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  1. Began with informal competition between cowboys and expanded to become a major, competitive ,event throughout the west. To this day, the Quarter Horse dominates the sport
  2. To compete or cooperate. While in the modern era there have been relatively few, competitive ,approval voting elections where tactical voting is more likely, Brams argues
  3. In 1922 by Life Manner, an Austrian physicist, as a side effect in her, competitive ,search for the nuclear beta electrons with the British physicist Charles
  4. Who have not had dozens of decades to get to know each other. Through the, competitive ,Auction, characters may begin the game vying for standings. The auction serves
  5. Although it is unlikely that biomimetic methods will be developed that are, competitive ,with the Haber process, intense effort has been directed toward understanding
  6. And drowsiness, do not occur with calcium carbamide. *Naltrexone is a, competitive ,antagonist for opioid receptors, effectively blocking the effects of endorphins
  7. While the creator of the NEW version would be restricted from making a, competitive ,version of an NEW game, the original arcade copyright holder was not precluded
  8. For accuracy from a set distance or distances. This is the most popular form of, competitive ,archery worldwide and is called target archery. A form particularly popular in
  9. No impact whatever on public policy. " Academic elitism suggests that in highly, competitive ,academic environments only those individuals who have engaged in scholarship
  10. Time of Barton's release, the Northwood-based Pentium 4 had become more than, competitive ,with AMD's processors. Unfortunately for AMD, a simple increase in size of the
  11. Above, the cost of segmentation and reassembly (SAR) hardware makes ATM less, competitive ,for IP than Packet Over SONNET (POS); because of its fixed 48-byte cell
  12. The question is why all of a sudden, when third world labor has proved to be, competitive , why do industrial countries start feeling concerned about our workers? When
  13. In many other countries. Their commercial viability represented a serious, competitive ,threat to the legacy carriers. However, of these, ATA and Sky bus have since
  14. Is represented by Lisa Simpson, to Bart's Mozart. They are interpreted as, competitive ,siblings, with Lisa/Salary being a serious, unappreciated professional and
  15. Enhancements. Using a bow and arrow to take fish is known as bow fishing. Modern, competitive ,archery Competitive archery involves shooting arrows at a target for accuracy
  16. Have won six of the seven Governors elections and become increasingly, competitive ,in Alabama politics at many levels. They currently control both seats in the U.
  17. Left around the world are wrestling with a similar challenge—the creation of a, competitive ,economy while advancing the overriding imperative of a just society. Some call
  18. Tends to be contested by wealthy car owners and is thus more amateur and less, competitive ,in its approach. Other categories: See also Use of flags In many types of auto
  19. Before filing for bankruptcy was an attempt to capture a portion of the highly, competitive ,1990s console market with the Amiga CD32 (1993),a 32-bit CD-ROM games
  20. Had sold approximately 100,000 systems and had reduced the price to improve the, competitive ,nature of the console. By the end of 1995,Sony and Sega had entered the
  21. A Cool'n'Quiet bug that decreased performance. This was price and performance, competitive ,with Intel's mid to high range Core 2 Quads. The processor also enhanced the
  22. Even to state properly, the kernel of truth in this proposition about perfectly, competitive ,market. " And it was then when neoclassical economics was revived in Chicago
  23. At 11 pm on the night of the awards. A total of 302 actors have won Oscars in, competitive ,acting categories or been awarded Honorary or Juvenile Awards. The 1939 film
  24. In order to increase the number of chips they can produce, thus becoming more, competitive ,with Intel. The new plant has been named" Fab 36 ", in recognition of AMD's
  25. And recognitions Apart from National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards and other, competitive ,awards which Bachchan won for his performances throughout the years, he has
  26. An avid reader. He attained a reputation for brawn and audacity after a very, competitive ,wrestling match to which he was challenged by the renowned leader of a group of
  27. Apple II's just to run Musical. Apple's success in the home market inspired, competitive ,home computers such as the VIC-20 (1980) and Commodore 64 (1982,with
  28. Is likely to improve in the future as privatization continues and more, competitive ,low-cost carriers proliferate. Although many countries continue to operate
  29. Of Granada and Almeria. In monetary terms, by far the most productive and, competitive ,agriculture in Andalusia is the intensive forced cultivation of strawberries
  30. Branch Executive Committees. Membership eligibility may be achieved by a, competitive ,nomination or a member may submit a name based on other significant
  31. By the decade's end, and then the intervention of the Second World War meant, competitive ,professional football in England was suspended. Arsenal began winning
  32. Series would be closely fought proved well-founded, as the series was more, competitive ,than anyone had predicted and was still undecided as the closing session of the
  33. Penetrate the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Ampicillin acts as a, competitive ,inhibitor of the enzyme transpeptidase, which is needed by bacteria to make
  34. Which granted significant draft concessions and financial aid to keep them, competitive , Each club was required to pay a license fee which allowed the Victorian based
  35. To his arrival took some time to overcome. The Braves finally managed to be, competitive ,in 1933 and 1934 under manager Bill McKenzie, but Fuchs' revenue was severely
  36. Been innovative in other aspects initiating several of the industry's major, competitive ,developments including computer reservations systems, frequent flyer loyalty
  37. Arousal is necessary to best complete a task such as an exam, performance,or, competitive ,event. However, when the anxiety or level of arousal exceeds that optimum, the
  38. In California for alginate extraction and abalone feed. Energy source To be, competitive ,and independent of fluctuating support from (local) policy on the long run
  39. ACM conferences are often very popular publishing venues and are therefore very, competitive , For example, the 2007 DIGRAPH conference attracted about 30000 visitors, and
  40. Seeking greater efficiency, Morris reduced the civil list, saved money by using, competitive ,bidding for contracts, tightened accounting procedures, and demanded the
  41. Kournikova reunited with her doubles partner Martina Hinges to participate in, competitive ,tennis for the first time in seven years in the Invitational Ladies Doubles
  42. Club and the Acadia Masters Swim Club to form the Acadia Swim Club and return, competitive ,swimming to the university after a 14-year hiatus. On September 26, 2008,the
  43. Of India and the China as financial centers. Due to its large and extremely, competitive ,information technology industry, India has become a major hub for outsourcing.
  44. Departure, the booked load factor, the forecast of total demand by price point, competitive ,pricing in force, and variations by day of week of departure and by time of day
  45. Term" fare war" to describe efforts by airlines to undercut other airlines on, competitive ,routes. Through computers, new airfares can be published quickly and
  46. In order to repair a similar aircraft already preserved. Some spotters are, competitive ,and may try to see all the aircraft of a particular operator, military or civil
  47. Techniques to chip size. Although there are few examples of such systems, competitive ,with traditional analysis techniques, potential advantages include
  48. Analysis to break codes and ciphers. Business intelligence applies theories of, competitive ,intelligence analysis and competitor analysis to resolve questions in the
  49. Cover all outcomes at a profit against their books. However, in order to remain, competitive ,their margins are usually quite low. Different bookmakers may offer different
  50. And games were sold for as low as 97p. This deal was seen as a move to remain, competitive ,with Game's rival at the time, Gamestation who were well known for stocking

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