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  1. Malay was impossible without months of delay, so he was not part of this, rapid ,publication. Wallace accepted the arrangement after the fact, happy that he had
  2. During the 19th century up to the mid-20th century Symbols and rules: In, rapid ,succession the mathematics of George Boole (1847,1854),Gottlob Frege (1879
  3. Storm, he himself was lifted in a whirlwind and impaled with a flash of, rapid ,fire from Athena in his chest, and his body thrust upon sharp rocks, which
  4. Rangier occur at evenly-spaced intervals. The myelinization enables an especially, rapid ,mode of electrical impulse propagation called salvation. The declination of
  5. Transformations When released in the environment, alkanes don't undergo, rapid ,biodegradation, because they have no functional groups (like hydroxyl or
  6. Inaccessible forest solitude on the border between Champagne and Burgundy. The, rapid ,growth and wide celebrity of the order are undoubtedly to be attributed to the
  7. Story to the fact that it provides" the most plausible explanation for the, rapid ,eclipse of the Peripatetic school after the middle of the third century, and
  8. Host, Ghazni, Sheberghan, Sar-e Pol, and Farah. Urban areas are experiencing, rapid ,population growth following the return of over 5 million expats from Pakistan
  9. Breeding that led to its explosive impact over the past 150 years. With the, rapid ,rise of mechanization in the late 19th century and the 20th century
  10. Have traditionally been dependent on the local economic conditions but, with, rapid , globalization,this is becoming less of a factor for larger international firms
  11. To the city of Birmingham for work in new industrial jobs. It experienced such, rapid ,growth that it was nicknamed" The Magic City ". By the 1920s,Birmingham was
  12. With ultraviolet-visible or fluorescence spectroscopic methods or by using, rapid ,test PAH indicator strips. Tables An abbey (from Latin Albania, derived from
  13. Second World War, both theoretical and experimental fields have advanced at a, rapid ,pace. This can be attributed to progress in computing technology which has
  14. His play to exhibition events, and has revamped his style to specialize in, rapid ,chess. In 2002, he won a match against Kasparov, defeating him in a rapid time
  15. Match from September 21–24, 2009,in Valencia, Spain. It consisted of four, rapid ,(or semi rapid ) and eight blitz games and took place exactly 25 years after
  16. System. Cultural development Origins The period from 700-1130 CE saw a, rapid ,increase in population due to consistent and regular rainfall patterns. Studies
  17. Areas. Innovations such as pottery, food storage, and agriculture enabled this, rapid ,growth. Over several decades, the Ancient Pueblo culture spread across the
  18. But it has now been absorbed into forming a part of the Athens Urban Area. The, rapid ,expansion of the city (which continues even today) was initiated in the 1950s
  19. And promise due to its early flowering, symbolizing God's sudden and, rapid ,punishment of His people; in Jeremiah 1:11–12,for instance. In the Bible the
  20. Or AmO3- ions (alkaline) which are however unstable and subject to several, rapid ,disproportionate reactions:: \math rm: \math rm Chemical compounds Oxygen
  21. It comprises a few short lines appended to the para basis proper as a kind of, rapid ,patter (it has been suggested that some effects achieved in a pigs
  22. The 1930s were a result of the political (communist) and economic (favoring, rapid ,industrial growth over consumption) policies of the Soviet Union, and not
  23. Referred to as pig weeds. These species have an extended period of germination, rapid ,growth, and high rates of seed production The following 9 species of Amaranths
  24. For invaders. In the second half of the 3rd century, Ancyra was invaded in, rapid ,succession by the Goths coming from the west (who rode far into the heart of
  25. In rapid chess. In 2002, he won a match against Kasparov, defeating him in a, rapid ,time control match 2½–1½. In 2006,he tied for first with Kasparov in a blitz
  26. 242Am was produced upon neutron bombardment of the already-created 241Am. Upon, rapid ,decay,242Am converts into the isotope of curium 242Cm (which had been
  27. Of the weapons necessitated large groups of massed soldiers. This led to a, rapid ,swelling of the size of armies. For the first time huge masses of the
  28. From firing out of battery (without the bolt being fully closed),during, rapid ,or automatic fire. This is also sometimes referred to as a" cyclic rate
  29. By Renault engines. A top speed of was achieved, with the hydrofoil exhibiting, rapid ,acceleration, good stability and steering along with the ability to take waves
  30. Of his earliest showings at the Bosley Gallery in New York. With the concurrent, rapid ,expansion of the record industry and the introduction of the vinyl record
  31. Favorable climatic conditions. It has also been recently suggested that the, rapid ,climatic collapse, marking the Akkadian Dark Age, may have been responsible for
  32. Resources are merely one example of the many adverse environmental impacts of, rapid ,Asian growth. Water and air quality is also a cause of severe concern across
  33. Aquila, Alboin took the Via Costume and swept through Venetian, taking in, rapid ,succession Trivium (Trevino),Vicente (Vicenza),Verona, Brixia (
  34. By the interminable nature of this war, as so far conducted, and by the, rapid ,exhaustion of the national resources without progress ". In the spring of 1863
  35. Or" effective inoculability" ( i.e., a calculation that would succeed). In, rapid ,succession the following appeared: Alonzo Church, Stephen Kleenex and J. B.
  36. Was seeded straight into the final, defeating Viswanathan Anand (+2 −2 2, rapid , tiebreak 2:0). In the subsequent cycle, the format was changed, with the
  37. Of England and, in the USA and Canada, the Reformed Episcopal Church. Later, rapid ,social change and the dissipation of British cultural hegemony over its former
  38. Lower South, which increased Southern fears that slavery was threatened with, rapid ,extinction in this area. Such fears greatly increased Southern efforts to make
  39. Can be hot year round. After sunset, however,the clear, dry air permits, rapid ,loss of heat, and the nights are cool to chilly. Enormous daily ranges in
  40. This animation moves at 10 frames per second. Animation is the, rapid ,display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in
  41. In the early Universe that is at odds with the currently favored theory of, rapid ,expansion after the Big Bang. Cosmic anisotropy has also been seen in the
  42. Are naturally jaunty (as in many limericks) and trochaic meter is suited to, rapid ,delivery (the word 'trochee' is in fact derived from Grecian,'to run ', as
  43. At a national level. The ALP during its early years was distinguished by its, rapid ,growth and success at a national level, first forming a minority government
  44. And protactinium, but is different from plutonium and curium which show a, rapid ,rise up to 60 K followed by saturation. The room temperature value for
  45. Are shorn only once. Angoras have high nutritional requirements due to their, rapid ,hair growth. A poor quality diet will curtail mohair development. The United
  46. Plays to be judged, but it also fuelled innovations. Developments were quite, rapid ,and Aristotle was able to distinguish between 'old' and 'new' comedy by 330
  47. The warmest human feelings ". The young, ambitious architect was dazzled by his, rapid ,rise and proximity to Hitler, which guaranteed him a flood of commissions
  48. Launch of ‘ Deposits Insurance Fund’ were the criteria characterizing, rapid ,growth of deposits of population. As of April 1,2010,bank deposits of
  49. Of MND remains a clinical one. Having excluded other diseases, a relatively, rapid ,progression of symptoms is a strong diagnostic factor. Although an individual
  50. September 21–24, 2009,in Valencia, Spain. It consisted of four rapid (or semi, rapid ,) and eight blitz games and took place exactly 25 years after the two players '

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