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  1. In the Northern United States, led to a movement to fight violence and, discrimination ,against African Americans that, like abolitionism before it, crossed racial
  2. Converge is a measure of market efficiency. Arbitrage tends to reduce price, discrimination ,by encouraging people to buy an item where the price is low and resell it where
  3. For" interference with the free exercise of his Ásatrú religion" and ", discrimination ,on the basis of his being Ásatrú ". An Ansible is a hypothetical machine
  4. Unjustified institutional isolation of a person with a disability is a form of, discrimination ,because it" perpetuates unwarranted assumptions that persons so isolated are
  5. Ways. Prior to the 1950s,Black Americans in the South were subject to de jure, discrimination , or Jim Crow. They would often be the victims of extreme cruelty and violence
  6. Was broadcast live on Syrian television. Tunisia For a personal account of the, discrimination ,and physical attacks experienced by Jews in Tunisia see the Jewish-Arab
  7. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,a U. S. law that prohibits, discrimination ,against disabled people *Anti-Deficiency Act, a U. S. law that prohibits the
  8. Access to the Portuguese language. #In the same late colonial period, the legal, discrimination ,of the black population was abolished, and the state apparatus in fields like
  9. Probably around 1890. They are very poorly documented, due in part to racial, discrimination ,within American society, including academic circles, and to the low literacy
  10. Include inadequate health care access and delivery; institutional racism and, discrimination ,in housing, education,policing, criminal justice and employment; crime
  11. Segregated state, but did not relieve them of paying taxes. Continued racial, discrimination , agricultural depression, and the failure of the cotton crops due to boll
  12. May be manifested in many ways, ranging from expressions of hatred of or, discrimination ,against individual Jews to organized violent attacks by mobs, or even state
  13. Doctors continued to issue the drug, but less frequently and with increasing, discrimination , In 1997 and 1998,researchers at Texas A&M University claimed to have found
  14. Are now made entirely of wood. Notes Antisemitism in the Arab world refers to, discrimination ,against Jews in Arab countries. While Arabs are also a Semitic people, the
  15. The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968 was directed at abolishing racial, discrimination ,against African Americans, particularly in the Southern United States. The
  16. The Chinese people were excluded from most jobs in the wage economy by racial, discrimination ,or lack of language fluency. Differences from native Chinese cuisines American
  17. Is a wide-ranging civil rights law that prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination ,based on disability. It affords similar protections against discrimination to
  18. Part of Ásatrú organizations has surrounded campaigns against alleged religious, discrimination , such as the call for the introduction of a Ásatrú" emblem of belief" by the
  19. His award (Best Actor in 1972 for The Godfather),citing the film industry's, discrimination ,and mistreatment of Native Americans. At the 45th Academy Awards ceremony
  20. Book, psychologist Kenneth Kaye endorsed Jensen's distinction between bias and, discrimination , The purpose of tests is to discriminate (that is, reveal actual differences)
  21. Put his support behind passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that banned, discrimination ,in public accommodations, employment,and labor unions, and the Voting Rights
  22. Of 1964 and further recommended that Congress clarifies that Title VI applies to, discrimination ,against Jewish students. On September 19, 2006,Yale University founded the
  23. Movement resulted in the removal of codified, de jure racial segregation and, discrimination ,from American life and law, and heavily influenced other groups and movements
  24. Spelled anti-Semitism or anti-Semitism) is suspicion of, hatred toward, or, discrimination , against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage. According to a
  25. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968,prohibiting, discrimination ,in the sale, rental,and financing of housing. *1981 – A massive riot in
  26. To recognize the Ainu people as indigenous to Japan and urge an end to, discrimination ,against the group. The resolution recognized the Ainu people as" an indigenous
  27. Challenges (even threats) as the condition is often a source of ridicule, discrimination , or even fear and violence. Cultures around the world have developed many
  28. A Semitic people, the meaning of the English term" antisemitism" refers to, discrimination ,against Jews (see Antisemitism: Etymology and usage). Arab's antisemitism is
  29. Known as the Admirals Club. Membership was initially by invitation only, but a, discrimination ,suit decades later changed the club into a paid club, creating the model for
  30. Rights era. Nevertheless, due in part to the legacy of slavery, racism and, discrimination , African Americans as a group remain at a pronounced economic, educational and
  31. Constant adjustments. Most airlines use differentiated pricing, a form of price, discrimination , in order to sell air services at varying prices simultaneously to different
  32. Near Bogotá in Colombia. *2000 – A federal jury finds the US EPA guilty of, discrimination ,against Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964,later
  33. Analyses on different pricing structures, leading to almost perfect price, discrimination ,in some cases (that is, filling each seat on an aircraft at the highest price
  34. In ensuring fairness by: ensuring equal opportunity; removing unjustifiable, discrimination ,; and achieving a more equitable distribution of wealth, income and status. "
  35. For heterosexual ones. *Affirmative action as a means of redressing past, discrimination ,and achieving a racially diverse student body. *The rights of defendants and
  36. Those made in the natural sciences, were not possible. In doing so, he fought, discrimination ,against immigrants, blacks,and indigenous peoples of the Americas. Many
  37. Jainism, Hinduism,Hellenic polytheism and Vikas. Ashoka was against any, discrimination ,among humans. He helped students, the poor, orphans and the elderly with social
  38. In 1988–1989 and remain refugees, largely in Azerbaijan. Armenia's record on, discrimination ,toward the few remaining national minorities is generally good. The government
  39. To employ Black or Asian bus crews, drawing national attention to racial, discrimination ,in the United Kingdom. *1966 – The Church of Satan is established at the Black
  40. Commission (EEOC) was charged with interpreting the 1990 law with regard to, discrimination ,in employment. Its regulations narrowed" substantially limits" to "
  41. And Literary. Indianapolis, Literary Classics 5,1987. ) Thus, the sensory, discrimination ,is linked to capacity for pleasure. For Kant" enjoyment" is the result when
  42. Airline lounges) was by the airline's invitation. After a passenger sued for, discrimination , the Club (and most other airline lounges) switched to a paid membership
  43. Permanent, would not be able to be reversed or weakened, and would prohibit all, discrimination , It was also intended so that Americans with disabilities would be kept in the
  44. It were a property of things. " Aesthetic judgments usually go beyond sensory, discrimination , For David Hume, delicacy of taste is not merely" the ability to detect all
  45. Entities (and public transportation): See. Title II prohibits disability, discrimination ,by all public entities at the local (i.e. school district, municipal,city
  46. Rights of worship and occupation, were rescinded. Despite this, traditional, discrimination , and hostility to Jews on religious grounds persisted and was supplemented by
  47. Wing by of Indian territory. Due to political exclusion, ethnic and linguistic, discrimination , and economic neglect by the politically-dominant West Pakistan, popular
  48. Discrimination based on disability. It affords similar protections against, discrimination ,to Americans with disabilities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964,which made
  49. To Americans with disabilities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964,which made, discrimination ,based on race, religion,sex, national origin, and other characteristics
  50. As myth, ideology,folklore and imagery, and in actions – social or legal, discrimination , political mobilization against the Jews, and collective or state violence –

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