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  1. In the United Methodist Church, ELCA and CELTIC synod bishops do not, appoint ,pastors to local congregations (pastors, like their counterparts in the
  2. Of peace. This position is supported by a scripture which says," God did not, appoint ,us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. ” 1 These
  3. Von Linden. Because the people wished a younger regent, Anton agreed to, appoint ,his nephew Frederick Augustus Prince Co-Regent (DE: Prinz-Mitregenten). As
  4. Imperial crown upon Charlemagne, the Pope arrogated to himself" the right to, appoint ,... the Emperor of the Romans, ... establishing the imperial crown as his own
  5. Inquire about Judah and Jerusalem with regard to the Law of your God" and to ", appoint ,magistrates and judges to administer justice to all the people of
  6. The Executive Committee are Executive Bishops. Collectively, they supervise and, appoint ,national and state leaders across the world. Leaders of individual states and
  7. A plot by the senior nobles of Babur's court to bypass the leader's sons and, appoint ,Mahdi Khan,Babur's sister's husband, as his successor. He rushed to Agra
  8. Is unrestricted). Some jurisdictions also permit the board of directors to, appoint ,directors, either to fill a vacancy which arises on resignation or death, or as
  9. Minister has become incapacitated. After 100 days, the Israeli President must, appoint ,a new Prime Minister. At the time of his stroke, Sharon enjoyed considerable
  10. King of France, by the concordat between Pope Leo X and Francis I (1516),to, appoint ,abbés commentaries to most of the abbeys in France. The expectation of
  11. Had a falling out with Macdonald, and by the early 1880s,he asked Macdonald to, appoint ,him as Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. Tupper took up his
  12. S letter incensed Radical Republicans, who successfully pressured Lincoln to, appoint ,John Pope, a Republican, as head of the new Army of Virginia. Pope complied
  13. The absence of the Lieutenant-Governor, the Governor General in Council may, appoint ,an administrator to execute the duties of the office. In practice, this is
  14. In which case the diocesan bishop will run one such area himself and will, appoint ,an" area bishop" to run each of the other areas as mini-dioceses; in such
  15. Legally or constitutionally mandated, and occasionally the Prime Minister will, appoint ,a cabinet minister from another party.; Elections: The monarchy is hereditary.
  16. Practices in Wessex. For him the key to the kingdom's spiritual revival was to, appoint ,pious, learned,and trustworthy bishops and abbots. As king, he saw himself as
  17. With royal blood. It has been suggested that Cambodia's ability to peacefully, appoint ,a new King shows that Cambodia's government has stabilized incredibly from the
  18. Who brings a new outlook on life to his office as Imam. For these reasons, I, appoint , my grandson Karim, the son of my own son, Aly Salomon Khan to succeed to the
  19. Bishops as successors and had directed that these bishops should in turn, appoint ,their own successors; given this, such leaders of the Church were not to be
  20. Year, is the presiding officer of the City Council and has the power to, appoint ,all Council committee members as well as board and commission members, with the
  21. A licensed trustee in bankruptcy, although the Superintendent of Bankruptcy may, appoint ,other people to serve as administrators. In 2006,there were 98,450 personal
  22. Slavery. As tensions increased, in 1844 the Home Mission Society refused to, appoint ,a slaveholder as a missionary who had been proposed by Georgia. It noted that
  23. Their father having no sons, are to share in the allotment. Moses is ordered to, appoint ,Joshua as his successor. Prescriptions for the observance of the feasts, and
  24. Able to bear arms—of all the men" from twenty years old and upward," and to, appoint ,princes over each tribe. 603,550 Israelites are found to be fit for military
  25. Of disciplining his students. Instead, beginning at the Temple School, he would, appoint ,a daily student superintendent. When that student observed an infraction, he or
  26. Case, the new body was allowed to use the regalia of the old corporation, and, appoint , ceremonial office holders such as sword and mace bearers as provided in their
  27. The possibility of Albert's early death and the need, should that happen, to, appoint , a regent, as his only son, Albert Frederick was still a mere youth. The duke
  28. During the first peace of any substantial length (780–782),Charles began to, appoint ,his sons to positions of authority within the realm, in the tradition of the
  29. The Republic (the upper house). The House of Representatives has the power to, appoint ,the prime minister, make constitutional amendments, call for a vote of
  30. Head-to-head record against Bologna and Parma. In 2005,Della Value decided to, appoint ,Pantaloon Cor vino as new sports director. In 2005–06,Florentina hired Cesare
  31. Until Debt had that provision repealed in 2005. The president has the power to, appoint ,the prime minister and the Council of State (or cabinet),and exercises
  32. The colonies which remained linked to the crown, the Church of England began to, appoint ,colonial bishops. In 1787 a bishop of Nova Scotia was appoint ed with a
  33. Not interested in convict discipline. Almost at once, therefore,Phillip had to, appoint ,overseers from among the ranks of the convicts to get the others working. This
  34. Are accountable to the president, who has patronage powers to, appoint ,and dismiss ministers. The president is accountable to the people in an
  35. The leader of the winning party or coalition. It is for the President to, appoint ,(and dismiss) all the following: * The members of the government (state
  36. And direction of the Church of Scotland. It was the failure of Jalousie to, appoint ,a prominent Baptist pastor and scholar, Edmund Crawley, to the Chair of
  37. Passenger service) is supervised by a vice president. Larger airlines often, appoint ,vice presidents to oversee each of the airline's hubs as well. Airlines employ
  38. year's single most important piece of legislation. On the other hand, they can, appoint ,anyone to their cabinet without any approval from Congress. This provides the
  39. Of Abner Doubleday. The commission, though,was biased, as Spalding would, appoint ,anyone to the commission if they believed the sport was somewhat related to the
  40. Assembly of the Republic of Albania when the Assembly is not in session, and, appoint , the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (prime minister). Executive power
  41. A president who dominates the political system. The president has the power to, appoint ,the prime minister and the cabinet, and exercises considerable influence over
  42. Shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall, appoint , ... Judges of the supreme Court. " Article III of the Constitution specifies
  43. City's Plan E form of government the city council does not have the power to, appoint ,or remove city officials who are under direction of the city manager. The city
  44. Stop the advance of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, yield the right to, appoint ,Orthodox leaders of the Such and of the Registered Cossack regiments, and
  45. The damage to the reputation of the sport of baseball led the team owners to, appoint ,Federal judge Kennesaw Mountain Lands to be the first Commissioner of Baseball.
  46. In October 1499,he sent two ships to Spain, asking the Court of Spain to, appoint ,a royal commissioner to help him govern. By then, accusations of tyranny and
  47. States district courts. Johnson is one of only four presidents who did not, appoint ,a justice to serve on the Supreme Court. In April 1866 he nominated Henry
  48. Would declare that a dictator was required, and the current consuls would, appoint ,a dictator. This was the only decision that could not be vetoed by the Tribune
  49. Of the Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental Congress resolved to, appoint ,a committee of 13 to prepare a draft of a constitution for a union of the
  50. The townsfolk to demand that Governor William J. Le Ptomaine (Mel Brooks), appoint , a new sheriff. The Attorney General convinces the dim-witted Le Ptomaine to

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