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  1. An overhauled user interface. To aid users in migrating from Mac OS 9,the new, operating ,system allowed the use of OS 9 applications through Mac OS X's Classic
  2. Subsequently offered increased warranty protection As of late 2009,Audi's, operating ,profit of €1.17-billion ($1.85-billion) made it the biggest contributor to
  3. Known as the iPad on January 27, 2010. The iPad runs the same touch based, operating ,system that the iPhone uses and many of the same iPhone apps are compatible
  4. Applet as a standalone application Provided that an applet is hosted by an, operating ,system, it can function as any other normal software application but is small
  5. Rosetta ", which was developed by Apple, included in version 2.0 of the Newton, operating ,system, and refined in Newton 2.1. Rosetta is generally considered a
  6. Made it the biggest contributor to parent Volkswagen Group's nine-month, operating ,profit of €1.5-billion,while the other marques in Group such as Bentley and
  7. Continuous" when applied to the word" algorithm" can mean: # An algorithm, operating ,on data that represents continuous quantities, even though this data is
  8. Range. This system has low power efficiency. * Control Grid Modulation. The, operating ,bias and gain of the final RF amplifier can be controlled by varying the
  9. Later with Copland and Gershwin, Amelio chose to purchase Next and its Existed, operating ,system, bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple as an advisor. On July 9,1997,Gil
  10. Several channels operate simultaneously—hand shape, often with the two hands, operating ,independently, hand location, hand motion, facial expression, mouthing—making
  11. Crises spread in the late 1996 following the failure of some Ponzi schemes, operating ,in the country, peaking in the 1997 in an armed rebellion, that led to another
  12. 1960s,and in the exclave of Cabinet in 1968. The Portuguese government granted, operating ,rights for Block Zero to the Cabinet Gulf Oil Company, a subsidiary of
  13. Sources with a low level of radioactivity. Dark matter detectors currently, operating ,with liquid argon include Warp, ArDM, microCLEAN and DELPHI. Preservative Argon
  14. 3 European airports and 6 Mexican and Caribbean airports. There are over of, operating ,mainline railway, and many tourists see Alberta aboard Via Rail or Rocky
  15. Party labeled as one of" the most significant state-level third parties, operating ,in the 20th century ". Six Republicans and four Democrats have served as
  16. Instruments. It only had a left hand butt onboard, with the right hand simply, operating ,the bellows. One key feature for which Damian sought the patent was the
  17. Cars laden with cargo only through the relatively expensive rail-ferry services, operating ,between Georgian and other Black Sea ports. It was controversially shut down by
  18. The appropriate tones. Fax and printing support is also built in at the, operating ,system level, although it requires peripherals such as parallel adapters
  19. Selected, or using written carets to mark inserts. Later releases of the Newton, operating ,system retained the original recognizer for compatibility, but added a
  20. Battery life. The same year, Apple introduced System 7,a major upgrade to the, operating ,system, which added color to the interface and introduced new networking
  21. The metro network operates a fleet of 42 trains consisting of 252 cars,an, operating ,staff of 730 and a fleet of 44 trains and 243 cars. Connecting the port of
  22. Alberta, and seventeen operating separate school jurisdictions. Sixteen of the, operating ,separate school jurisdictions have a Catholic electorate, and one (St. Albert
  23. First hospital of corrugated iron, with two 13-foot rooms (consulting room and, operating ,theater) and with a dispensary and sterilizing room in spaces below the broad
  24. Startup continued through 1993,French and Russian nuclear consultants declared, operating ,conditions basically safe. Continuation of the blockade into 1994 gave added
  25. There are forty-two public school jurisdictions in Alberta, and seventeen, operating ,separate school jurisdictions. Sixteen of the operating separate school
  26. 1991,Azerbaijani militia and Soviet forces targeted Armenian paramilitaries, operating ,in Karabakh. Moscow also deployed troops to Yerevan. Following the collapse of
  27. Roads as the automobile became available to most common people. A metro started, operating ,in 1977 between the new suburb of Wilmer and the center of Amsterdam. Further
  28. The iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple software includes the Mac OS X, operating ,system; the iTunes media browser; the life suite of multimedia and creativity
  29. By American contractors. A number of companies and small factories began, operating ,in different parts of the country, which not only provide revenues to the
  30. By another person without medical training, or by a healthcare professional, operating ,in substandard conditions. Unsafe abortion remains a public health concern due
  31. DC. ANSI's operations office is located in New York City. The ANSI annual, operating ,budget is funded by the sale of publications, membership dues and fees
  32. By Århus Stevedore Company A/S originally based in Aarhus but currently, operating ,several harbors around the world. The region is a major producer of
  33. For example, Eyeless in Gaza). In Brave New World Huxley portrays a society, operating ,on the principles of mass production and Pavlovian conditioning. Huxley was
  34. Effects assigned to generic causes, particular effects to particular causes, operating ,causes to actual effects. Essentially, causality does not suggest a temporal
  35. For protocols as E-mail and the World Wide Web, uses both characters. Some, operating ,systems such as the pre-VMS DEC operating systems, along with CP/M, tracked
  36. Wide Web, uses both characters. Some operating systems such as the pre-VMS DEC, operating ,systems, along with CP/M, tracked file length only in units of disk blocks and
  37. 1991,Azerbaijani militia and Soviet forces targeted Armenian paramilitaries, operating ,in Karabakh. Moscow also deployed troops to Yerevan. Following the collapse of
  38. Between systems. The best example of this is the newline problem on various, operating ,systems. Teletype machines required that a line of text be terminated with both
  39. Worker is to move and work in this symbol space, being capable of being in, and, operating , in but one box at a time .... a box is to admit of but two possible conditions
  40. Is usually dictated by the power (watts) consumed by the system and the, operating ,voltage. For this reason the examples given below are grouped by voltage level.
  41. Tube railway, opens in London. *1873 – The Clay Street Hill Railroad begins, operating ,the first cable car in San Francisco's famous cable car system. *1897 –
  42. And unveiled Mac OS X Lion, the latest installment in their Mac OS X, operating ,system. On January 6,2011,the company opened their Mac App Store, a digital
  43. Caused worry disproportionate to their material success, although those, operating ,out of French channel ports before and after France joined the war caused
  44. Among others, use only carriage returns in plain text files. Various IBM, operating ,systems used both characters to mark the end of a line, perhaps for
  45. Artifacts found during construction of the system. The Athens Metro supports an, operating ,staff of 387 and runs two of the three metro lines; its two lines (red and
  46. Also reduced the price of the device to $99. Software Apple develops its own, operating ,system to run on Macs, Mac OS X, the latest version being Mac OS X Lion (
  47. A suite of music production tools; the Safari web browser; and iOS, a mobile, operating ,system., the company operates 317 retail stores in ten countries, and an online
  48. Absence, for an indefinite period, to allow him to focus on his health. Chief, operating ,officer Timothy D. Cook took up Jobs' day-to-day operations at Apple, although
  49. Of professional software titles. Their range of server software includes the, operating ,system Mac OS X Server; Apple Remote Desktop, a remote systems management
  50. Apple also independently develops computer software titles for its Mac OS X, operating ,system. Much of the software Apple develops is bundled with its computers. An

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