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  1. With related apocalyptic beliefs. Islam Armageddon - From Hebrew -" her" (, mount ,)," Major" ( name of a valley in Palestine) - According to the Islamic
  2. A general engagement until his entire army was concentrated, Hill decided to, mount ,a significant reconnaissance in force the following morning to determine the
  3. Of the country. Despite high casualties on both sides, pressure continued to, mount ,on the Soviet Union, especially after the United States brought in Stinger
  4. In battle, Krishna is shown riding on the shoulders of Garuda, the traditional, mount ,of Vishnu. * In some scenes, Krishna is depicted in his role as charioteer
  5. Battlecruisers of the Derringer class, the first German battlecruisers to, mount ,12-inch guns. These excellent ships, like the Tiger and the Kongo, had their
  6. Errors, although prevention is better than cure. Further, various types of, mount ,have been used, to allow some degree of Fleur between the bow and the
  7. To" Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler ", and attempts to, mount ,a rescue; but the animals' attempts are futile. Squealer reports that the van
  8. Declares war on Russia. *1915 – World War I: Battle of Sari Bear – the Allies, mount ,a diversionary attack timed to coincide with a major Allied landing of
  9. A third level of storage. Typically, it involves a robotic mechanism which will, mount ,(insert) and dis mount removable mass storage media into a storage device
  10. Noted, though,that opposition parties and candidates have been able to, mount ,credible campaigns and proper polling procedures have been generally followed.
  11. Design was an M3 Half-track mount ing an M1897 gun in a limited-traverse, mount , and called the 75 mm Gun Motor Carriage M3. Another, considerably less
  12. Organisations such as Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (BICRA) to, mount ,a non-violent campaign for change. Following attacks on civil rights marchers
  13. The back of the skull was cleanly cut off in a way that is commonly used to, mount ,the head on a rug. There was an egg case inside the skull that had been laid by
  14. With against aura opponents, or riding on the shoulders of his vacant or, mount , the gigantic bird-man Garuda. Vishnu's attributes include the discus, the
  15. In Palestine) - According to the Islamic faith, this valley Major by the, mount ,will be the battlefield of the final battle. Muslims believe that the Islamic
  16. Royal Artillery rather than the Royal Armored Corps and vehicles adapted to, mount ,artillery including anti-tank self-propelled guns such as the Deacon and Archer
  17. APS-H EOS DSLR, can function on the company's APS-C DSLR that use the EF-S, mount ,with some limitations. * PCI Express 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI
  18. Bending. This design, referred to as a step-through frame, allows the rider to, mount ,and dis mount in a dignified way while wearing a skirt or dress. While some
  19. German, World War II era SDK 234 or the modern, US M1128 Mobile Gun System, mount ,the same guns that arm medium tanks. Armored cars are popular for peacekeeping
  20. Lose on direct appeal to higher state appellate courts, and if unsuccessful, mount ,a collateral action such as filing for a writ of habeas corpus in the federal
  21. In the land of Mariah. The patriarch traveled three days until he came to the, mount ,that God taught him. He commanded the servant to remain while he and Isaac
  22. In some areas between Liberal and SDP branches that impaired their ability to, mount ,joint campaigns successfully. Such cross-party feuding was part of the reason
  23. Australia, offers bicycle rack on the front of the bus to allow riders to, mount ,their bicycle free of charge, and previously it would allow bicycle riders to
  24. After Tito's death, economic,political, and religious difficulties started to, mount ,and the federal government began to crumble. The crisis in Kosovo and, in 1986
  25. The expected transfer back from road to rail did not occur and losses began to, mount , The desire for profitability led to a major reduction in the network during
  26. London to see Dr Dent, who had first turned him on to the cure. While cutting a, mount ,for a drawing in room No. 15,I sliced through a pile of newspapers with my
  27. In the seventh, the first home run in World Series history. Boston tried to, mount ,a comeback in the last three innings, but it was too little, too late, as they
  28. The newer Nikon DSLR cameras with some limitations. * Lenses for the Canon EF, mount , introduced with the company's EOS family of film SLRs in 1987 and used to
  29. Eye in the middle of his forehead, the trident, and the rosary. His vacant or, mount ,is the bull Randi. Vishnu Agrarian representations of Vishnu include
  30. The mount ainous southwest of the country has two alpine ranges — Riley (where, mount ,Masala, at,is located) and Paris, and further east stand the lower but more
  31. And is suggestive of bacterial vaginosis. * The presence of clue cells on wet, mount , Similar to the whiff test, the test for clue cells is performed by placing a
  32. As such by Charles R. Knight. Although notable as the first freestanding, mount ,of a theropod dinosaur, and often illustrated and photographed, it has never
  33. Pusher on Isaiah 4Q161 found at Qumran:“ ( 25) He will shake his fist at the, mount ,of the daughters of Zion, the hill of Jerusalem … (27) when he goes up from
  34. The hole is drilled in the center of the cymbal, and it is used to either, mount ,the cymbal on a stand or straps (for hand playing). The bell, dome,or cup is
  35. Particularly with some lower-priced embossers, it is sometimes necessary to, mount ,the embosser on its own table, as otherwise the vibrations can damage the
  36. The required quality of impression. Included in make-ready is the time taken to, mount ,the plate onto the machine, clean up any mess from the previous job, and get
  37. Periodically she crossed the skies as a bright light to reach her other home at, mount ,Txindoki. Legends also speak of many and abundant genies, like gentile (
  38. These swabs should be tested for: * A characteristic" fishy" odor on wet, mount , This test, called the whiff test, is performed by adding a small a mount of
  39. Release date, Nintendo decided to go it alone. Financial problems continued to, mount ,and Ray's successor, James J. Morgan, had less than a year in which to tackle
  40. From the Occupied Territories into Israel, and is waiting for the right time to, mount ,an attack. According to the 2005 report 'Al-Qaeda: Profile and Threat
  41. The type and power of engines that can be installed. In order to be able to, mount ,powerful engines (such as a V8 engine in the Audi S4 and Audi RS4),Audi has
  42. Used include machine guns, autocannons, larger guns, or missiles, and some, mount ,both guns and longer-ranged missiles. Platforms used include both trucks and
  43. Is CSU, for Zendaya samokhodnaya Ustinov, ( " anti-aircraft self-propelled, mount ,"). Specific weapon systems used include machine guns, autocannons, larger
  44. Azerbaijani section of the Caspian Sea is. The highest peak of Azerbaijan is, mount ,Bazardüzü (4,466 m),while the lowest point lies in the Caspian Sea (−28 m)
  45. Of an elephant. At Angkor, it is portrayed as a guardian of temples and as a, mount ,for some warriors. The gajasimha may be found at Battery Era and at the
  46. Top of a water tower. To receive this type of Internet connection, consumers, mount , a small dish to the roof of their home or office and point it to the
  47. Himself showed his gratitude by erecting a temple to Zeus Panhellenic on, mount ,Panhellenic, and the Aeginetans afterwards built a sanctuary in their island
  48. Lowest f/stop in film history) and fixed focal length" were problematic to, mount , and were extensively modified into three versions by Cinema Products Corp. for
  49. Complete Allosaurus and several partial skeletons. This is the well-known, mount ,poised over a partial Apatosaurus skeleton as if scavenging it, illustrated as
  50. Valley, and the secondary documents ran just to the north of the temple, mount , The main Adriatic card terminated not far beyond its junction with the

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