and can, recognize ,themselves in each other. For this reason, he claimed that a good person would
  9. Unfairly dismissed, overlooked or suppressed. Alternative medicine providers, recognize ,that health fraud occurs, and argue that it should be dealt with appropriately
  10. Appealing criminal convictions in the United States Many jurisdictions, recognize ,two types of appeals, particularly in the criminal context. The first is the
  11. Here Alexios III conspired against his son-in-law after the latter refused to, recognize ,Alexios' authority, and received the support of Kay Kyushu I, the sultan of
  12. For a piece of film and she handed him the wrong one, he would immediately, recognize ,the error, though she had taken detailed notes on each shot, and he had not. She
  13. Much like a desktop computer graphics tablet. With" Shapes ", Newton could, recognize ,that the user was attempting to draw a circle, a line, a polygon, etc., and it
  14. As Will and Representation, claimed that the world is fundamentally what humans, recognize ,in themselves as their will. His analysis of will led him to the conclusion
  15. As a practical matter, in terms of the ownership of land, anarcho-capitalists, recognize , that there are few (if any) parcels of land left on Earth whose ownership was
  16. Of Philistine had no fear of God in them and the only way for this kingdom to, recognize ,the fear of God was to do what he had done. Then Abraham justified what he had
  17. There are distinctions between souls in the afterlife, and that souls will, recognize ,the worth of their own deeds and understand the consequences of their actions.
  18. baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will later learn to, recognize ,their approximations of oral language, so teaching an infant ASL is also
  19. Among men as the one with whom the Lord spoke face to face. The failure to, recognize ,or concede this prerogative of their brother was the sin of Miriam and Aaron.
  20. At the end of the 19th century and current psychiatric diagnostic criteria, recognize ,several specific forms of the disorder. Recent surveys have found that as many
  21. Popularity, atonement for past mistakes, or presented as a" career honor" to, recognize ,a distinguished nominee's entire body of work. Associated events The following
  22. In demanding recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Countries that officially, recognize ,the Armenian Genocide include Argentina, Armenia,Austria, Belgium,Canada
  23. Cm deep hole in the Iliad blade, although the describer of the species did not, recognize ,this as pathological. The specimen also contains some exocytosis on the fourth
  24. Use a context-free grammar to generate an infinite set of productions that will, recognize ,a particular ALGOL 68 program; notably, they are able to express the kind of
  25. By the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPS) to, recognize ,excellence of professionals in the film industry, including directors, actors
  26. The collapsing Soviet Union lasted roughly one year. The most recent country to, recognize ,Azerbaijan was Bahrain, on November 6,1996. Full diplomatic relations
  27. United States in 1782,and was the second country (after France) to formally, recognize ,the United States. Southern theater During the first three years of the
  28. That she realizes that the moral code of the looters is one of death: they, recognize ,what is good and necessary for life, but wish to destroy it anyway. She is a
  29. Continental civil law legal systems, though some mixed systems such as Quebec, recognize ,these prerogative writs. Direct Appeal After exhausting the first appeal as of
  30. Unfairness of the situation in which he has been placed but gradually comes to, recognize ,his membership in a larger human community, which makes demands on him that he
  31. Simplified or ad hoc signs called" baby sign. " However, parents can learn to, recognize ,their baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will later learn
  32. Nor would readers unfamiliar with the satires of Horace and Juvenal, recognize ,that Swift's essay follows the rules and structure of Latin satires. The
  33. Together often. This approach provides only limited success since it fails to, recognize ,ironic and humorous combinations. Some anagrammatizes indicate the method they
  34. Draws talented people into its employ, especially after Jobs' return. To, recognize ,the best of its employees, Apple created the Apple Fellows program, awarding
  35. Are called tumor-associated antigens (Tags). Cytotoxic T lymphocytes that, recognize ,these antigens may be able to destroy the tumor cells before they proliferate
  36. Salt - strapped to a torture machine, about to be killed by the looters (who, recognize , too, that he is the only man who can save them from economic collapse),that
  37. In order to maximize individual liberty and prosperity. However, they also, recognize ,charity and communal arrangements as part of the same voluntary ethic. Though
  38. To the British West Indies. Other participants Spain did not officially, recognize ,the U. S. but became an informal ally when it declared war on Britain on June
  39. Factor in the history of life. Wallace was apparently the first evolutionist to, recognize ,clearly that ... with the emergence of that bodily specialization which
  40. Was led from its creation through 2002 by Jonas Saving. The U. S. refused to, recognize ,Angola diplomatically during this period. Relations between the United States
  41. The Netherlands, Poland,Russia, Slovakia,has expressed his desire to, recognize ,the Armenian Genocide during the electoral campaigns, but after being elected
  42. The other branches of Austro-Asiatic. Classification Linguists traditionally, recognize ,two primary divisions of Austro-Asiatic: the Mon–Khmer languages of Southeast
  43. Been changed to Brontosaurus in 1877 by Thiel Charles Marsh. Cope refused to, recognize ,the new name created by his archival Marsh, so it fell to Lawrence Lamb to
  44. Specificity Antigen (IC) specificity is the ability of the host cells to, recognize ,an antigen specifically as a unique molecular entity and distinguish it from
  45. Resolution was approved by the Japanese Diet calling upon the government to, recognize ,the Ainu people as indigenous to Japan and urge an end to discrimination
  46. Opportunities they have lost. Also, in the Bahá'í view, souls will be able to, recognize ,the accomplishments of the souls that have reached the same level as themselves
  47. Continue to retain their individuality and consciousness and will be able to, recognize ,and communicate spiritually with other souls who they have made deep profound
  48. In the complex with MHC class I molecules. If activated cytotoxic CD8+ T cells, recognize ,them, the T cells begin to secrete various toxins that cause the lysis or
  49. Few remaining sciences for which amateurs can still contribute useful data. To, recognize ,this, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific annually gives Amateur
  50. Assembly language is sufficient to learn: I) the basic concepts; II) to, recognize ,situations where the use of assembly language might be appropriate; and III)

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