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  1. Emails from Hasan to Awake between December 2008 and early 2009. On his, website , Awake has praised Hasan's actions in the Fort Hood shooting. An unnamed
  2. Defense Minister Banyan made the same statement. According to the Armenian, website ,Alvarez, in August 2009,Nikolai Bordyuzha, the CSTO's secretary-general
  3. Jew, complete with distinctly antisemitic imagery on the cover. The, website ,of the Saudi Arabian Supreme Commission for Tourism initially stated that Jews
  4. By Annabon. Com, which has a bi-weekly print operation in addition to its, website , Another Ann Arbor-based publication that has ceased production was the Ann
  5. 2004 an audio message claiming to be from Bin Laden was posted directly to a, website , rather than sending a copy to Al Jazeera as he had done in the past. Al-Qaeda
  6. 1993 neurologist Arthur Tab called acupuncture“ nonsense with needles. ” The, website ,Quack watch criticizes TCM as having unproven efficacy and an unsound scientific
  7. For their publication" Arbor Day," so he countered their efforts, launched a, website , and trademarked it for" public use celebrations" and defended the matter in
  8. The issueand his page remains one of the most active on Celebrants. Com,a, website ,which discusses the heights of celebrities. Schwarzenegger auditioned for the
  9. Games. It is part of the main AOL website , under games. *Answers, a Q&A, website ,service formerly known as Edda. *Shortcuts. Com, a free service of AOL, was a
  10. Of the Ludwig on Miles Institute and current webmaster for the institute's, website , Miles. Org. Tucker is also an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for
  11. Apple's share price passed the $100 mark. In an article posted on Apple's, website ,on February 6,2007,Steve Jobs wrote that Apple would be willing to sell music
  12. Resume its positive population growth by 2010. According to Birthright Armenia, website , a census done in 2004 shows Armenia's population to be 2.7 million. Vital
  13. 1977. An ABC report noted that" on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), website , the party is now referred to just as 'other' ". 2008 The party achieved only
  14. Wore risers in his boots. The debate on Schwarzenegger's height has spawned a, website ,solely dedicated to the issue, and his page remains one of the most active on
  15. Income for" Active" IBO's was $115. Global markets According to the Amway, website , as of 2011 the company operates in over 80 countries and territories
  16. S National Conference, held every three years. According to the Labor Party's, website ," The Platform is the result of a rigorous and constructive process of
  17. To Animalia (Book): * http://www.graemebase.com Game Base's official, website ,* http://www.animalia.tv Animalia The Television Series official website
  18. 600 strips. They were posted to ASCII art newsgroup alt. Ascii-art and on the, website , Some strips have been translated to Polish and French. Styles of the computer
  19. Their first EVA. The http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/ Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, website ,contains a PDF file with the http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a12/a12_cdrcuff.pdf
  20. A view exemplified by a quote heading the Center for Global Food Issues, website ,: 'Growing more per acre leaves more land for nature '. However, critics argue
  21. Target Corp., was sued because their web designers failed to design its, website ,to enable persons with low or no vision to use it. Board of Trustees of the
  22. Press release from Colangelo's group (which remained posted on the team, website ,during the first few seasons) the chosen team colors were Arizona turquoise
  23. Registration state for the purpose of the convention. See the United Nations, website ,for full text.
  24. Launch. From July 16–24, 2009 NASA streamed the original mission audio on its, website ,in real time 40 years to the minute after the events occurred. In addition, it
  25. Was an online page featuring browser-based games. It is part of the main AOL, website , under games. *Answers, a Q&A website service formerly known as Edda.
  26. The sign still exists, the " of" has now been replaced by the URL of their, website , As of a storm in spring 2009,the sign is no longer there although the
  27. Aalborg Municipality's official, website ,*http://www.visitaalborg.com/ VisitAalborg (Aalborg Tourist Office)
  28. Monitor their runs with iTunes and the http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/ Nike+, website , Apple currently sells four variants of the iPod. * iPod Shuffle, ultraportable
  29. Has been made available through the Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive, a Japanese, website ,maintained by Ryukyu University Digital Archives Research Center in
  30. Now v. Southwest Airlines was a case where the District Court decided that the, website ,of Southwest Airlines was not in violation of the Americans with Disability Act
  31. S Court Exhibition Center in London, England. According to the exhibition's, website , SeaWorld is" approved and fully supported" by the group. On 1 September
  32. Responsible for the content of the State Press newspaper and its associated, website , These publications are overseen by an independent board and guided by a
  33. Website * http://www.animalia.tv Animalia The Television Series official, website ,International Atomic Time (TAI, from the French name Temps Atomize
  34. In jihad through stylized portraits of mosques and musical scores. A, website ,associated with al-Qaeda posted a video of captured American entrepreneur Nick
  35. UNIDO the America" ( United States of America). The Getting Through Customs, website ,advises business travelers not to use" in America" as a U. S. reference when
  36. The pagan Anglo-Saxons, known as Burnside. The group's http://www.fyrnsidu.org, website ,places itself in the" tribalism" category, taking the term Anglo-Saxon as a
  37. Released a preview of key moments. The John F. Kennedy Library set up a Flash, website ,wechoosethemoon. Org that rebroadcasts the transmissions of Apollo 11 from
  38. Tax ", and the EFF, which characterized it as a shakedown of non-profits. A, website ,called Cereal. Com was launched, with an online petition and a blog that
  39. Reports by FAS and AFC, as well as other non-governmental organizations on its, website ,GlobalTrade. Net. List of countries by agricultural output Below is a list of
  40. Being made on May 9,2006. Comcast, who also used the service, announced on its, website ,that Good mail has ceased operations and of as February 4,2011, they will no
  41. Restaurants, local events, and directory listings. * AOL News is a free news, website ,available to the public. * AOL provided free usage of a custom domain name
  42. Module prior to landing. As Duke described on the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, website ,:" The more you waited up there - if you did have a problem - the less time you
  43. On the fact that a man who raped and murdered a child had visited the NAM BLA, website , Although the ACLU does not endorse NAMBLA's message, its defense of the group
  44. Boat used in river transport in eastern North America * Ark (ark. Com),a, website ,empowering people to spread acts of random kindness. Agriculture * Chicken ark
  45. Smithson, Tasmania,is unsubstantiated and has been withdrawn from the original, website , It was sung during the Global March for Jesus in 1998 The version was later
  46. Montreal Convention See the United Nations, website ,for full text on" Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the
  47. Such as Per Bound, webmaster of the anarchism without adjectives, website ,anarchism. Net, note that the disconnect among non-anarcho-capitalist
  48. Followed, the two most common classifications being the classification of the, website ,Amphibians, University of California (Berkeley) and the classification by
  49. Judge Patricia A. Sat found that the" virtual ticket counter" of the, website ,was a virtual construct and hence not a" public place of accommodation. " As
  50. Actually has ROM chips silken screened with 2.2 on them. Stephanie MAK on her, website ,http://www.felesmagus.com/newton/otheremate.html discusses this: If one removes

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