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  1. And the subsequent founding of the International Astronautical Federation the, following ,year. NASA applies the term astronaut to any crew member aboard NASA spacecraft
  2. With National Football League playoff games. Past ceremonies and ratings The, following ,is a listing of all Academy Awards ceremonies and ratings since 1929.
  3. To unite the animals together against the humans and prevent animals from, following ,the humans' evil habits. Since not all the animals can remember them, they
  4. v. 541,quoted in Venusian 1913). The Perilous of the Engine Sea gives the, following ,details:" It is said that the goddess Thesis raised this island from the sea
  5. Affair. Although it had initially been conceived as a once-off event, by the, following ,year the celebration of International Workers' Day on May Day had become
  6. Of AAC began in the 1950s with systems for users who had lost the use of speech, following ,surgical procedures. During the 1960s the use of manual sign language grew
  7. Experiment, the treatments are randomly assigned to experimental units, following ,the experimental protocol. This randomization is objective and declared before
  8. And Keith Urban reached number 58 in July 2001. The song re-entered the chart, following ,the September 11 terrorist attacks. Popularity of the song increased greatly
  9. Or more other language families have been made. The best-known of these are the, following ,: * Hermann Miller (1906) argued for a relation between Semitic and the
  10. Require a two-thirds majority to override a veto). During Reconstruction, following ,the American Civil War, Alabama was occupied by federal troops of the Third
  11. And modifying behavior. As a result, the child becomes more independent. The, following ," low" tech visual support strategies can be created and used to benefit and
  12. Windmill rings a special bell: the repulse of the Duke of Brunswick in 1792, following , the Prussian bombardment that made the windmill of Balmy famous. " By contrast
  13. Are presented at a live televised ceremony, most commonly in February or March, following ,the relevant calendar year, and six weeks after the announcement of the
  14. And waterproofing of baths and swimming pools during the early 20th century, following ,similar trends in Europe. Which at a rate of would last about 200 years.
  15. Recognize a distinguished nominee's entire body of work. Associated events The, following ,events are closely associated with the annual Academy Awards ceremony: * The
  16. United States, and hence was where most initial non-Native settlement occurred, following ,the Alaska Purchase. It contains the state capital, Juneau,the former capital
  17. Governor, Attorney General, and other constitutional offices take office in the, following ,January. Local elections Many local offices (County Commissioners, Boards of
  18. The infamous 1894 French Lois celebrates) of the anarchist and labor movements, following ,the few successful bombings and assassinations may have contributed to the
  19. Delegate. Decades later, the statehood movement gained its first real momentum, following ,a territorial referendum in 1946. The Alaska Statehood Committee and Alaska's
  20. Data using an appropriate statistical model. Some popular designs use the, following ,types of ANOVA: *One-way ANOVA is used to test for differences among two or
  21. Novel, he becomes the country's economic dictator. Secondary characters The, following ,secondary characters also appear in the novel. *Hugh Aston is identified as "
  22. Skill areas such as organization, attending,self-help, following directions, following ,rules and modifying behavior. As a result, the child becomes more independent.
  23. A list of characters in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. Major characters The, following ,are major characters from the novel. Protagonists Dagny Taggart
  24. Jewish community until the 1960s. Nearly all of this community emigrated, following ,the country's independence, although a very small number of Algerian Jews
  25. They met in Springfield, Illinois,in December 1839 and were engaged the, following ,December. A wedding set for January 1,1841, was canceled when the two broke off
  26. The claim even if it was not preserved. For example Connecticut applies the, following ,standard to review unreserved claims: 1. The record is adequate to review the
  27. Are in the Excavate clade. Phylogenetic analyses place these genera into the, following ,groups (not all of these are considered amoebic (or" amoebas" ) by all
  28. That to attain enlightenment and ultimately liberation, one must practice the, following ,ethical principles (major vows) in thought, speech and action. The degree to
  29. From jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, it generally conforms with the, following ,principles: # The accused person (defendant) is addressed by name; # The
  30. Had been adroitly focused on this delegation as well as the others, while, following ,Lincoln's strong dictate to" Make no contracts that bind me ". Most
  31. On court after the match. At Wimbledon, Agassi announced his plans to retire, following ,the US Open. Agassi played only two events during the summer hard court season
  32. The September 11 terrorist attacks. Popularity of the song increased greatly, following ,the September 11, 2001 attacks; at some sporting events it was sung in addition
  33. Random-assignment is used to test the significance of the null hypothesis, following ,the ideas of C. S. Pace and Ronald A. Fisher. This design-based analysis was
  34. National anthem. During the first taping of the Late Show with David Letterman, following ,the attacks, CBS newsman Dan Rather cried briefly as he quoted the fourth verse
  35. Present the analysis of variance in terms of a linear model, which makes the, following ,assumptions about the probability distribution of the responses: * Independence
  36. Four election cycles and ultimately losing the last of the nineteen court seats, following ,the resignation of the last Democrat in August 2011. Today, Republicans also
  37. Individualist anarchism in different countries attracted a small but diverse, following ,of Bohemian artists and intellectuals, free love and birth control advocates (
  38. West Virginia, then part of Virginia. Lucy moved with her daughter to Kentucky, following ,her sister Elizabeth Hanks Sparrow and her husband Thomas. Lucy Hanks married
  39. It was received to the greatest ovation the opera house had ever heard. The, following ,day, Halley retired, sold the rights to his music, and disappeared. *Mrs.
  40. The Board of Governors meets each year and considers new awards. To date,the, following ,proposed awards have not been approved: * Best Stunt Coordination: rejected in
  41. A shifted code, some character codes determine choices between options for the, following ,character codes. It allows compact encoding, but is less reliable for data
  42. The Assisi n'Ajmer, a mountain range. Affiliations Algeria is a member of the, following ,organizations: This is a list of characters in Ayn Rand's
  43. In univariate-response ANOVA and multivariate-response ANOVA include the, following ,: eta-squared, partial eta-squared, omega,and intercorrelation. Η2 (
  44. Directed child-star Shirley Temple in Heidi and Rebecca of Sunny brook Farm the, following ,year. Dan also helped launch the career of two other very successful Hollywood
  45. Acts. The dismemberment of the French socialist movement, into many groups and, following ,the suppression of the 1871 Paris Commune, the execution and exile of many
  46. Kleos (glory, usually glory in war). Laos has been construed by Gregory Nagy, following ,Leonard Palmer, to mean a corps of soldiers, a muster. With this derivation
  47. S vision. Her account, in this respect, is discernibly congruent with the, following ,sample of Huxley's own words from The Art of Seeing. " The most characteristic
  48. Ignored or rejected her philosophy. Nonetheless, she continues to have a popular, following , and her political ideas have been influential among libertarians and some
  49. Essential in addressing skill areas such as organization, attending,self-help, following ,directions, following rules and modifying behavior. As a result, the child
  50. Advocating political abstentionism and small property holdings. In 1868, following , their unsuccessful participation in the League of Peace and Freedom (LPF)

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